G-Friend have been stomping on bugs a lot lately?

G-Friend have been stomping on bugs a lot lately?

G-Friend revealed they’ve been dealing with insects a lot lately.

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On the August 10th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’, the G-Friend members discussed the awful experiences they’ve had with bugs while performing at festivals this season. Yuju stated, “It’s not just moths. When you go to the Gangwondo area, there are a lot of massive insects. We have no choice but to stomp on them or wave them out of the way. We’ve gotten better at it.”

Yerin added, “I don’t like it when they fly around in front of us, so I step on them as I go on stage.” As for the member who’s most afraid of bugs, G-Friend picked Sowon, who said, “I have a fear of bugs. Starting from when I was younger, I couldn’t even catch mosquitos, flies, or ants. I was scared of them all. I’m scared of everything that’s not human. Now that we have to perform at festivals, I’ve gotten used to them.”