G-Friend gush about their new dorm

G-Friend gush about their new dorm

G-Friendgushed about their bigger and better dormitory on the August 17th episode of SBS Love FM’s ‘Unnies’ Radio’.

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When DJ Song Eun Eeand Kim Sook asked about their bigger place, G-Friend responded, “We’re so happy.” The members continued, “There are 3 bathrooms. There were 2 before.” The DJs added, “Your preparation time probably got shorter,” and “You get to sleep in more.”

G-Friend went on excitedly, “The living room feels open, so it feels good. We also have a sofa now, which we didn’t have before. Umjilikes sleeping on the sofa. In the morning, Umji’s not there, so it makes us think we’re late and get up quickly. Then we go to the living room, and she’s sleeping on the sofa.”

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