G-Friend bring their perky energy to ‘Immortal Song’

G-Friend bring their perky energy to ‘Immortal Song’

G-Friend brought their perky energy to the September 9 installment of ‘Immortal Song’.

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On the special dedicated to composer Kim Ki Pyo, the girl group covered Fire Truck’s 1988 hit “White Wind”. The members commented, “This is our fifth time on ‘Immortal Song’, and we want to win. However, rather than being pressured, we’re going to show our best… Since it’s our fifth time, can’t we just win one round?”

G-Friend didn’t disappoint with the precise choreography that they’re known for, and they brought their intense perky energy to the stage.

However, they didn’t win the round, and it was Paul Pottsand Bae Da Haewho took the final win.