G-Dragon's 2017 World Tour: Everything You Need To Know

G-Dragon's 2017 World Tour: Everything You Need To Know

G-Dragon, the leader of the hit K-pop boy group, Big Bang, is surely in for some ride as he has just been reported to be preparing for his upcoming world concert tour. Just recently, the management company of G-Dragon, YG Entertainment, has just confirmed that the K-pop idol will be having his solo concert world tour really soon.

The concert tour is referred to by most people as the G-Dragon 2017 World Tour. According to Pop Crush, the concert tour will kick off this coming July 11 in Seattle, Canada. After which, he will be heading throughout the rest of Canada and then to the U.S.

Specifically, G-Dragon will be heading to Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Brooklyn. It has also been confirmed that the world concert tour will bear the name of “M.O.T.T.E.” which stands for “Moment of Truth the End”. Whichever the phrase means, his fans surely won’t mind at as what they care about is seeing their idol perform in stage in the most exhilarating of all ways.

This will surely be one of the biggest world concert tours that G-Dragon has embarked in, knowing that he will visit different continents. It will be undoubtedly sold out in a matter of days, which is why if you are planning to get a ticket, you should do so in the soonest time possible.

Meanwhile, the recently released press release states that the upcoming world concert tour is happening in order to let his fans know how glamorous G-Dragon’s life and career has been, thanks to their full support. Reports also have it that tickets for the North American tour will start to be sold this coming May 5 on Live Nation.

Hopefully, the upcoming world concert tour, “M.O.T.T.E.” of G-Dragon will be a huge success. Let’s wish G-Dragon the best of luck.