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Twitter Roundup Large Bang′s G-Dragon presentations Racy Thigh Tattoo, 2NE1′s CL Shines at VMAs, and more

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Twitter Roundup Large Bang′s G-Dragon presentations Racy Thigh Tattoo, 2NE1′s CL Shines at VMAs, and more

--> The SNS international is fast and at all times at the move, so we capture one of the crucial day′s highlighted posts in Twitter Roundup - Take a glance at it all out below!

2NE1′s CL used to be spotted with a duckface among America′s easiest at the 2015 MTV Video Track Awards.

G-Dragon and Taeyang were given enthusiastic about revealing their refrigerator: "#PleaseTakeCareofMyRefrigerator Tonight"

Big Bang′s G-Dragon showed lovers a racy sneak-peek of his thigh tattoo.

Big Bang′s T.O.P and G-Dragon took a foolish selfie after the massive Bang excursion in China: "hahaha #Lastnight!"

T.O.P done up his selfie consultation with a just right evening selfie: "Good night"

Hyuna showed fans a preview of her new fishtail braids.

EXID′s Jung Hwa′s no-makeup face looked even more flawless opposed to white bedsheets.

Super Junior′s Ryeowook showed thank you to his makeup artist all over his musical showing.

Big Bang's G-Dragon Shows New 'Romeo+Juliet' Inspired Tattoo On Instagram [PHOTO]

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g-dragon (Photo : ) While Big Bang"s comeback is confirmed for 2015 but otherwise still shrouded in mystery, it looks like their leader G-Dragon is using a rather unconventional method to prepare for the comeback.

But G-Dragon is nothing if not unconventional.

Fans scouring the bowels of Instagram discovered that G-Dragon is now sporting a brand new tattoo. The picture of the tattoo actually comes from the Instagram account of famous California tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Known for his tiny yet highly detailed monochrome tattoos, it"s no surprise that G-Dragon decided to get his own "Romeo+Juliet" Tybalt style gun tattooed on his forearm. Fans can check out G-Dragon"s new tattoo below.

A photo posted by dr_woo_ssc (@dr_woo_ssc)on Apr 7, 2015 at 3:29pm PDT

"Kinda Tybalt inspired on G-Dragon @xxxibgdrgn," said Dr. Woo in his description on Instagram.

G-Dragon, who has several other highly artistic tattoos, is no stranger to bold fashion statements. A new tattoo just before Big Bang is set to come back is perhaps his own personal statement to what fans can look forward to. Guns definitely go "BANG" in the literal sense. In the metaphorical sense however, it"s hard to know what the tattoo means without words from the idol himself.

As for Big Bang"s 2015 comeback, the group recently revealed a teaser for their World Tour In Seoul concert that is set for April 25 and April 26. Unfortunately, this concert series may be unrelated to their official comeback, in which a teaser photo revealed five separate dates, each a month apart.

This may again be trolling on the part of Papa YG, but at least it is now certain that G-Dragon, T.O.P., Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri will return together as Big Bang later this year.

Rainbow Jo Hyunyoung Transforms into a Gangster, 'Dragon Tattoo?'

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Rainbow Jo Hyunyoung Transforms into a Gangster, 'Dragon Tattoo?' Rainbow Jo Hyunyoung Transforms into a Gangster, Dragon Tattoo?Rainbow member Hyunyoung revealed her 'dragon' tattoo and gained much attention.

Today, Rainbow posted on their twitter, "A strange picture drawn on Hyunyoung's back? Transforming into a gangster?" along with a picture.

It was revealed that this image was from while they were filming their music video.

The picture revealed a dragon tattoo on Hyunyoung's back. The tattoo seemed to be peeking out and not showing the entire image.

Rainbow will be making a comeback this June.

Older Actress Gets a Temporary Dragon Tattoo for New Drama

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Older Actress Gets a Temporary Dragon Tattoo for New Drama On the SBS’s upcoming drama “Wonderful Mama,” which will air its first episode on April 13, actress Bae Jong Ok (48) will be playing a role of a mother Bok Hee, who became successful as a loan shark.

In the drama, Bok Hee gets a large dragon tattoo on her back for business. Therefore for a shower scene, it was necessary for actress Bae Jong Ok to get a temporary henna tattoo. Later, an official from the drama revealed that the procedure took three hours.

Meanwhile, “Wonderful Mama” tells a story of a loan shark mother of three grown-up children. When she gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, she tries to take care of her children while her memory is still intact.  

NS Yoon G's Sexy Dragon Tattoo Revealed "Where Is The End To Her Charm?"

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ns yoonjiSinger NS Yoon G's tattoo was revealed, becoming an issue.

Recently on an online community, the dragon tattoo on NS Yoon G's back was revealed.

The picture was from NS Yoon G's modeling photo shoot for the online dragon game, and her thin body fit well with the dragon tattoo.

It was also revealed that though it took a long time to draw the dragon tattoo, NS Yoon G still showed facial expressions and poses full of confidence, gaining much love from the staff members.

Internet users who saw this photo commented, "Sexy goddess," "Where is the end to her charm?," and "Her back line is breathtaking."

NS Yoon G made her comeback on July 19 with her new mini album title song "I Got You."

Photo Credit: Online Community

Big Bang G-Dragon's Tattoo Fashion

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Big Bang G-Dragon's Tattoo Fashion Big Bang GD's Tattoo FashionIdol group Big Bang has always been known for their unique fashion and style. It is just as fun to take a look at their interesting sense of clothing, as to enjoying their new and individualized music. So what they wear, be it a pair of shoes or a jacket, always become the new hot topic.

Today we look at G-Dragon's fashion outside the stage, and of course, the result is distinctively fashionable.

Not many, if any, would pull off the combination of capri pants with printed knee high socks like G-Dragon does.

This picture was taken earlier in the month, on the streets of Apgoojung, where being hot is only normal. Attention is not easy to draw on this street, unless you are of course, G-Dragon.

G-Dragon was looking funky as usual, with the knee high capri pants and the star printed socks. But today's look's main attractions were the tattoos. The singer had lettering tattoos on the inside of both arms, a heart shape tattoo on the upper right arm by Keith Herring, and a tattoo of dragon ball on the left, just like his name "G-Dragon."

The singer looked at home, walking around the street seeming casual, enjoying the lazy day and meeting with friends.

36th Blue Dragon Awards 2015 Nominees

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36th Blue Dragon Awards 2015 Nominees

36th Blue Dragon Awards 2015 nominees. The rite could be hosted by way of Kim Hye-soo and Yoo Joon-sang on November, 26 2015.

"The Classified File" by Kwak Gyeong-taek"The Throne" by Lee Joon-ik"Ode to My Father" by Yoon Je-kyoon"Veteran" by Ryoo Seung-wan"The Assassination" by Choi Dong-hoon

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Kwak Gyeong-taek for "The Classified File"Yoon Je-kyoon for "Ode to My Father"Choi Dong-hoon for "The Assassination"Ryoo Seung-wan for "Veteran"Lee Joon-ik for "The Throne"

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Choi Dong-hoon & Lee Gi-cheol for "The Assassination"Kim Seong-je & Son Aram for "Minority Opinion"Jo Cheol-hyeon , Lee Song-won & Oh Seung-hyeon-I for "The Throne"Kim Kyeong-chan for "Cart"Ryoo Seung-wan for "Veteran"

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Song Kang-ho for "The Throne"Lee Jeong-jae for "The Assassination"Hwang Jeong-min for "Veteran"Yoo Ah-in for "The Throne"Jeong Jae-yeong for "Right Now, Wrong Then"

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Lee Jeong-hyeon for "Alice In Earnestland"Jeon Ji-hyeon for "The Assassination"Kim Hye-soo for "Coin Locker Girl"Jeon Do-yeon for "The Shameless"Han Hyo-joo for "Beauty Inside"

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Bae Seong-woo for "The Office"Yoo Hae-jin for "Veteran"Jo Jin-woong for "The Assassination"Oh Dal-soo for "Ode to My Father"Lee Kyeong-yeong for "Minority Opinion"

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Best Supporting Actress

Jang Young-nam for "The Classified File"Jin Kyeong for "Veteran"Moon Jeong-hee for "Cart"Jeon Hye-jin-II for "The Throne"Ra Mi-ran for "Ode to My Father"

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Park Seo-joon for "Chronicles of Evil"Lee Min-ho for "Gangnam Blues"Kang Ha-neul for "Twenty"Byeon Yo-han for "Socialphobia"Choi Woo-sik for "Set Me Free"

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Kwon So-hyeon for "Madonna"Park So-dam for "The Silenced"Lee Yoo-young for "The Treacherous"Seolhyun for "Gangnam Blues"Lee Yoo-bi for "Twenty"

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Lee Byeong-heon-I for "Twenty"Hong Seok-jae for "Socialphobia"Kim Tae-yong-I for "Set Me Free"Han Jun-hee for "Coin Locker Girl"Kim Seong-je for "Minority Opinion"

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Kim Woo-hyeong for "The Assassination"Kim Tae-kyeong for "The Throne"Kang Gook-hyeon for "The Shameless"Kim Tae-kyeong for "Beauty Inside"Choi Young-hwan for "Veteran"

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Bae Il-hyeok for "The Shameless"Hong Seung-cheol for "Beauty Inside"Kim Ho-seong for "Veteran"Kim Seung-gyoo for "The Assassination"Hong Seung-cheol for "The Throne"

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Jo Yeong-wook for "Beauty Inside"Bang Joon-seok for "The Throne"Jang Yeong-gyoo & Dalparan for "The Assassination"Bang Joon-seok for "Veteran"Lee Byeong-woo for "Ode to My Father"

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Ryoo Seong-hee for "Ode to My Father"Lee Mok-won for "Coin Locker Girl"Kang Seung-yong for "The Throne"Ryoo Seong-hee for "The Assassination"Lee Tae-hoon for "The Treacherous"

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Technical Award for fulfillment in visual effects, editing, gown design, or action/stunt choreography

Sin Jae-myeong (Martial arts) for "Gangnam Blues"Jeong Doo-hong & Jeong Yoon-heon (Martial arts) for "Veteran"Han Tae-jung & more (Visual effects) for "Ode to My Father"Lee Jeon-hyeong & Lee Dong-hoon (Visual effects) for "The Assassination"Jo Sang-kyeong & Son Na-ri (Costumes) for "The Assassination"

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Kim Sang-beom and Kim Jae-beom for "The Throne"Yang Jin-mo for "Beauty Inside"Kim Sang-beom and Kim Jae-beom for "Veteran"Sin Min-kyeong for "The Assassination"Lee Jin for "Ode to My Father"

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“Six Flying Dragon” Previews Byun Yo Han and Shin Se Kyung’s Reunion

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“Six Flying Dragon” Previews Byun Yo Han and Shin Se Kyung’s Reunion “Six Flying Dragons” printed a new still of its upcoming episode.

In “Six Flying Dragons,” Ddang Sae, played through Byun Yo Han, and Boon Yi, played by Shin Se Kyung, are siblings that were separated since they were young. They are living without knowing whether or now not the alternative is alive, and the audience had been wondering when they're going to after all meet.

In the midst of this, the “Six Flying Dragons” body of workers revealed a still of the 15th episode, in which Ddang Sae and Boon Yi ultimately meet. Ddang Sae, who had been type and blameless sooner than they were separated, has became a hardened swordsman, and the more youthful sister Boon Yi has grown up into a self-assured woman. The still incites more interest in viewers, making them wonder how they meet and what they would say to each and every other when they meet.

The “Six Flying Dragons” employees said, “Shin Se Kyung and Byun Yo Han’s reunion will pull at the heartstrings of the viewers. When the 2 actors in the end cried the tears that they were maintaining back, all the team were so targeted that you'll need to listen a pin drop. We ask for a massive number of passion in the 15th episode of ‘Six Flying Dragons,’ that may now start a new tale with this development.”

Meanwhile, “Six Flying Dragons” is a ancient drama that tells a narrative of ardour and success.

Watch the maximum recent episode below.

Dynamic Duo funny story about their a hit transformation into G-Dragon and T.O.P

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Dynamic Duo funny story about their a hit transformation into G-Dragon and T.O.P

Dynamic Duo guested at the November 19 broadcast of "Cultwo Show," selling their 8th album "Grand Carnival" and giving some hilarious at the back of reports in their transformations into giant Bang members, specifically G-Dragon and T.O.P. 

Gaeko explained, "Our new song "Jam" encompasses a verse with puns the use of Large Bang members" names. We had ready the wig and costumes to parody Big Bang yet wondered if it can be ok for us to movie with the costumes on. In the end, we determined to do just it.

Choiza added, ""Gae-Dragon got here out in reality well. His acting was once on-point, too. i used to be Choi-T.O.P," much to everyone"s amusement. Gaeko brought some other wave of laughter with his remark, "Choiza become also "Seungri-za," and boasted that G-Dragon himself "liked" their MV for "Jam." 

Keep them puns coming, boys! 

Video Added new 30s trailer and poster for the Korean film 'Tattoo'

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Video Added new 30s trailer and poster for the Korean film 'Tattoo'

Added new 30s trailer and poster for the approaching Korean film "Tattoo"

"Tattoo" (2015)Directed via Lee SeoWith Song Il-gook, Yoon Joo-hee, Kwon Hyeon-sang, Seo Yeong, Lee Ho-yeol, Han Gi-joong,...Formerly referred to as "Tattooist" (타투이스트, ta-tu-i-seu-teu)SynopsisTattooist Soo-na has a ordinary addiction that placing hand to man"s pants and test anything whilst dancing with him. One day Ji-soon comes up to her, inquiring for tattoo on his back. He time and again comes and orders her tattoo of Medusa. The day his tattoo in spite of everything completed, Soo-na sees Ji-soon rape and kill a girl, and she instinctively spotted that there are same quantity of sufferers with snakes on Ji-soon"s back.Release date in Korea : 2015/12/10