G-Dragon probably won’t be performing with IU on ‘Inkigayo’

G-Dragon probably won’t be performing with IU on ‘Inkigayo’

With IU’s fourth album scheduled to be released on April 21 after a year and six months, a comeback stage is set to follow on April 23 through SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’.

On April 18, according to a Star News report, IU will be singing her title song “Palette” on the show.  The song was written and composed by IU herself, with the rapping part created by and featuring Big Bang’s G-Dragon, causing many to look forward to the stunning collaboration.

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However, it seems unlikely that G-Dragon will be taking the stage on April 21 with IU since he is busy preparing for his own solo promotions as well.  Many are now wondering who will take his place instead.

According to an entertainment source, G-Dragon’s rapping segment will be improvised.  But by who and how? Will it be a new rapper or will IU herself take over?

Furthermore, a special event is to follow in light of the singer’s return on ‘Inkigayo.’  This will mark nearly four years since IU will be making an appearance on a music program. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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