G-Dragon Is Perfectly Ready For Military Enlistment

G-Dragon Is Perfectly Ready For Military Enlistment

Just recently, the hit K-pop boy group, Big Bang, has celebrated their 10thyear anniversary in the entertainment industry. And with this, there seems to be no slowing down to the success that the group has been experiencing continuously over the past couple years.

However, this might come to a sudden stop as it the group’s members face an inevitable reality of enlisting for the military’s required two year service. Now, G-Dragon, the leader of the group, has just showed to the world that he is ready than ever to enlist in the military.

According to Celebeat, G-Dragon says that he, together with his group members, will undoubtedly answer to the call of service, when the calls finally come for them to enlist in the military. As of now, they still don’t know who will be called or when will they need to be enlisted, but one thing is for sure, and that they will whole heartedly accept it.

Just last February, T.O.P., the oldest member in the group, enlisted in the February. However, despite the wholehearted feeling that he, together with the group have, he says that the future of the group is uncertain because of it.

G-Dragon then adds in his statement that the two-year service in the military is not the problem, but the outcome is. This shows that anything could happen in the future, especially that they are going to mature emotionally and psychologically throughout the entirety of their enlistment in the military.

G-Dragon then assures their fans that they will be Big Bang for the rest of their lives, no matter what happens to them. And because of this, they give their fans that they will still see Big Bang once their military enlistment is through.

For now, G-Dragon is reported to be busy preparing for his upcoming solo album that will be released sometime this year.