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Big Bang G-Dragon, Red-Green Two Tone Hairstyle

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Big Bang G-Dragon, Red-Green Two Tone Hairstyle Big Bang G-Dragon, Red-Green Two Tone HairstyleIdol group Big Bang's member G-Dragon once again revealed a unqiue hairstyle.

Yesterday, G-Dragon posted on his Facebook a picture of himself with a two-tone hairstyle.

These were of him at a brand opening event in Hong Kong held on May 19, and his hair is green on one side and red on the other. He had caught much attention with other unique hairstyles previously.

Photo Credit: G-Dragon Facebook

[POLL] Which “Michi GO” hairstyle do you like the best on G-Dragon?

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Earlier today, G-Dragon finally released his music video for Michi Go. In the video, he featured his usual eccentric fashion sense with a variety of different hairstyles.

Lets take a look at the hairstyles below.

1. Frizzy curls + Girl Skateboards hat [POLL] Which Michi GO hairstyle do you like the best on G-Dragon?

G-Dragon plays the part of an innocent, meek schoolboy (or maybe a school girl?) with this hairdo. He sits down at the subway and starts reading, and even when everyone else starts partying in the library, he hides under the desk and keeps trying to read. Of course, in the end, its this particular version of him that cant stop dancing to Michi Go

2. The Mathilda bob with bangs [POLL] Which Michi GO hairstyle do you like the best on G-Dragon?

G-Dragon dons a jet-black wig for a shoulder length bob with bangs, commonly known as the Mathilda bob (from the movie Leon: The Professional).

In the bathroom scene, G-Dragon sports a huge afro complete with an afro comb. Later on, he uses the hairstyle in the library scene, except he adds on a fake beard.

G-Dragon spikes all his hair up in a fauxhawk during his spanking scene, dressed up in accessories and piercings to boot.

He puts on a huge square hat for his scenes in the blue brick wall over his regular plain hair.

This hairstyle features comedian An Young Mi, who looks fantastic in her punk rock get up. G-Dragon takes his previous fauxhawk to another step by adding colorful extensions for the full-on rocker look.

Not quite a hairstyle, but G-Dragons walrus-tusk hat is the final hairstyle that he dons for the music video.

Vote for your favorite in our poll below!

Park Ji Min channels G-Dragon with a new hairstyle

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Park Ji Min channels G-Dragon with a new hairstyle

Trying out her own version of G-Dragons (in)famous seaweed hairstyle, soloist Park Ji Min apologized beforehand to her followers for her shocking transformation. Tried this out when I was listening to G-Dragon sunbaenims song in the past .. sorry to the fans, please accept it as a jokeshe posted to her Twitter earlier today.

Styling her hair in the traditional G-Dragon fashion, she completed the look with dark eyeliner and a cap perched on top of her head, just like how GD is so fond of doing. What do you thinkdoes she pull it off?

G-Dragon goes back to his seaweed hairstyle from “Fantastic Baby”?

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G-Dragon goes back to his seaweed hairstyle from “Fantastic Baby”?

Big Bangs G-Dragon revealed another version of his famous seaweed hair style.

On March 6th, G-Dragon shared the above photo and tweeted, Fantastic baby hair style..again? Its real, the real thing appeared~~~~~~.

The picture showed G-Dragon posing in a beach on Jeju Island while holding up seaweed next to his head as if it were part of his hair style. It reminded fans of his hairstyle that has been dubbed as seaweed hair back when Big Bang was promoting Fantastic Baby.

After seeing the real seaweed hair, the netizens commented,The seaweed hair is hilarious and Its real, the real thing appeared!

Big Bang G-Dragon Sports Half Black-Half White Hairstyle 'What Doesn't Suit him?'

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Big Bang G-Dragon Sports Half Black-Half White Hairstyle 'What Doesn't Suit him?' Big Bang G-Dragon Sports Half Black-Half White Hairstyle What Doesnt Suit him?Big Bang G-Dragon sported a crazy new hairstyle for an award ceremony.

Big Bang G-Dragon was spotted at the '2nd Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards' with an interesting hair style.

During the red carpet photo time, he revealed his half black and half white long hair that matched with his overall edgy outfit.

His hair seemed to gain much attention as he is known for his crazy and fashion-forward looks.

It seemed that any hairstyle matched his appearance, including his bleach blonde and rainbow colors from previous album concepts.

On this day, Big Bang appeared at the awards ceremony and won 3 awards.

Big Bang G-Dragon Reveals 'Salt and Pepper' Hairstyle, 'Luxurious Fashionista'

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Big Bang G-Dragon Reveals 'Salt and Pepper' Hairstyle, 'Luxurious Fashionista' Big Bang G-Dragon Reveals Salt and Pepper Hairstyle, Luxurious FashionistaBig Bang leader G-Dragon revealed his new 'black and white' hairstyle.

He posted on his twitter, "Blackwhite," along with a picture.

In the picture, he is wearing sunglasses and shown off his half blonde and half black hairstyle.

His outfit and hair makes him look like a very stylish fashionista.

Internet users commented, "He looks like he's in a photo shoot" and "He is always so cute!"

G-Dragon’s hairstyle reminds fans of a duster

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G-Dragon’s hairstyle reminds fans of a duster

G-Dragon‘s hairstyle during his promotions for “Crayon“ has recently been compared to a blue and purple duster. G-Dragon is very well known for his rapid changes in style and his ability to adapt himself to new fashion/music trends quite frequently.

Upon seeing the picture, netizens found the hair to be very hilarious and left comments like, “Whoever posted this has great eyes“, “The synchronization of his hairstyle and the duster is 120%“, “I applaud G-Dragon’s attempts at changing his style.”

G-Dragon Has Same Hairstyle as Dusters

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G-Dragon Has Same Hairstyle as Dusters

On the online community recently, a photo was uploaded with the title "The truth behind GD's crayon hair." In the uploaded photo, G-Dragon's hairstyle during his solo performance "Crayon" was compared with the similar colors of dusters, making the fans laugh.

The combination of purple and pastel blue especially made G-Dragon's face pop out. Fans sent a lot of attention to Big Bang members who try new hairstyle evertime the album comes out. The internet users responded saying "The person who caught that is very keen" and "It matches more than 120%."

On the other hand, G-Dragon released the album One of a Kind in three years and is currently continuing activities with the title song "Crayon."

Big Bang's G-Dragon Chooses His Favorite Hairstyle

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Big Bang GD, hairstyle, fashion

Big Bang's G-Dragon Chooses His Favorite Hairstyle Big Bang's G-Dragon chooses favorite hairstyleSinger and songwriter G-Dragon has been the nation's chosen fashionista. Is there a certain type of styling that this fashionista favors the most?

As seen on numerous surveys regarding best dresser, G-Dragon's name is always on the list. Whether on stage or out and about he is always seen in very avante-guard and fashion forward outfits.

Recently in Big Bang's 5th mini album, he shocked fans with his colorful long hair. It seems that G-Dragon can rock styles that others can't. Many other celebrities and comedians have been seen doing parodies of G-dragon's hair style.

After his colorful hair, their new MV called Monster gained much attention due to his bright red hair resembling the devil. His blonde bob cut also caught the eyes of many viewers.

G-Dragon's various hairstyles never seemed to let down his fans anticipation for bolder and newer looks. Through his 7 years since debut, he has gone through hundreds of different hair styles. People wondered if there was a certain hairstyle that he loved the most.

He told OSEN that, "My best hairstyle was from my solo 1st album with the blonde bob cut."

He continued by saying, "This was the first time trying out blonde hair and it created a lot of attention. I liked how there were so many different ways you could style blonde hair. I felt that if I was going solo, I needed a look that was different from my Big Bang concept. I brought over all my costumes from Europe and Japan to go with my blonde hair. Personally, I feel that this was my favorite and best hairstyle."

G-dragon's group Big Bang recently released their special edition album Still Alive and have been receiving much love even without doing any promotions. They are currently embarking on their Japan tour.

What's G-Dragon's Favorite Hairstyle?

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Whats G-Dragons Favorite Hairstyle?Singer-Producer G-Dragon of Big Bang is undeniably one of Koreas iconic and best-dressed celebrities.

In fact, his name appears in multiple surveys that tally votes for Koreas best dressed. Even when he is not in the usual flashy garb for stage performances, G-Dragon draws a lot of attention and even gets a nod of approval from fashion industry officials for demonstrating his covetable knack for incorporating bold accessories into his personal wardrobe and showcasing a style that leaves a lasting impression.

And speaking of bold, daring fashion statements- G-Dragon recently turned heads with his hairstyle for Big Bangs 5th mini album concept. No matter how outrageous G-Dragons look may appear at first, he never fails to sweep fans off their feet anyway with his confident demeanor.

His hairstyle has not left the media spotlight either, as G-Dragon once again left viewers intrigued with his flaming red locks for Big Bangs MV Monsterinvoking some kind of mysterious, devilish image. He also wore gold colored contact lenses for added effect.

By constantly creating new personas to complement or bring out certain elements of a song, G-Dragon never fails to impress fans with his ever-changing face and style of dress. The media has credited G-Dragon as the genius of transformation.

For the young fashionista who debuted seven years ago with Big Bang and sported more than 20 different hairstyles and styles of dress, he does have a favorite hairstyle!

G-Dragon recently shared with OSEN through YG entertainment representatives, My favorite hairstyle has to be from my first solo album, where I have blonde hair.

He explained, That was first time I tried out blonde hair. I loved that there were a variety of ways I could style it since it was blonde. And since I was promoting my solo album, I also needed an image that distinguished me apart from Big Bang. So in addition to the blonde hairstyle my stylist had clothes and accessories shipped from Japan and Europe for me to create such a look. Personally, it brings back so many fond memories I have, and thats why its my favorite.

G-Dragons latest activity with Big Bang has been their sensational dominance over charts with the release of their Special Edition: Still Alive album. That is, without having to promote its release yet! Special Edition: Still Alive rose 20 spots in BillBoards Social 50 chart to spot #12 with the release of their newest music video for their song, Monster.