G-Dragon bought dinner for a lucky fan in New York

G-Dragon bought dinner for a lucky fan in New York

It has recently come to light thatG-Dragonmay have bought a meal for one of his fans.

One of G-Dragon’s fans uploaded a post through his Instagram page stating that he saw the artist in New York at the Ichiran Ramen Restaurant and that the meals he and his friends ate were all paid for by G-Dragon. When the fan noticed that G-Dragon was in front of his eyes, he apparently tried to take a photo with him but was unable to due to the bodyguards around the artist. Afterward, they were notified by the restaurant that their dinner was paid for by none other than G-Dragon.

What a lucky fan and also a kind gesture by G-Dragon!

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Ran into @xxxibgdrgn last night at #ichiran his bodyguards didn’t let us talk/take pics with him but we found out later that he paid for our dinner, maybe if I have approached him by saying something in korean, things could’ve turned out different..? We didn’t get to thank him for the dinner because he came out later than us,, thank you GD! #gd #gdragon #권지용 #지디

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