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G-Dragon & Kim Soo Hyun leave SoKor to attend their schedules

G-Dragon and Kim Soo Hyun left South Korea quietly to attend their schedules.
Although the whole South Korea is mourning because of the recent sea tragedy that happened and many K-Pop idols cancelled their schedules to show their sympathy to the relatives of the victims, GD and Kim Soo Hyun needed to leave South Korea.
GD didn't smile as he appeared at Incheon Airport as he left for Los Angeles, California to attend a private schedule, while Kim Soo Hyun was in black outfit as he flew to China to grace the launching party of Samsung Electronics smartphone.
written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Star News

Some K-Pop male idols show grief and support for the sunken Sewol ship

The photo above that was provided by the Korea Coast Guard and was released by Yonhap showed that the rescuers don't halt searching for the possible survivors and unfortunate cadavers even it's late at night.
Some of the male K-Pop idols used their social media account to express their grief and support for the sunken Sewol ship.
Here are some:
— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN) April 17, 2014

2PM's Nichkhun
Let's pray for the sunken ship. Hope they will find more survivors.
— นิชคุณ Buck หรเวชกุล (@Khunnie0624) April 16, 2014

Jay Park
Just heard about what happened.... So unfortunate everyone pray for a miracle.. Rip to the lost ones ...삼가고인의명복을빕니다.

Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and more celebrities ask to pray for South Korea

Through SNS, celebrities are sharing their hopes and thoughts on the tragic ferry accident that is shaking the nation of South Korea. Yesterday, a few celebrities like G-Dragon and Hyorin were revealed to have taken to Twitter to express their condolences and hopes for a miracle. Even today, more and more celebrities" SNS messages are coming to light, taking the online community by storm.

_K) April 17, 2014

G-Dragon, On Sinking Ferry Incident “#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA”

G-Dragon sent condolences to those in the sinking ferry. (Photo : twitter)

G-Dragon sent his condolences to those in the sinking ferry.

Today, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, "#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA."

His Tweet has been retweeted tens of thousands of times, spreading throughout the world.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Please pray for South Korea", "I hope to hear good news soon", etc.

Photo Credit: G-Dragon Twitter

G-Dragon and Taeyang to release their Paris photobook in 3 countries

On April 16th, a rep of YG Entertainment revealed that G-Dragon and Taeyang are going to release their Paris pictorials, 'G-DRAGON × TAEYANG IN PARIS 2014,' simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan on June 11th "
The pictorials and a high-quality video will be included in the photobook. they were taken when G-Dragon and Taeyang visited Paris, France for Paris Fashion Week back in January. There they attended many fashion shows of CHANEL, LANVIN, St. Laurent, Tom Ford, Juun.J, and KenZo.
G-Dragon and Taeyang were officially invited to '2014 Paris Fashion Week' as celebrities from Korea, and they drew a lot of attention from the press. They also shared photos taken with top fashion designers on their social networks.
The pictorials will show many charms of G-Dragon and Taeyang, who are growing as fashionistas of the world

Top stars G-Dragon, Hyorin, and more express their concern for the passenger ship victims

In addition to the mass cancellation of events, shows, and more in light of the tragic ferry accident, top celebrities also took to SNS to express their concern for the passengers of the ship, touching the hearts of many with their sincerity.

Hyorin wrote on SISTAR"s official Twitter, "I am sincerely praying for the safe return of the Jindo passenger ship"s missing people." NS Yoon-G wrote on her own Twitter, "Ah, please everybody, return safely. Please rescue them quickly."

n his own Twitter, "PRAY FOR SOUTH KOREA."

Hopefully all the prayers and sincere wishes will bring this incident to a miraculous conclusion. Our condolences to those affected.


— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN) April 17, 2014

2, 3, 4 Songs… Why Does YG Release Multiple Title Songs?

(Photo : TV Report)(Photo : TV Report)(Photo : TV Report)

2NE1 had 2, Akdong Musician had 3, and G-Dragon had 4 title songs. While the vast majority of other singers usually go with 1 title song, YG Entertainment artists usually succeeds with at least 2 title songs.

Akdong Musician came out with their debut album Play on the 7th. They first came out with double title songs "200%" and "Melted," two very different songs. They then opened up voting polls for fans to choose their favorite song as their 3rd title song. On the 14th "Give Love" was the final selection. Akdong Musician is currently filming the "Give Love" music video in Japan.

2NE1 released their 2nd full length album in February, and chose double title songs "Come Back Home" and "Gotta Be You."

G-Dragon"s album released last September had a whopping four title tracks

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang to Release Pictorial Record in Korea, Japan and China

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang will be releasing a pictorial record containing photos and video footage from Paris.

G-Dragon and Taeyang’s pictorial record G-Dragon X Taeyang In Paris 2014 will be released in Korea, China and Japan simultaneously on June 11.

The pictorial record will contain photos of G-Dragon and Taeyang from Paris fashion week in January as well as a high quality video footage.

The two Big Bang members attended ‘2014 Paris Week’ in January as guest celebrities, receiving spotlights from foreign media outlets, such as The Guardian, W Magazine, WWD and more.

They also met with numerous world-renowned fashion creators, including Karl Lagerfeld, Rick Owens, Hedi Slimane, Thom Brown, Carine Roitfeld and more.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Big Bang G-Dragon And Taeyang To Release Paris Photobook In Korea-Japan-China

Group Big Bang members G-Dragon and Taeyang will be releasing their Paris phonebook in Korea, China and Japan.

They will be releasing their "G-DRAGON x TAEYANG IN PARIS 2014" photo book on June 11 in 3 countries.

This photo book was created while they were at Paris Fashion week this past January. 

The photo book captures both of their styles as they posed naturally for the photo shoot.

Both members attended various designers fashion shows from Chanel to Lanvin.

After attending Paris Fashion Week, the two gained much attention from media all around the world for their fashion sense.

This photo book will allow fans to see not only their K-Pop side, but a new fashion icon image that has been recently gaining much global attention

G-Dragon and Taeyang to Release Paris Photo Book

On June 11, Big Bang will be releasing a photo book of G-Dragon and Taeyang in Paris, called “G-DRAGON x TAEYANG IN PARIS 2014.”

The photo book will be released simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan. It will feature photos and video footage of G-Dragon and Taeyang in Paris during the Paris Fashion Week this past January, where they attended a fashion show for big names in the fashion industry such as Chanel, Lanvin, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, etc.

In the photo book, G-Dragon and Taeyang are captured not as artists, producers, or K-Pop stars, but global style icons.

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