f(x)s Luna Talks About Her Kiss Scenes In Musical Rebecca

f(x)s Luna Talks About Her Kiss Scenes In Musical Rebecca

f(x)s Luna spoke honestly about kissing four co-actors on stage as part of her musical Rebecca.

During an interview on September 6, the reporter said to Luna, There was a lot of kissing in this musical. Some people were even saying that all they remember are the kiss scenes.

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Luna replied, It was embarrassing. I did thingsĀ on stage that I havent even done with a boyfriend. She added, When I kissed Uhm Ki Joon, I almost fainted. They said I had to do it for real during rehearsal too, so I did it for real. On top of that, three of them are married. Ive never had an experience like this before.

However, she said, But when I get into character, I feel happy. When we first practiced, I was surprised because it was before we got close, but Im really comfortable with them now. In fact, if they dont kiss me now, I think, Is he not feeling too good today? Thats how close were getting.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is a musical based on the movie by the same name. Luna plays the nameless narrator, I.