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f’s Victoria to join Cha Tae Hyun in “My Sassy Girl 2″?

The hit Korean movie “My Sassy Girl” will be returning after thirteen years with a sequel, “My Sassy Girl 2“! It was confirmed on April 3 that this movie will be produced as a collaborative work between Korea and China.

Various movie representatives told Sports DongA that f(x)”s Victoria will be Jun Ji Hyun”s successor as the feisty female lead. The reps said, “As for the male lead, Cha Tae Hyun, who starred in the first “My Sassy Girl,” will be taking on the main lead again to work with Victoria.”

However, both parties denied this report a short while later. Cha Tae Hyun”s side said, “It is true we received the scenario for the movie, but we only received an offer – nothing has been confirmed. Because Cha Tae Hyun acted in “My Sassy Girl,” he is open to the possibility of appearing

Jessica and Krystal to pose for American ‘Nylon’ with Marvin Scott Jarrett

The sister fashionistas, Girls” Generation”s Jessica and f(x)”s Krystal, will be taking part in a photo shoot together for “Nylon” magazine!

On April 3, SM Entertainment revealed that the two would be meeting up with the famous American photographer and director of ‘Nylon’ magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett, this week for a unique photo shoot. The three of them will be fixing their attention on the global fans through the latest, trendy fashion styles in this interesting collaboration.

SM Entertainment also revealed that through an unprecedented movie, this photo shoot will be published through both the Korean and American issues of ‘Nylon’ magazine!

Make sure you grab a copy once Jessica and Krystal’s photo shoot gets out in stores to check out their sisterly chemistry and fashion sense

SNSD’s Jessica and f’s Krystal gather for their own reality show “Cover Girl”

Sisters f(x)”s Krystal and Girls” Generation”s Jessica will be starring in their own reality show, “Cover Girl“!

A rep from cable network OnStyle announced on April 1 that the idol sisters are in the midst of filming for their own fashion reality show. The rep stated, “We plan to film the never-before-seen daily lives of sisters Jessica and Krystal. The two fashionistas” flair for style will be covered.”

“Cover Girl” is scheduled to air in early May. How excited are you for this show?

5 K-Pop MV themes that seem to have become quite banal!

Music videos are a vital component to K-Pop. Many times an MV is released before the album or single and without an entertaining MV, the album often falls flat. You can tell the amount of interest in a band by the amount of views an MV gets on YouTube, and for many K-pop fans how the band looks is just as important as how well they perform. Despite this importance in MVs, there seems to be little variety at times as they put into effect relatively overused concepts, so here are some themes I”ve noticed over the years that seem to have become quite banal:


SEXY CONCEPT This isn”t the first time I”ve ranted about this and it probably won”t be the last. When I got into K-Pop, I was struck by how gorgeous the performers were. Alluring, mysterious, bold, demure, you name it — the girls were all kinds of attractive

f’s Sulli receives treatment for abdominal pain

It”s been belatedly revealed that f(x)“s Sulli was hospitalized for abdominal pain.

A rep from SM Entertainment stated that on March 27, she was sent to the hospital to receive emergency treatment after complaining of abdominal pain. The rep said, “It”s true that she went to the emergency room. They suspected it was her appendix, but after examination, that was ruled out.”

Sulli recently wrapped up filming for the film “Pirates” and is in the midst of filming for the movie “Fashion King“, and it seems she”s had a hard schedule. The rep continued, “It was stress-related pain. After returning from the emergency room, she is resting.”

Hopefully, Sulli will feel better soon.

Jessica shows her scary glare in latest photo

Jessica, the “Ice Princess” of Girls’ Generation, recently updated fans with a scary but cute photo.

The photo was shared on her Weibo account in which Jessica captured attention with her scary glare while holding a knife. 


In other news, Jessica and her younger sister f(x)‘s Krystal featured in the latest issues of the American and Korean “Nylon“, showing off their chic and cool charms.

2PM’s Chansung Starring in Chinese Dating Reality Program, “If You Love Me”

2PM’s Chansung will be starring in the new Chinese reality dating program, “If You Love Me” (working English title), a spin-off of the Korean “We Got Married.” With this, all of the 2PM members will have been in fantasy relationships/marriages.

Nichkhun was on “We Got Married Season 2” with f(x)’s Victoria, Jun.K on tvN’s “The Romantic & Idol” with AOA‘s HyejeongTaecyeon on “We Got Married Global” with Gui Gui, Junho on “Music and Lyrics” with Kim So Eun, and currently, Wooyoung on “We Got Married Season 4” with Park Se Young

Female Idols Who Still Look Good Without Makeup

There are days stars just want to go out fresh-faced, barefaced. And although there are multitude of K-Pop idols who look great even without the help of makeup, we"ve narrowed down the list to ten stars with the best no-makeup face.

Dara is considered one of K-Pop"s eternal natural beauties. There"s hasn"t been a lot of surgery buzz surrounding this 2NE1 cutie. And even without makeup, she still deserves the title of being the face of 2NE1.

Even without makeup, Suzy still maintains her natural youthful and refreshing look. She has one of the healthiest looking skin in the industry and is the subject of envy.

With or without makeup, YoonA"s beauty shines really bright. Even with that slight bump right there, YoonA still looks undeniably beautiful

f’s Amber and Tasty’s Soryong Are The Unofficial Third Couple For ‘We Got Married Global 2′

The official We Got Married Global 2 couples recently were joined by an unofficial couple of idols, f(x)"s Amber and Tasty"s Soryong.

Even though the couple isn"t officially part of the show, they partook in a press conference and hosted the second episode. The two will act as hosts of the behind the scenes episodes that will air on Global We Got Married"s YouTube channel, WGM TV.

Amber and Soryong not only commentated on the second episode of We Got Married Global 2, but the duo took pictures together at the We Got Married Global press conference. However, they tried their hardest to not look like a married couple, and ended up taking slightly awkward pictures.

At the press conference, Amber said: "I am always thinking of how to bridge the communication between the overseas fans and the casts

Full OST for BoA’s new movie “Make Your Move” released in Korea

The full OST for BoA‘s first Hollywood movie “Make Your Move” has been revealed in Korea prior to the official premiere of the movie in April 17.

The OST album is now available with a total of 15 songs featuring TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), and EXO‘s Kris.

TVXQ showed their voice in a pop R&B song titled “Runnin’ on Empty“. Girls’ Generation sang “Cheap Creeper“, an urban style dance song. Meanwhile, “Say Yes” is a collaboration of the Jung sisters, Jessica and Krystal, featuring EXO’s Kris. f(x)’s “NU ABO” is also included in the OST album