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Kpop Relationships: Are You Two Dating Or What?

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When you put females and males into any form of arena or tight corridors, there's bound to be love sparks and hormones flying all over the place. When two idols are rumored to be dating, fans get right to work and do an impeccable job in researching/stalking photos of various idols to see if the rumors are true. The stalking is thorough and since photos don't lie, today we're going to take a look at some of the idols who we know have kindled a romance in the past.

f(x)'s Victoria and TVXQ's Changmin riled up fans when rumors of the two dating exploded in the K-pop atmosphere. Netizens went straight to the Internet and dug up photos of the two carrying the same purple bear cellphone keychain, dragging around similar suitcases, and holding hands backstage

[Interview] Former Click-B Member Kim Sang Hyuk Confesses He Dated a Girl Group Member in the Past

Kim Sang Hyuk, the former Click-B member who hasn′t been seen on broadcast for a while, showed he′s willing to return to showbiz soon.

The singer spoke with Mnet′s Wide Entertainment News in his first interview after his release from his military duties that aired on May 22.

About which girl group gave him the most strength in his services, Kim Sang Hyuk said, "I actually wasn′t very interested in female celebrities when I was still active, but I started to take a liking to them while serving as a public service worker. Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Seohyun, Davichi′s Kang Min Kyung and f(x)′s Krystal were a big help."

In an interview with the same show, fellow Click-B member Kim Tae Hyung had said four out of the seven Click-B members had been dating when the group was still active.

To this, Kim Sang Hyuk said, "I actually dated [the member of] a girl group in my early days

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Mementos of May

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Mementos of May

Welcome back to For Your Viewing Pleasure, where we take the time out of the week to share with our readers some of the best and most recent photos tied to the K-pop landscape.

May is a month of memories, with many celebratory endings, new beginnings, and the promise of lazy summer evenings to come. The following is a selection of some of the most memorable K-pop fashion photos from the month of May.

Son Ye-jin | Chatelaine (above)

Seungyeon (KARA) | Beauty+

Seulong (2AM) | Singles

Kim Soo-hyun | Marie Claire

Kim Na-young | W Korea

Sunhwa (Secret) | CeCi

Go Ara | Cosmopolitan

Lee Hi | Vogue Girl

Sistar19 | CeCi

Lee Soo-kyung | InStyle

Park Hae-il | Vogue

Son Dam-bi | Harper’s Bazaar

Hyori | Vogue

Hyori | Vogue

Park Shin-hye | Sure

Minhyuk (CN Blue) | Dazed & Confused

Krystal (f(x)) | Harper’s Bazaar

… and that’s a wrap for the month of May

f(x) Krystal Opens Up About The Pressures Of Being An Idol


Kara's Kang Ji Young and f(x)'s Krystal - April 16, 2013

Being a K-Pop idol sure isn't easy - and f(x)'s Krystal knows that all too well.

Earlier this month Krystal was the victim of some rather nasty social media comments and threats because of an internet rumor that spread suggesting she may be romantically involved with Big Bang leader G-Dragon.Fans of the YG rapper-singer went on Twitter and Instagram to berate Krystal ultimately leading to her having to delete both accounts.

On May 24 MBC broadcasted a special show titled Amzing f(x) Special that featured the group members skydiving in New Zealand and interviews with each of the girls.

Krystal's face looked worried during her interview segment as she recounted the difficulties of being a K-Pop idol

Foreign K-pop Idols, ‘Who’s Your Favorite Non-Korean Member?’

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K-pop is filled with Koreans, but once in awhile an agency will pop in a non-Korean member into the mix, giving the group a pinch of diversity and a sprinkle of foreign fun! Let's take a look at the members who moved to Korea to pursue a dream in music and idol glory. 

Amber and Victoria are the two non-Korean members of SM Entertainment's 5-membered female group, f(x). Amber is of Taiwanese descent and her parents reign from Tainan City, Taiwan. She was the only female chosen in a global audition for SM Entertainment back in 2008 and shipped herself to Korea to train for a year and a half before debuting with the group. The singer/rapper is fluent in English and quite conversational in Korean and Mandarin Chinese. 

Amber's fellow member, Victoria Song or in Chinese, Song Qian, is the group's leader and Amber's other Chinese counterpart

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Gets Serious in a Hanbok

When a man dons a hanbok, you know things are about to get serious, and Super Junior’s sharp-tongued member Kyuhyun put the jokes aside for a new ad campaign.

Kyuhyun is the face of SK Telecom’s ‘LTE Noot’ campaign, alongside f(x)’s Sulli and SNSD’s Yoona, and the brand recently released a new CF, featuring the Super Junior member, via its official YouTube channel.

Kyuhyun is seen in a serene setting, donning a hanbok, as he sniffs his phone saying, “Mm, the smell of benefits.”

To see just how serious Kyuhyun can get (not that serious - we’re talking about Kyuhyun here) check out the commercial below.


f(x) Victoria Goes To Hong Kong, ‘Shy’ At Great Welcome

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victoria welcomed in hong kong victoria welcomed in hong kong

Group f(x)'s member Victoria landed in Hong Kong with great welcoming.

According to the media today, Victoria arrived at Hong Kong. Fans who had heard of her arrival beforehand had waited for her, greeting her as soon as she came out.

On this day, Victoria wore a striped maxi dress with a jean jacket over it, making her look like a tourist. She matched a pink purse to this.

Victoria will be attending a brand's promotion event in Hong Kong tomorrow.

Photo Credit: CFP

Sulli Reveals and Talks about Hardships of Having Aquaphobia

f(x)‘s maknae Sulli confessed that she has aquaphobia, or a fear of water.

A short preview of the upcoming “Amazing f(x)” show that will air on May 28 on MBC Music has been aired.

“Amazing f(x)” is a reality show where the members of f(x) set forth to do the things on their bucket list in New Zealand.

The first episode will reveal why the members of f(x) chose New Zealand and how each of them prepare for the trip. It also shows how each member came up with their bucket list as well as their own worries and dilemmas.

During this time, Sulli admitted that she has aquaphobia due to a traumatic childhood experience. She revealed that because of this fear, there have been hardships in her daily routine as well as broadcast activities

f(x) to Release Special Broadcast for ‘Amazing f(x)’ Reality Program

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f(x) to Release Special Broadcast for 'Amazing f(x)' Reality Program

Group f(x)'s reality program, "Amazing f(x)" will release a preview special broadcast on MBC and MBC Music before the actual show begins.

With their official program release date to be on May 28, they will be revealing the members thoughts on being in their 20s and their bucket lists.

Through the special preview show, they will be able to see their trip to New Zealand and more.

The special preview will be on May 24.

Who did ers Vote as the Prettiest Girl Group Member?

On May 13, we reported that Panel Now, an online research agency, conducted a survey asking Koreans who they thought was the prettiest girl group member. According to the results, Suzy of miss A placed first with 6430 votes (29%). Yoona of Girls’ Generation was second, f(x)‘s Krystal was third, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park was fourth, 4minute‘s Hyuna was fifth, Kara‘s Goo Hara was sixth, Secret‘s Sunhwa placed seventh, T-ara‘s Jiyeon was eighth, and SISTAR‘s Dasom placed ninth with 410 votes (2%)