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Watch the press conference for ‘Global We Got Married’ season 2!

On March 20, the press conference for season 2 of “Global We Got Married” took place in Seoul with the attendance of all cast members and the DJs of “WGM-TV“.

The cast members include Super Junior“s Heechul and Puff Kuo (Guo Xue Fu) from the Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls as well as SHINee“s Key and Japanese model Yagi Arisa.

The co-hosts of “WGM-TV” are f(x)Amber and TASTY“s Soryong.

The second season of “We Got Married – Global Edition” will premiere on MBC Every1 and MBC Music on April 5. Meanwhile, you can watch “WGM-TV” through YouTube.

Watch the press conference with Endlish subs above!

Heechul Says He and “Wife” Puff Kuo Fought Because of Anna From “Frozen”

On March 20, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul attended the production presentation of MBC Everyone’s “We Got Married Global Edition Season 2” held at the Ilsan MBC Dream Center. He revealed an argument he had with his pretend wife, Puff Kuo.

Heechul has expressed his fondness towards Anna, a main character on the Disney animation, “Frozen,” thorough his SNS. He said, “I had an argument with Puff Kuo because of Anna. You’ll see why if you watch the show.”

The singer also displayed his affection towards his pretend wife saying, “When I first met Puff, I didn’t know what to do. I’m not usually kind to my girlfriend. But Puff was an exception. She is very polite. Even when we bicker at each other when it’s just the two of us, she is very polite when there are adults around us

Sunny-Amber, Self-Camera Photo Together

Girl group Girls" Generation"s member Sunny and f(x)"s member Amber revealed a picture together. (Photo : instagram)

Girl group Girls" Generation"s member Sunny and f(x)"s member Amber revealed a picture together.

Yesterday, Sunny posted on her Instagram, "Amber who came to support us. My little cutie" along with a picture.

In the picture, Sunny and Amber made cute faces at the camera. Sunny was frowning and Amber was opening her mouth wide.

Internet users who saw this commented, "This is cute", "Cute face competition?", etc.

Photo Credit: Sunny Instagram

f Sulli attend the opening of DECKE

It has been a while since we last read news about f(x)'s Sulli.

Sulli attended the opening of DECKE yesterday, she garnered much attention with her feminine charm in white blouse and miniskirt.

Check out for more photos below

Key, Yagi Arisa, Heechul, Puff Kuo, Amber and Soryong Attend “We Got Married” Press Conference

On March 20, the press conference for the “We Got Married: Global Edition” was held at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan.

In attendance were the two couples, SHINee‘s Key and Yagi Arisa, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul and Puff Kuo and the two MCs, f(x)‘s Amber and Tasty’s Soryong.

The stars got a chance to talk about many things during the press conference, such as Yagi Arisa’s encounter with A Pink‘s Jung Eun Ji, how Heechul and Puff Kuo had a fight because of the film “Frozen” character Ana, and many other fun stories.

The couples and MCs also were on the spotlight for their flashy outfits, which they proudly showed off at the photo zone

SNSD’s Sunny and f’s Amber Make Faces, FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi Hits the Sauna and More

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview From the sofa to the sauna, stars shared their selfies with fans once more, and it’s all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

FT Island’s Lee Hong Gi posted a selfie in his Instagram on March 20, writing “Filming in a sauna ‘Bride of the Century.’”

The busy G-Dragon posted a photo with Taeyang on his Instagram on March 20, writing “Had an all-day shoot.”

SNSD’s Sunny shared a selfie with f(x)’s Amber on March 19, writing “Amber, who came to our first comeback broadcast to cheer us on. My dongseng giyomi.”

Following his appearance on MBC’s Radio Star on March 19, Simon D posted a selfie of himself relaxing on the couch on his Instagram on March 20.

4minute’s So Hyun tweeted a photo on March 20, showing off her new Moschino iPhone case and promoting the group’s new song, writing “4minute comeback! Whatcha Doin’ Today? I’ll tell you

Amber snaps a cute photo with Sunny

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny recently snapped a cute photo with her label-mate f(x)‘s Amber.

Sunny shared the photo on her Instagram account along with the message, “Thanks to Amber for coming to support us for our first stage. My dongsaeng, cutie.”

The uploaded photo captured all fans with their cute aegyo.They left comments such as, “Both of them are cute,” “I see that they”re close friends,” “Amber is loyal for going to Girls” Generation”s first stage to support them,” and more.

SHINee’s Key Talks About ‘We Got Married’ Global Edition

SHINee’s Key brought up the differences between the Korean and global editions of We Got Married.

During press conference for MBC’s We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 on March 20 at MBC dream center, SHINee’s Key said, “In the Korean edition, I tried to show the funny sides of me, but this time, I will try to be more sincere and show the sides of me that I haven’t shown as a member of SHINee.”

“As the show will be broadcasted overseas, I am glad to be showing Korean culture and the cultural exchange taking between between two countries,” said Key.

He added, “There are also things I need to be mindful about. I don’t think you should worry, since I’ve been having a good married life with Arisa Yagi.”

Key’s virtual wife Arisa Yagi said, “I didn’t know that I’d be married when I’m in high school

Key-Alisa & Heechul-Seolbu wedding pictorials uproar excitement for Global WGM-2

The wedding pictorials of upcoming Global We Got Married couples Key-Yagi Alisa and Heechul-Gwak Seolbu are roaring the wedding bells with their wedding pictorial photos.

The two couples display romantic and beautiful atmosphere. Key-Alisa couple are dressed in casual suit and wedding dress, strolling outdoors carrying guitar while holding hands. On the other hand, Heechul-Gwak Seolbu displayed their lively and bright couple look in a sports car with the groom leaning forward for a kiss leaving no room for awkwardness.

'Global We Got Married Season 2' is co-produced by MBC and SM Entertainment and expected to attract more viewers by streaming through Youtube. It will be hosted by f(x) Amber and TASTY Soryeong. It will premiere on April 5 at 10PM KST.

Check out more wedding pictorials below:

Park Bo Ram, Successful Diet ‘Looks Like Sulli’

Park Bo Ram from Mnet audition program "Super Star K2" revealedherself after a successful diet, revealing a beauty similar to f(x) Sulli. (Photo : mv)

Park Bo Ram from Mnet audition program "Super Star K2" revealed herself after a successful diet, revealing a beauty similar to f(x) Sulli.

After coming out in "Super Star K2" in 2010, she appeared to the public for the first time in singer Hong Dae Kwang"s music video for his song "Thank You My Love".

In the music video teaser that was released today through Hong Dae Kwang"s Facebook, Park Bo Ram wakes up to her lover"s text, starting her day with smiles. She also acted as a couple with Hong Dae Kwang, sitting in a cafe. She had been the girl of his first kiss scene.

Internet users who saw this commented, "She lost a lot of weight", "She looks like Sulli", etc