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Park Bo Ram, Successful Diet ‘Looks Like Sulli’

Park Bo Ram from Mnet audition program "Super Star K2" revealedherself after a successful diet, revealing a beauty similar to f(x) Sulli. (Photo : mv)

Park Bo Ram from Mnet audition program "Super Star K2" revealed herself after a successful diet, revealing a beauty similar to f(x) Sulli.

After coming out in "Super Star K2" in 2010, she appeared to the public for the first time in singer Hong Dae Kwang"s music video for his song "Thank You My Love".

In the music video teaser that was released today through Hong Dae Kwang"s Facebook, Park Bo Ram wakes up to her lover"s text, starting her day with smiles. She also acted as a couple with Hong Dae Kwang, sitting in a cafe. She had been the girl of his first kiss scene.

Internet users who saw this commented, "She lost a lot of weight", "She looks like Sulli", etc

Amber and Soryong serve as the MCs of “We Got Married – Global Edition” spin-off “WGM-TV”

f(x)’s Amber and TASTY’s Soryong recently served as the co-hosts of We Got Married – Global Edition” spin-off “WGM-TV“ (“We Got Married TV“)!

On March 19, a representative from MBC confirmed to Star News, “”We Got Married – Global Edition” is receiving attention internationally, so we prepared a spin-off program… The BTS stories of “We Got Married – Global Edition” will be aired.”

The premiere date for the spin-off series will be announced at the press conference for “We Got Married – Global Edition” season 2 on March 20.

“We Got Married – Global Edition” season 2, which is co-produced by MBC and SM Entertainment, is set to premiere on MBC Every1 and MBC Music on April 5!

“Show Champion” to celebrate 100th episode with special stages

In celebration of the 100th episode, this week’s ”Show Champion” will fill with special stages by your favorite idols.

First generation MCs Super Junior“s Shindong and Kim Shin Young, second generation MCs, T-ara“s Eunjung and f(x)“s Amber, as well as Girls” Generation, SHINee, SISTAR, CNBLUE, IU, B1A4, Ailee, B.A.P, BTS, Topp Dogg, Orange Caramel, Toheart (Key & Woohyun), Girl”s Day, A Pink, and Dynamic Duo will all attend the show.

Remember to catch this week’s “Show Champion” on March 19th at 6 PM KST!

f Amber to Host Global Edition of “We Got Married: Season 2”

f(x) member Amber will be the new MC of the global edition of "We Got Married: Season 2" podcast.

According to MBC staff, Amber will host "WGM-TV", the spinoff program of the global "We Got Married: Season 2". With Tasty"s Soryoung, Amber will reveal the behind-the-scenes stories of "We Got Married: Season 2".

Taiwanese-American Amber will host the show in her fluent English and Chinese. Chinese member Soryoung will also broadcast the global edition of "We Got Married" in Chinese.

Produced by MBC and SM Entertainment, the global edition of "We Got Married: Season 2" shows the virtual married life of celebrities from two different cultures.

Super Junior"s Kim Hee Chul and Taiwanese star Guo Xue Fu, and SHINee"s Key and Japanese star Arisa Yagi star as couples on the show

f’s Amber and Tasty’s Soryong to Host “We Got Married: Global Edition” Season 2

f(x)‘s Amber and Tasty‘s Soryong will be the new MCs for the “We Got Married” Global Edition!

On March 17, MBC sources revealed that the second season of the “We Got Married” Global Edition will be emceed by the two idol stars.

Being the Taiwanese American she is, Amber will be hosting the show with her fluent English and Chinese skills. Tasty’s Soryong, who is a Chinese Korean, will be working alongside Amber.

“We Got Married” Global Edition season 2 is being produced by MBC and SM Entertainment. It will feature viritually married couples with different cultures.

So far, Super Junior‘s Heechul and Taiwanese actress Guo Xue Fu and SHINee‘s Key and Japanese model Yagi Arisa have been cast for this season

SNSD Cozies Up to f’s Amber, Big Bang’s Seungri and Yoo Jae Suk Take a Selfie and More

As we draw closer to the weekend, we have the latest in celebrity selfies in today’s Twitter Roundup.

Miss A’s Suzy tweeted an update for fans on March 12, posting this selfie with the message, “It’s been a while.

Big Bang’s Seungri, who is set to appear on an upcoming Running Man episode, posted a photo of himself with Yoo Jae Suk on his Instagram on March 12, writing “With the Nation’s MC Yoo Jae Suk while filming SBS’ Running Man.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a photo with members Seohyun and Sooyoung as well as f(x)’s Amber, writing “Amber, thank you. Always thankful. Pretty hubae.”

On March 13, Jessica posted a photo of herself on Weibo from her recent radio appearance, writing “My view

Who looks the best in Stylenanda cropped top?

Many idols were seen wearing a cropped top from Stylenanda in various activities.
AOA's Seolhyun, Rainbow's Woori, F(x)'s Sulli, Apink's Naeun showed their interests in StyleNanda Masculine Cropped Sweatshirt. Seolhyun mixed it with a lovely skirt which is also from Stylenanda to appear in her drama while Woori used a red-black plaid shirt to match well with her red hair color in Mwave's Meet&greet program.
In Christmas Wonderland concert, Sulli mixed the red cropped sweatshirt with black skirt to show off her active style. And the rest is Naeun in a white one. She appeared cutely in Apink's 'Good morning baby' MV.
All of them show their own charms by mixing it with various styles. Who looks best in it?

IU praises Sulli on her pretty look

IU made a guest appearance on the March 13 episode of Kim Shin Young‘s MBC radio show where she praised f(x)‘s Sulli on her pretty and lovely look.

Kim Shin Young asked Iu, “If you were to be reborn, who would you want to be reborn as?” to which IU revealed, “I have a folder on my computer for pretty celebrities and I think I have the most pictures of Sulli in it.

She even stated, “Based on my standards, I think the prettiest female celebrity in Korea is Sulli.”

Regarding celebrities looked most similar to herself, IU chose comedian Shin Bong Sun and actress Han Ji Min. IU commented, “We are the inextricably woven three,” bringing laugh to every on set

IU Says She Would Want to Be Reborn as f’s Sulli

On March 13, singer IU appeared on MBC FM4U’s “Jung Oh’s Hope Song Radio.” On the broadcast, DJ Kim Shin Young asked her if there is someone she would like to be reborn as.

IU replied, “There’s a folder of beautiful celebrities on my computer, and the person with the most photos in that folder is [f(x)'s] Sulli. In my eyes Sulli is the most beautiful out of all the Korean celebrities.”

She also pointed out on the program that comedian Shin Bong Sun and actress Han Ji Min as her celebrity look-alikes, joking that the three of them are “an inseparable trio.”

IU chose Sulli as the most beautiful Korean celebrity, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Kim Soo Hyun, Angelababy, f’s Victoria and More Attend Samsonite Red Event

On March 13, the “Samsonite Red 2014 S/S Be My Red” event was held at the Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul and was adorned by many dazzling celebrity attendees.

Such celebrities include the hottest actor of the moment, Kim Soo Hyun, along with his Samsonite Red CF partner, Angelababy. Others include f(x)‘s Victoria, SISTAR’s Bora and Hyorin, Kim Ji Hoon and Uhm Ki Joon.

Kim Soo Hyun and Angelababy’s reunion on this night was a hot topic since the two have worked closely together for various promotions.

Click through the gallery to see the celebrities in their kicking new spring fashion!

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