f(x) Fans Show Their Love On 8th Anniversary

f(x) Fans Show Their Love On 8th Anniversary

Fans of f(x) are celebrating the group’s eighth year since their debut!

f(x) is an SM Entertainment girl group that debuted on September 5 of 2009 with their first performance of the single “LA chA TA. Theyve gone on to put out hits including “Chu,” “Nu ABO,” “Electric Shock,” “Rum Pum Pum Pum,” “4 Walls,” and many more, and most recently released the song “All Mine” via SM STATION in July of last year, which topped charts.

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On their eighth debut anniversary, fans on Twitter have been looking back at the groups great moments and showing their love. Check out some of their touching tweets below!

Thank you for being our family. thank you for inspiring each and everyone. Thank you my queens #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/hUPyLWERzm

f(x) Global (@AffxtionGlobal) September 4, 2017

Remember when they sang 40+ songs in one concert. Legends #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/NP4qwk8wAc

sloth #8YearsWithfx (@dandyul) September 4, 2017

If we stayed through the whole 8 years together, we sure can hold another years again #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/0gfQMqBk26

차 (@jungcula) September 4, 2017

as long as you are here, as long as i am with you. #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/nBxmvbDCy2

#8YearsWithFx (@krystxt) September 4, 2017

f(dorks) #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/Tl7p6qWMc7

미유미유뮤뮤K? (@kaayyy09) September 4, 2017

Wish our girls are always healthy and be successful in whatever they do #8yearswithfx ???? pic.twitter.com/wAngmyF6fB

f(미유)? (@fx_family) September 4, 2017

Happy Birthday to f(x) #8YearsWithfx I am not crying

???? pic.twitter.com/e33pCcb4Tn

#REAL.C (@xxrealcode) September 4, 2017

Scream if youre excited! #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/wpX3WLi2jF

Time flies so fast! Lets stick together till forever? MeUs+f(x)=? #8YearsWithfx pic.twitter.com/bWLp4VrLGU