f(x) Amber Becomes A Mom In New YouTube Video?

f(x) Amber Becomes A Mom In New YouTube Video?

Amber of f(x) has surprised fans with a YouTube video she uploaded with the title ‘Amber – Mom!’ Amber showcases her motherly side and has fans laughing too!

In the video, Amber can be seen collaborating with YouTuber KIR JER. Amber plays around with their newborn baby and practices being a mom as she holds, burps and plays with the baby. However, Amber can’t resist being her comical self as she questions if, “the baby has to fart?”

Amber also addressed a unique rumor where fans commented saying that she and Kirsten were a couple. Amber and Kirsten both laughed which lead to the response,“Who makes up these rumors?” and “You have a husband and a baby!”

You can check out the rest of the video down below and join in on Amber’s hilarious moments. She even takes the time to catch up with her skin care routine and pop some pimples! Gross for some, but interesting for others! Would you let Amber baby sit your kid(s) for a day?

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