[Funcurve Review] “Missing 9”

[Funcurve Review] “Missing 9”

During moments of utter despair, one’s true character is often revealed. This is certainly the case for “Missing 9”, a gripping disaster drama centering around a plane crash that leaves nine individuals, mostly celebrities, stranded on an uncharted island. The only known survivor at the beginning of the drama is Ra Bong-hee (Baek Jin-hee), the inexperienced and compassionate stylist of celebrity Seo Joon-oh (Jeong Kyeong-ho), and she suffers from temporary amnesia due to the trauma. However, the Special Investigation Commission, lead by Congresswoman Jo (Song Ok-sook), berates Bong-hee for her memory loss and intentionally covers up vital facts about the crash to minimize public outcry.

“The execution of the beginning is impeccable with an aura of sweeping mystique”.

The drama seamlessly transitions between the present and Bong-hee’s flashbacks of events leading up to and during her island stay. The execution of the beginning is impeccable the drama has an aura of sweeping mystique, as we know nothing about the other characters’ fates. It also drops crucial hints about their pasts and current whereabouts at the exact right moments, keeping me on the edge of my seat. As more survivors return to Korea, we discover that their testimonies of the bloodshed on the island differ, meaning that Congresswoman Jo must decide which one is true.

Though our main villains Congresswoman Jo, Vice President Jang Do-pal of Legend Entertainment, and celebrity Choi Tae-ho (Choi Tae-joon) are entangled in webs of bribery and murder, we have several moral forces to counteract their attacks. Joon-oh, a celebrity with a tarnished reputation yet a heart of gold, must defend himself against accusations that he murdered his fellow companions on the island. Prosecutor Yoon (Yang Dong-geun), whose sister died on the island, will not accept Congresswoman Jo’s word as truth. And Hwang Jae-gook (Kim Sang-ho), president of Legend Entertainment, protects the celebrities on the island to the point of risking his own life.

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