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AOA are sexy lacrosse stars for "Heart Attack" full MV!!

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AOA are sexy lacrosse stars for

AOA are ready to slay hearts with the drop of their "Heart Attack" teaser!

As in their teasers, the girls play lacrosse players who are less than stellar at first, but become amazing through Seolhyun"s coaching. ChoA even manages to get a step closer to getting her crush actualized!

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INFINITE F release full PV for "My Heart is Beating" + making of video

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INFINITE F release full PV for

The boys of INFINITE F have released the full PV for their bright and summery track, "My Heart is Beating," which captures the heart-fluttering moments of being in love!

The members of this sub-unit, L, Sungyeol, and Sungjong, are sweet and handsome, dressed in flattering pastel colors and smiling cutely for the camera. The song is also uplifting and cheery, melting away the frigid coldness of the upcoming winter season.

Check out the Japanese PV above as well as behind-the-scenes for the MV and jacket shoot below!

Lee Seung Gi reveals his thoughts after Kang Ho Dong left “Strong Heart”

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Lee Seung Gi reveals his thoughts after Kang Ho Dong left “Strong Heart”

Although Lee Seung Gi did an amazing job as the sole MC of “Strong Heart” after Kang Ho Dong”s leave, he revealed that it wasn”t as easy as it appeared and he felt like running away several times because of the responsibility and pressure.

On the April 14th broadcast of Lee Sun Hee‘s special on SBS‘ ‘Healing Camp’, Lee Seung Gi opened up about suddenly taking on the role as ‘Strong Heart’s only MC. He said, ”Also being a main MC at such a young age… Personally, I think I especially had a really difficult time when Kang Ho Dong wasn’t there for a short time. I wanted to run away a couple of times a day. Around 20 to 25 guests come on, and bringing the celebrities together and carrying [the show] by myself was extremely difficult because I wasn’t prepared for it.”

He went on, “Since I haven’t been doing variety shows for about two years and I reflected on myself when I used to do a lot of variety shows and was active, there are times when I feel like I had really competitive sense when it comes to things I say. I felt pride that if I do it, I will be the best at, it but that wasn’t it. Once I left and took a hiatus… I felt like I exhausted myself during the course of only two to three years. But [in the case of Lee Kyung Kyu sunbaenim], doing this comedy route consistently for 30 years is very [impressive].”

MC Lee Kyung Kyu joked, “It’s not that hard. Because if the show does well, it’s my doing, and if it does bad, it’s your fault. If you have that perspective, it’s comfortable. If it does well, I take the credit, but if it does bad, I say, what’s wrong with the guest who came on today,” bringing everyone on set to laughter.

Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host ‘Strong Heart’ Alone

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Lee Seung Gi Wanted to Run Away When He Had to Host ‘Strong Heart’ Alone

Lee Seung Gi confessed that he constantly wanted to run away when he was the main MC of Strong Heart.

During April 14’s broadcast of SBS’s Healing Camp, Lee Seung Gi reminisced over the time he had to host Strong Heart alone when Kang Ho Dong suddenly left the show.

Lee Seung Gi said, “When I first started variety shows through KBS2’s 1 Night 2 Days, it went really well. So I felt pressured for my next variety show.”

“I became the main MC of a show at such a young age,” he continued. “When Kang Ho Dong was absent from Strong Heart, I struggled so much. I wanted to run away multiple times a day.”

Lee Seung Gi explained, “There were about 20 guest celebrities. It was very difficult to host a show with all of them when I wasn’t prepared enough to do that.”

After confessing that he was able to look back at himself while doing variety shows for the past two years, Lee Seung Gi said, “There was a point when I thought that my abilities and senses were superior to others. But that was arrogance. I feel like I used it all up in two to three years but I think it’s amazing that you’re doing this for 30 years continuously,” as he showed his respect to Lee Kyung Kyu.

Lee Seung Gi Says He’s a ‘Strong Heart’ in Relationships

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Lee Seung Gi Says He’s a ‘Strong Heart’ in Relationships Actor/singer Lee Seung Gi revealed that he’s a ‘strong heart’ when dating.

The March 15 episode of KBS2‘s “Entertainment Weekly” visited Lee Seung Gi on the set of an advertisement shoot, where he, a company man, was having some difficulty maneuvering a bike. Lee Seung Gi joked, “There’s nothing that I do well.”

The interviewer asked Lee Seung Gi if he’s a ‘strong heart’ when dating, referring to the talk show that the actor used to host, at which he replied, “I’m not soft of heart [when dating].” Lee Seung Gi was then asked who in his life is like his ‘vitamin,’ and the singer mentioned family. The interviewer was no doubt trying to draw out a response about his girlfriend, but did not succeed. Previously, Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, whom Lee Seungi Gi confirmed that he was dating at the beginning of this year, replied in the same manner when prompted with the same question, naming family and friends as her ‘vitamins.’ Could this be… [insert dramatic music] coincidence?

‘Strong Heart’ staff apologizes to Norazo’s Jobin for identity mixup

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‘Strong Heart’ staff apologizes to Norazo’s Jobin for identity mixup

Norazo’s Jobin expressed his disappointment in the staff of SBSs Strong Heart, who made an on-air mistake with his identity.

On January 10ths episode of Strong Heart, comedian Jung Sun Hee talked about a music video that she and gagman Kim Hyo Jin had released in 2006 called Love Hunter.  While introducing the video, Jung Sun Hee said, The man in the music video is Norazos Jobin.

Jobin became aware of the mistake four days later, and so he tweeted, “I was surprised. That isn’t me, so why do people think that’s me? When I think about the perspective of the person whos actually in the music video, I feel really bad. If you look, you can clearly tell thats not me.

Strong Heart’s staff have since admitted to the mistake. “We couldnt find the music video, so we used a blurry source from the internet. We didn’t correctly confirm it. We apologize to Jobin for making him worry,” they said.

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2NE1 Dara and CL to Discuss '2NE1 Controversy' on 'Strong Heart 2'

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2NE1 Dara and CL to Discuss '2NE1 Controversy' on 'Strong Heart 2' 2NE1 Dara and CL to Discuss ‘2NE1 Controversy’2NE1's Dara and CL will open up about the recent rumors surrounding them. On June 25, they will go on talk show "Strong Heart 2" and reveal their thoughts and the truth behind the gossip that the two have had personal differences that led to arguments and more.

Kim Gura, one of the co-hosts of the show, asked the members of 2NE1, "Dara reportedly texts other members even at home because she does not want to talk to them in person. Is that true?" Staff members of the talk show told that Dara and CL responded to such questions with surprising honesty and candor.

CL was also quoted as saying on the show, "I witnessed Dara getting mad for the first time in 6 years."

The episode of 'Tuesday god' will air on June 25.

'Strong Heart 2' 2PM Chansung Talks About Spotting Paparazzi Near Home

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'Strong Heart 2' 2PM Chansung Talks About Spotting Paparazzi Near Home 'Strong Heart 2' 2PM Chansung Talks About Spotting Paparazzi Near Home2PM's Chansung shared storeis about numerous instances of spotting paparazzi camping out near his home.

Appearing as a guest on talk show, "Strong Heart 2" the member of 2PM was asked about how prevalent paparazzi are in his life and whether he has gotten used to the life as a celebrity.

Chansung answered, "I have seen quite a few of them near my house."

"They had their car engines off and were just sitting in their cars. I ride my bicycle around a lot, and more than once I felt like I made eye contact with someone in a parked car," he recalled.

"The person immediately reclined the seat when we made eye contact. It was weird but funny."

2PM's Nickhun, who also appeared on the show, explained the reason behind his new nickname, emperor of the night.

C-CLOWN releases full MV for "Shaking Heart"

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C-CLOWN releases full MV for Shaking HeartC-CLOWN will be making their return on stage through this week's episode of M! Countdown but today, the group has revealed its third mini album, as well as the music video for its corresponding title track. A teaser was already revealed earlier this week.

In the MV the six boy group members are joined by Girl's Day member Hyeri, but just as with C-CLOWN's earlier releases, they keep their darker and more serious image. Combining the vocal skills of its members with the raps of Rome and T.K., makes C-CLOWN's newest title track fitting to their image and concept.

The group, consisting out of Rome ('90), Siwoo ('93), Ray ('94), Kangjun ('94), T.K. ('95) and maknae Maru ('97); debuted last year with the release of their first mini album "Not Alone." It was followed up with the release of a second mini album titled "Young Love" in November last year.

What do you think of the group's comeback track and mini album release?

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'Strong Heart 2' Jay Park Talks About His First Love on TV

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Jay Park, SBS, Strong Heart 2

'Strong Heart 2' Jay Park Talks About His First Love on TV 'Strong Heart 2' Jay Park Talks About His First Love on TVJay Park shared the heartbreak of his first love.

On this week's episode of SBS variety show, "Strong Heart 2," Jay Park will reveal a personal story as the panel discusses on the topic of "how to wear the pants in a relationship."

"The first girl I dated when I moved to Korea was my true first love. She liked me first but after a few months the balance shifted and I started clinging to her and experiencing lots of jealousy," Jay Park opened up.

He added, "She was the type to never say sorry or call me first after a fight, and I couldn't do that. So she was always in control. She played hard-to-get even as we were dating. I visited my home back in America for a few weeks during our relationship and she wanted to break up and get back together repeatedly while I was gone. As tumultuous as the relationship was, I loved her a lot. I was incredibly shaken up after our breakup."

Along with Jay Park, other guests also shared their personal love stories in this week's episode of "Strong Heart 2."