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Yoon Hoo Looks All Grown Up as He Celebrates Birthday

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Yoon Hoo Looks All Grown Up as He Celebrates Birthdayilmare42 November 29, 2015 0 LINE it!Yoon Hoo Looks All Grown Up as He Celebrates Birthday The at all times responsible, clever, and adorable Yoon Hoo of the former MBC display Dad! Where Are We Going? celebrated his birthday recently, and he looks just as adorable equally ever in some footage from his special day.

On November 28, Yoon Hoos mother Kim Min Ji shared photographs of his a laugh birthday celebrations to her Instagram. Yoon Hoo was once born on November 28, 2006, which makes him nine years old in Western reckoning now.

In the photos, Yoon Hoo has his eyes on a cake whilst at house amongst his dad, Yoon Min Soo, and also celebrates his birthday with pals at a party. Netizens are speculating that the boy sitting next to him on his left is Lee Junsu, his co-star on Dad! Where Are We Going? and the son of Lee Jong Hyuk.

Yoon Hoo may benoticed at the shop being purchased toys as presents, and he smiles in every other photo as he sits with an entire pile of gifts hes received!

Its demanding to agree with that Yoon Hoo, who changed into and so very tiny in the primary episode of Dad, Where Are We Going?, is now so grown up. Do you take into account when he was this little?

Happy birthday, Yoon Hoo!

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BamBam is all grown up in solo pictorial with 'CeCi'

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BamBam is all grown up in solo pictorial with 'CeCi'

The GOT7 participants are having a look fine for "Arena", yet cutie BamBam also had his own solo photoshoot for "CeCi"! He"s searching all grown up in the released symbol and as clever as can be. 

For his interview, he mentioned GOT7"s newest tune "If You Do". He said, "It"s the music taste I at all times sought after to do. I in maximum cases communicate so much and laugh easily, but for this promotion, I"ve been speaking somewhat less and guffawing a little less. I believe feelings trade with the song"s atmosphere. those days, I love to pay attention the compliment that I"ve change into more manly."

He used to be asked what his long run plans are. He replied, "Next year, I"ll truly be an adult BamBam. Now being 19 (Korean age) is over. i believe GOT7 could be in a position to turn more aspects of ourselves. Since I"m doing paintings that I love, I think I"ll be capable of do the complete lot happily. GOT7. Let"s get 1st position again!"

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“Three foods an afternoon – Fishing Village” Releases Footage of Animal Mascots All Grown Up

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“Three food a Day – Fishing Village” Releases Photos of Animal Mascots All Grown Up “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village” can be back with a new season soon, and enthusiasts will be thrilled to pay attention that this season will come with the show’s liked bushy solid members!

On October 5, tvN released two posters of the show’s mascots, San Chae and Bul Yi. Back when they were just a domestic dog and kitten in the primary season of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village,” San Chae and Bul Yi stole the hearts of audience with their unbelievable cuteness. They’ve actually grown so much in the time since we final saw them back in March!

San Chae and Bul Yi will be joining Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, and Son Ho Joon on Manjae Island for the following season of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village.”

Although Son Ho Joon used to be not able to take part in the group’s first go back and forth to the island of this season because of agenda conflicts, it’s been showed that he has rejoined the gang for their next filming consultation on Manjae Island, which started on October 3.

This season’s first guest will be ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik.

You can catch the premiere on October nine at 9:45 p.m. KST on tvN.

FTISLAND to Embark on Broad Japan excursion This Fall

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FTISLAND to Embark on Extensive Japan Tour This Fall Idol band FTISLAND is decided to greet their Jap fans through a logo new tour this fall!

The tour entitled “FTISLAND 5th Anniversary Autumn Tour 2015 Where’s my PUPPY?” will take the boys to eight different cities for a overall of thirteen shows. After kicking off the concert on September 28 in Nagoya, they're going to continue on to accomplish in Tokyo (October 1–2), Niigata (October 6), Osaka (October 8–9), Fukuoka (October 13–14), Sapporo (October 20), Sendai (October 23), and finally, Hiroshima (October 25).

The tour finale is scheduled to be held at the Budokan in Tokyo on October 29.

To make the display even more exciting, FTISLAND has teamed up with a tour are living band and joined them for multiple train sessions over the beyond weeks, polishing the entirety to perfection.

Moon Geun Young bravely cuts off the hair she's grown for 5 years

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Moon Geun Young bravely cuts off the hair she's grown for 5 years

Forever baby-faced actress Moon Geun Young had no regrets whatsoever on shearing all her locks for her role in upcoming SBS drama "The Village: Achiara"s Secret."

It has been fives years since her ultimate bob cut, which she easily rocked on "Cinderella"s Sister." Because her expectancies for the drama were high, Moon Geun Young admitted that she had totally no regrets snipping her preciously grown, groomed hair. 

Moon Geun Young said, "I normally revel in the suspense genre so my affection for my persona is greater. I wish to display the audience that Han So Yoon is anyone that I created for myself," giving a more detailed reasoning at the back of why she wasn"t hesitant at all in cutting her long hair which had snaked down to her waist. 

An SBS rep related, "In her willpower and interest to the nature which could be the point of interest of the story, Moon Geun Young cut her long hair. It"s basically because she sought after to turn herself as Han So Yoon and now not as Moon Geun Young. Even prior to filming began, she frequently discussed with the director and creator on arising her role. That"s why she"s demonstrating an ideal sync with her character." 

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FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki makes a decision to Step Down from “A glance at Myself”

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FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki Decides to Step Down from “A appearance at Myself” FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki has determined to leave the KBS‘ form program “A examine Myself.”

On September 2, Lee Hongki’s firm FNC Entertainment stated, “We concept the audience of "A Look at Myself" would feel uncomfortable if Lee Hongki continues to seem at the show. After a communicate with the program’s staff, he has made a decision to drop out of the display today.”

Prior to this decision, Lee Hongki were paired up with actor Choi Min Soo in “A Look at Myself,” yet Choi Min Soo assaulted a manufacturer whilst filming the prove on August 19. The actor has apologized and dropped out of the program soon after.

How do you observed the demonstrate will development from now on?

FTIsland's Hongki slams FNC in public

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FTIsland's Hongki slams FNC in public

FTIsland"s Hongki turns out to be disillusioned once back on how their firm FNC Entertainment is treating their group.

FTIsland unlock their Korean unmarried "Puppy" at 12 midday today. However, the promotional solo footage of individuals that have been meant to be released previously are unveiled altogether after one and part hour.

In regards to that, Hongki writes on his instagram, "It"s a gift ppyong kkk here is for you kkk even supposing our corporate didn"t advertise it, this is still a gift, aiyeehhh, so shameful and mean kkk".

Though it's far written like a tease yet fanatics assumed that they know where Hongki is coming from. take a glance at the "late" solo pictures of the men below. The boys are taking a look so charming!

FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Takes Jab at FNC Entertainment for loss of Promotions for “Puppy”

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FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Takes Jab at FNC Entertainment for Lack of Promotions for “Puppy” On the heels of FTISLAND’s August 31 unlock in their unmarried “Puppy,” band leader Lee Hong Ki posted a photo and message to his Instagram, taking what looks as if a jab at his agency, FNC Entertainment.

Lee Hong Ki posted a photo of the “Puppy” album page, saying, “It’s a present, ta-da! Hahaha here is for you. it is only a gift and all, yet our agency’s no longer doing a single promotion for us. It’s grimy and inexpensive hahaha.”

According to reports, FNC Entertainment distributed a press release for FTISLAND’s release at 1:30 p.m. KST, after Lee Hong Ki’s Instagram post.

“Puppy” is the Korean edition of the name tune for FTISLAND’s single to be released in Japan on September 16, and contours an happy, upbeat, punky sound from the group.

The song is expounded to had been encouraged from remaining year’s movie “How to Thieve a Dog,” in which Lee Hong Ki made a cameo appearance.

FTIsland are adorable with a 'Puppy' in new MV

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FTIsland are adorable with a 'Puppy' in new MV

FTIsland strangely let loose their adorable facet with a "Puppy" in new MV.

The boys are so free-spirited in this upbeat funky rock song. Hongki spends the day trying to find his puppy and locate out what he has to find! revel in the song in Korean edition below:

FTISLAND Searches for a Lost “Puppy” in Most recent song Video

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FTISLAND Searches for a Lost “Puppy” in newest Tune Video Idol group FTISLAND is back with their first actual virtual single!

The five-member band released their first virtual unmarried “Puppy” on August 31, at the side of a a laugh music video for the song. In the music video, the band’s frontman Hongki wanders around on the lookout for his lost puppy, whilst his bandmates seem between scenes in a laugh situations.

The funky rock song may also be a phase of the band’s Japanese unmarried album that might be released in September. the crowd also released person member pictures for the most recent single.

Watch the music video for “Puppy” under and take a look at the member photos!