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FailArmy Channel Approaches 300 Million On YouTube, But Who Are These Ultimate Masters Of The Hilarious Fails Compilation? [VIDEO]

Popular FailArmy videos like this one have helped the YouTube channel get nearly 300 million views in just a few years.

Video compilations of hilarious injuries called "Ultimate Fails" from the YouTube Channel FailArmy have been racking up millions of views in recent months with the channel's total views surpassing 289 million.

A recent 15-minute clip of humorous injuries called "Ultimate Fails Compilation 2012: Best Fails of the Year!" is currently listed as a top video on YouTube. The FailArmy video has received over 24 million views in less than two months.

Other FailArmy titles include "Girls Fails Of The Month" and "Top 10 Funny Pranks of 2012."

But who is FailArmy and where did they come from?

"FailArmy is the worldwide leader in fail video compilations," reads the company's YouTube statement

Pop-rock singer Hong Kyung Min teaches his 365 dating methods


On February 23rd’s airing of ‘Quiz to Change the World‘, Hong Kyung Min revealed that he broke up with his recent non-celebrity girlfriend.

MC Park Myung Soo asked, “A paparazzi photo of you dining with a girl was shown recently. What happened?

Hong Kyung Min answered, “It’s a bit… I cannot say because I cannot put it in a decent way.” Then, the caption underneath him read, “Already broke up with that person.”

The singer then began to speak of his dating strategies saying, “I know 365 dating methods. You ask them to take a picture of you on their cell phone, but then they have to send that picture to you for you to get it

Kim Ah Joong shows off her perfect chin line

Actress Kim Ah Joong recently showed off a cute look.

On February 23, Kim uploaded a picture on her Twitter account with the comment, “Did you guys get home safe? We had a hard time cleaning up and cooking, but it was really fun. I think we were really nice. Sleep tight and have a sweet dream. Good night.”

In the picture, Kim is staring at the camera with a smiling face. Showing off her sharp chin line, she looks very pretty.

People who saw the picture responded: “Kim Ah Joong is really pretty.” “You did a lot of work.” “Her face is really small.” “Her skin is so clean.” “She’s so nice.” “She’ so pretty.” “She’s so cute.”

Kim showed off her friendship with singer Yumi on the February 16 episode of KBS 2TV’s Immortal Song – Singing the Legend

When does ’1N2D’ cast member Cha Tae Hyun watch ‘Running Man?’

Actor and ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ cast member Cha Tae Hyun confessed that sometimes he watches his rival program ‘Running Man‘ instead.

On the February 22nd broadcast of ’Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, Hong Kyung Min and Cha Tae Hyun appeared as “close friends born in the year of the dragon.”

During the show, Hong Kyung Min was asked, “Which program do you watch? ’1N2D’ starring Cha Tae Hyun or ‘Running Man’ with Kim Jong Kook?” The singer answered, “This is not really my preference, but since we are on KBS tonight, I will say I watch ’1N2D’.

Cha Tae Hyun then remarked, “If a top star guests on ‘Running Man’, I watch it

Why does Miss A’s Suzy prefer skirts to pants?

The girl group Miss A’s Suzy was spotted with her “frank” figure.

Recently, a video clip that recorded Suzy taking professional shots with the other members of her group was posted on an online community board. The video shows Suzy posing with a bright face in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

She is wearing a jacket and a skirt and generates an elegant, innocent look. But because of the short length of her skirt, most of Suzy’s legs were exposed.

As living up to her image as a healthy girl group member, her legs appear to be somewhat “different” from the ones of any other girl groups. Netizens who saw her figure commented, “I see why Suzy often wears skirts than pants.” The reason is because the pants emphasize on the legs while skirts cover the “not-so-slim” legs.

Also in her real life, Suzy prefers to wear costumes with cute styles to hot pants or miniskirts that emphasize on the legs

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Big Bang’s G-Dragon take some pictures together

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Big Bang’s G-Dragon showed off their close friendship.

On February 23, Jo tweeted some photos with the comment “With G.D hyung.

In the picture, he is looking into the camera with G-Dragon having their arms around each other’s shoulders. They attract viewers’ eyes at once with charismatic faces and gaze, revealing their own, unique charm.

Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “That’s what we call the attitude of a celebrity.” “They have  their own group of friends.” “Jo Kwon does not fall short for G-Dragon.”

Source: TV Report

Celebrities grieve over loss of A’st1′s Sung In Kyu

With the sudden news of A’st1‘s Sung In Kyu passing away after his long struggle with cancer, fellow celebrities were unable to hide their shock and offered their own last farewells to the former idol.

As once labelmates of Sung In Kyu, DSP Media’s former and current artists were among many who paid their respects at his wake being held. They also tweeted farewell messages as well as offering condolences to his friends and family. Former A’st1 member Im Han Byul (who later joined Monday Kiz) expressed, “Hyung, go and rest. I will follow you after doing music for both me and also your share as well. But it’s so unfair. Just so unfair…”

Another A’st1 member, Byun Jang Moon, wrote, “I hope that you will go somewhere better than this place where you have suffered

G-Dragon and Jo Kwon are no longer awkward?

It seems we won’t be seeing any more awkward conversations between Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon!

If you’re not sure what we’re referring to, you might want to go check out this post here, where the two reached out to one another in attempts of getting closer through a polite, yet stiff twitter convo.

They look like they’ve definitely gotten over that awkward stage while hanging out with one another at an event they attended, where they also met up with Ryan Leslie.

Jo Kwon was the first to share, as he tweeted, “with G.D hyung“. The two ‘Kwon’s (Jo Kwon & Kwon Ji Yong) enjoyed each other’s company as they snapped a few photos to commemorate the occasion, looking like old friends as they drape their arms around each other’s shoulders

[Video] Added Korean drama ’7th Grade Civil Servant’ episode 10

Added episode 10 for the Korean drama "7th Grade Civil Servant"

Watch on DramaFever

"7th Grade Civil Servant" (2013)

Directed by Kim Sang-hyeob

Written by Cheon Seong-il

With Choi Kang-hee, Joo Won, Hwang Chan-seong, Kim Soo-hyun, Son Jin-yeong, Jang Young-nam,...

20 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:55
Previously known as "The Secret Lovers" (비밀남녀전, Bi-mil-nam-nyeo-jeon)
A drama based on the movie "My Girlfriend is an Agent".
Love and espionage collide in this drama of the National Intelligence Service's rookie agents. Han Gil Ro (Joo Won) realizes his dream of becoming an international man of mystery, after a childhood spent pouring over James Bond films

Yoon Hyung Bin and Jung Kyung Mi reveal photos from their wedding day

Comedians Yoon Hyung Bin (33) and Jung Kyung Mi (33) officially tied the knot on the 22nd and have shared some photos for us to all “awww” over from their wedding day!

As it is a marriage between two comedians, you can bet that their special day was continuously filled with laughs! MC Lee Kyung Kyu kept friends and family smiling throughout the wedding ceremony with his hilarious remarks as the host, while comedian Lee Yoon Suk hosted the reception. Comedians Song Yung Gil and Oh Na Mi also hilariously prepared the way for the bride by transforming into the flower boy and girl while wearing their hanboks.

The lighthearted atmosphere of the ceremony turned romantic when singer Park Wan Kyu began to sing the congratulatory song “Before I Love You” followed by Seo Doo Won and Kim Bum Soo who sang “Last Love” and ”Appear“, and brought the audience to laughter as the ballad singers took on the challenge of putting on dance performances