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John Park is Used to Calling His Girlfriend “Baby”

John Park revealed that he was familiar with calling his girlfriend “baby.”

He was featured in the July 15 broadcast of SBS Power FM “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” promoting his new album “Inner Child.” He had received much praise for the self-composed songs in his album.

“It feels good to have so many people like this album,” he confessed. “I was praised for creating really good melodies for my first attempt. They even told me to produce my next album all on my own.”

The program came around to a discussion over his title song, “Baby.” He was asked if he ever addressed his girlfriend “baby” back in the United States. He responded that he’s done it.

“’Baby’ is a common nickname in the States,” he added

K-pop Idols who are Blood Type B and AB

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Let's move on to dissect blood type B and AB and see the K-pop stars that fall within the type B and AB category.

People who are blood type B are usually smart, attractive, and honest. Men who carry blood type B are stereotypically known to have a very bad reputation in Korea. Often characterized as being selfish and having a temper, Korean men with this blood type are often known as being players and not being husband material. But ofcourse, women are often attracted to the bad boy type and these "B" boys more than often suck girls in with their playboy ways and attractive image. Though men carry this reputation, women do not. Type B women are known to be creative and passionate, but like any other type, can have their own negative sides

Park Ji Min Is Upset that People Think She Doesn’t Get Along with Lee Hi

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Good Morning,” which was aired on July 15, the star contestants from last season’s “K-Pop Star” appeared as special guests and sang singer BoA’s “One Dream” together.

During the show, Park Ji Min revealed, “Many people compare me to Lee Hi. They also think that I don’t get along with Lee Hi unnie. I felt upset because there were so many negative rumors about us.” She stated that she remained good friends with both Lee Hi and Baek Ah Yeon, who also appeared on this show.

During this episode, the contestants from last season also gave advices for the new contestants for this season. They said, “We think it is very important to try new things.”  

Onew Gets Flustered When Asked About Current Dating Life

SHINee‘s Onew couldn’t hide his flustered state when asked about his dating life during a recent press conference.

On July 15, Onew attended the press conference for “Royal Villa.” The MC of the press conference was announcer Jang Sung Gyu, who asked Onew about his ideal type and dating style.

Announcer Jang started off with, “We heard that you chose After School‘s Jungah, Lee Min Jung and recently, Lee Na Young, as your ideal types.” To that, Onew responded, “My ideal type recently changed again.”

Onew continued, “I think my ideal type changes often. Recently, I saw a foreign person on a magazine and she became my ideal type

Will FinK.L Reunite Lee Hyori’s Wedding In September? Band Member Ock Ju Hyun Says Yes

Lee Hyori, Fin.K.L., Ock Joo Hyun

Singer Ock Ju Hyun of the iconic K-pop group Fin.K.L is hell-bent on getting the band back together at previous member Lee Hyori's wedding in September.

Singer Ock Ju Hyun of the iconic K-pop group Fin.K.L is hell-bent on getting the band back together at previous member Lee Hyori's wedding in September.

In an interview Sunday on the South Korean program "Section TV," Ock recalled that during their tenure as one of the country's most successful pop groups, FinK.L discussed reuniting on the special day if one of the women in the group was to get married.

"The members once talked about singing 'Forever Love' complete with our costumes from back then, at a member's wedding," she said.

Ock said she is determined to make the reunion a reality, even if it is just her and Lee

Eom Ji-won, architect are dating

Eom Ji-wonActress Eom Ji-won of the JTBC drama "Childless Comfort" is dating architect Oh Young-uk, Eom's agency confirmed after local media reported on the possible relationship.

"The two started dating after their acquaintances introduced one another in the end of last year", an official at Chaeum Entertainment said yesterday to Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

"They go to church together on the weekends and grow their love based on their religion".

Before this relationship was confirmed, Eom was rumored to be getting married soon as she caught the bouquet at the wedding of actress Han Hye-jin of the SBS talk show "Healing Camp" and footballer Ki Sung-yeung earlier this month.

Her agency said that she doesn't have a wedding plan yet

Rising Star Kim Woo Bin Gains 9 Kg for New Movie, ‘Friends 2′

Kim Woo Bin

One of Korea's rising actor Kim Woo Bin who's is known for his role in the romantic Korean drama 'To the Beautiful You' he may not have be the love interest of Sulli but he definitely gain exposure and charms the viewers heart. Recently he attended a press conference  for the upcoming movie entitled "Friends 2" and he shared to the press that he gained 9kg or about 20lb for the role he portrayed.

Kim Woo Bin plays the character of Choi Sung Hoon in a sequel to the movie which hit the theater last 2001 making it a  blockbuster. It is a continuation of 'Friends'. Choi Sung Hoon was the hidden son of Jang Dong Gun's character which revealed on the first movie. Choi Sung Hoon who grew up rebellious under the care of his single mother and a stepfather who is an alcoholic and addicted to gambling.

Kim Woo Bin make his statement on the press saying, "As I was preparing for the movie, I wrote and imagined Choi Sung Hoon's biography

Song Joong Ki Reveals that Lee Kwang Soo Was the Only Actor Who Visited His Home

Viewers were able to hear actor Song Joong Ki‘s voice through the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “Mamma Mia.”

On July 14, MC Lee Young Ja called up Song Joong Ki for the segment of the show where he had to ask someone how their mother reacted when they would bring their friends over to their home unannounced. 

MC Lee Young Ja started off by asking Song Joong Ki, “Have you ever brought friends over to your house on the spur of the moment? Was your mother okay with that?”

Song Joong Ki replied, “After my debut, I still brought friends over to my house. My mother didn’t really say anything about it, but treated them with great hospitality. I think she enjoyed having guests over.”

When Lee Young Ja asked, “Who among your actor friends have you brought over?” Song Joong Ki answered, “Only (Lee) Kwang Soo,” once again revealing how close the two celebrities were

Lee Hyori Shares a Photo of Her Niece Who Made a Cameo Appearance in "10 Minutes" MV

On July 14, singer Lee Hyori shared a photo of her niece on Twitter with the caption, “This is my niece, who made a cameo appearance on my ‘10 Minutes‘ music video about 10 years ago. She says she’s already in 11th grade!” 

In the photo, Lee Hyori’s niece is dressed in comfy clothes while looking up at the camera for her aunt. Her appearance especially drew the attention of netizens for sharing many similarities with her famous auntie.  

In the “10 Minutes” music video, Lee Hyori’s niece is seen wearing a red cap and sitting on one of the cars. The adorable screenshots of the two relatives have been included below.

In other news, Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon plan to get married sometime in September. The singer has also been busy actively participating in the new variety show “Barefoot Friends

Park Han Byul's Horror Movie Poster "Bunshinsaba 2" Revealed

The poster for Park Han Byul’s latest work “Bunshinsaba 2,” a Chinese horror movie, was recently revealed.

The poster design features a “death party,” meant to attract audiences with its shocking and morbid visuals. Six people lay dead in various positions with blood smears everywhere. All of the images are colored black and white, except for the red blood that stands out. In addition, the main character, played by Park Han Byul, does not appear anywhere on the poster, giving off a mysterious vibe. 

Viewers commented, “It really gives me goose bumps,” “Very shocking and horrific,” “I wonder if the movie will be as scary as this poster,” and “This is a bit appalling.”

The storyline revolves around a suicide and a series of horrible events that involve a group of friends