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Kim So Eun Says She is Just Friends with Kang Ha Neul

Kim So Eun explained the dating rumors between her and her co-star, Kang Ha Neul.

In a recent interview and photo shoot with fashion beauty media bnt, Kim So Eun claimed, “I’m just friends with Kang Ha Neul.”

While the two acted for film The Girl’s Grave, rumors started spreading that Kim So Eun was dating Kang Ha Neul. Some even commented they look good as a couple in the pictures they took together.

About this, Kim So Eun explained, “Kang Ha Neul and I are close friends, but nothing more. My ideal type since I was young was Won Bin.”

Photo credit: bnt

Son Ho Young Hopes to be Healed After Leaving the ‘Share House’

After experiencing some tragic incidents in the past, Son Ho Young made brave steps by moving into O’live TV’s Share House, hoping to be healed from his pain.

On April 16’s broadcast of Share House, ten celebrities gathered together for the first time.

During the interview with the staff, Son Ho Young talked about what he’s been doing since his girlfriend’s death and his attempted suicide in 2013.

When asked if he was going to be active any time soon, he replied, “I will. That’s something I have to do. I haven’t done anything for the past ten months. I couldn’t work, and the only thing that increased was my alcohol intake,” said Son Ho Young. “Of course I want to see my fans soon….”

Then he added, “I really hope that by time I leave here, I leave with my heart will be completely healed

Kim Hyun-joong, “Public relationships is something I’ll never do”

Kim Hyun-joong expressed his thoughts about relationships and marriage.

The age of thirty doesn't seem that far to Kim Hyun-joong now, as he was born in 1986 and he's soon turning thirty himself.

We asked him about getting married. He said, "I don't think I can do it. Coming back from the military, I'll be thirty-five by then. I thought about getting married when I was younger but now I don't think I can do it. I don't think I'll be loyal to my family because I love my job too much. I'll get married only if I feel a dilemma between singing, dancing and acting".

What about relationships then? He said, "I can't lie that I won't meet people. I did have a secret relationship a year ago but now I don't. "

He explained the difference between the early and late twenties

Lady Jane Talks About Her Friendship with Ex-BF Simon D

Lady Jane brought up the reason she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, Simon D.

During April 16’s broadcast of tvN’s dating talk show I Need More Romance Lady Jane revealed the story behind her break-up with Simon D, as she still keeps in touch with him as friends.

After introducing a story about a girl who is concerned about her ex-boyfriend contacting her, the MCs asked Lady Jane, “How can you stay cool with your ex?”

Lady Jane answered, “We agreed with each other about breaking up so we’re still cool. What happens after the break-up may depend on what kind of relationship you had and how you broke up.”

She added, “In my case, I had many thoughts about whether I should marry him or not as I turned into my thirties. I thought that it was better to break up when we still had good feelings with each other, if we’re not going to get married

All dramas and shows cancelled due to sinking ship

All entertainment shows and dramas were cancelled in expression of mourning the victims of the passenger ship that sank in Jindo on the 16th.

KBS1 broadcasted newsbreaks from 10AM onwards until 1:10AM on the 17th. "Secret of Birth", "Real Experience of The World" and daily drama "Love Rides the Song" were all cancelled.

KBS2 decided to cancel the broadcast of "Music Bank" on the 18th. However, dramas "Golden Cross" and pilot program "Palpitating Romance" will go on as usual.

MBC also broadcasted newsbreaks from 6:20PM to 10PM. "Zero", "Shining Romance", "Mother's Garden", "Real Story", "Radio Star" and everything else were cancelled. SBS cancelled "TV News At Night" and broadcasted 2 straight hours of newsbreaks.

Meanwhile, JTBC news anchor Park Jin-gyu made a mistake while reporting the accident and has been criticized

Review: Jay Park Proves He’s More Than Just A Rapper On ‘Metronome’

(Photo : Youtube still )(Photo : Youtube still )(Photo : Youtube still )(Photo : Youtube still )

Korean-American artist, Jay Park got his start as the leader of the K-pop boy band 2PM.

In 2009, Park found himself being accused of being anti-Korean, after remarks he made five years earlier were published online. He was consequentially pushed out of the group.

Chalk it up to overzealous Hallyu fans.

When put head-to-head with his former bandmates, Park was always able to spit rhymes with ease. Even though his Korean language abilities back then were weaker than the others, he still had a fantastic flow.

And that same ability on the mic has earned Park a strong career as a solo artist.

He has always used his YouTube page and mixtapes to put out a few rap songs, but his singing abilities are what I was curious about

Actress Park Jin Hee to Marry a Lawyer Five Years Younger Next Month

Actress Park Jin Hee (age 35) will hear wedding bells soon. She revealed earlier this month that she’s dating a man five years her junior.

On April 15, someone close to Park Jin Hee revealed, “Both sides are planning to hold a very small and intimate wedding with only family and closest friends. Both the bride and the groom are taking care of the details.”

Her fiance is a lawyer who works at a law firm in Seoul. They met through mutual acquaintances last year and dated for a year before planning to tie the knot.

Park Jin Hee made her debut in 1997 through teen drama “Start,” and has been active in dramas and movies since.

Congrats to the couple!

Super Junior’s Heechul Posts Pictures of “Date” with Puff Kuo

Super Junior member Heechul has posted an Instagram photo of his “date” with his “We Got Married” co-star, Taiwanese singer actress Puff Kuo. Posted on April 15, the photo was accompanied by a caption which read, “Look, everyone! I’m on a date with a real woman, not a 2D cardboard cutout!” Heechul also made reference to the fact that there was “something of a 1980s’ newlywed feel” about the picture. He noted that Puff Kuo and he seemed to have matching “couple” hairstyles. He commented, intriguingly, that he should stop having naughty thoughts or his hair would quickly “grow longer than Puff’s.”

The picture shows the couple posing for the picture in front of a bank of yellow forsythia flowers, with Heechul’s arm around Puff Kuo’s shoulder, with both stars striking friendly poses

Eru to return to Indonesia with ‘ERU Concert in Jakarta Hide & Seek’

As a promise fulfillment to his fans, Eru will be heading to Indonesia for another concert!

After his successful concert in Jakarta last year, Eru will bring Korean-Indonesian friendship concept in the upcoming concert titled ‘ERU Concert in Jakarta Hide & Seek‘. Organized by SH Entertainment, the concert will be held on May 17th at Lapangan D Senayan. Ticket price ranges from IDR 100,000 to IDR 500,000 and can be purchased through KiosTix.

The “Prince of Ballad” will also be accompanied by Korean female soloist, Ailee, known for her hit songs such as ‘Heaven’ and ‘I Will Show You’. There will be also a local Indonesian act, Ada Band, consisting of four members who will deliver their own hit songs at the concert

EXO Comes Back And Dominates As Expected

(Photo : SM Entertainment)

EXO came back to the K-Pop scene and showed off their efforts via a "Comeback Show".

The "Comeback Show" was held in Seoul"s Jamsil Stadium on April 15th to showcase EXO"s second mini-album, "Overdose." Broadcaster Jun Hyun Moo was the MC of the event. Some 8,000 fans, both Korean and international, gathered for the event. Thousands more were outside the stadium.

Screams filled the stadium as EXO entered the stadium, and the chill of the cool spring night was gone in an instant. White glowsticks filled the air as EXO performed "Wolf" after a brief introduction video. They continued right after with "History". Their performance and their song worked perfectly together.

EXO members then engaged the fans to say their welcome. Xiumin greeted the fans personally, and Chen asked the fans to cheer them on