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“You’re Surrounded” reveals BTS video from Lee Seug Gi’s poster shoot

Lee Seung Gi greeted fans from the set of his poster shoot for “You”re Surrounded” to let us know that the premiere is getting closer and closer!

The singer and actor shared, “Hello, it”s Lee Seung Gi who will play the role of detective Eun Dae Gu in the SBS Wed-Thurs drama “You”re Surrounded”. It”s nice to meet you. My character Eun Dae Gu has a lot of emotional baggage so he appears chic and uses harsh words which hurt others” feelings.

First off, I feel good that I get to work with SBS again and every time that I have done a [drama] on SBS, I think the viewers” response has been very good. “Shining Inheritance” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox”. SBS Wed-Thurs dramas are receiving a lot of love these days and to continue on that success, we will work hard to make a good production

2000 Won bring out ‘I Hate Seoul’ MV featuring Hello Venus’ Nara

2000 Won have released the MV for new title track “I Hate Seoul” off their debut mini album!

As mentioned previously, “I Hate Seoul” describes a man”s loneliness after a breakup. Hello Venus” Nara appears in the video as member Kim Hyo Bin“s past girlfriend, and because of his memories with her, he decides to pack his bags to leave Seoul to lessen the pain.

So check it out above to support this duo!



Sooyoung makes Jessica jealous with a photo alongside Daniel Henney

Girls” Generation”s Sooyoung had a fangirling moment when she got to snap a picture with the handsome Daniel Henney, but she of course didn”t let this occasion slip by without teasing his biggest fangirl, Jessica!

Sooyoung showed off her lucky moment on Instagram on the 10th, writing the caption, “He is so handsome with #Danielhenny”, along with a proof shot.

She also then posted a comment which read, “Are you watching Jessica?”, bringing laughs to her followers. However her fans pointed out that rather than making Jessica jealous, Sooyoung might stir the jealousy of her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho instead!

Daniel Henney is currently focusing his attention on American TV shows, having picked up another role in upcoming ABC pilot drama ”Agatha“.

Oh Ji Ho reveals his romantic wedding pictorial

Actor Oh Ji Ho showed off his beautiful bride with a wedding pictorial unveiled just one day before their wedding ceremony!


The couple got creative with their photoshoot by posing against beautiful backdrops with a natural, traditional, and romantic concept. Not to mention Oh Ji Ho”s wife-to-be is simply gorgeous, making the pictorial that much more star-quality.

Oh Ji Ho previously shared his bliss on finding “the one”, “I met a person who I could spend the rest of my life with and love. I promise before you that I will embrace her with a love that allows us to treasure and understand each other. I ask for your encouragement and support, so that we could live happily and well.”

The actor will marry his non-celebrity girlfriend of two years at a private wedding ceremony in the Shilla Hotel on April 12

Block B’s Park Kyung and Zico revealed to date the same girl in the past

On Block B”s reality program “5 Minutes Before Chaos“, members Park Kyung and Zico revealed on April 10 that they dated the same girl! The members were given a mission to expose secrets about the member they were assigned to, and Park Kyung was given the mission to expose one of Zico”s.

Park Kyung came out with a picture and said, “This picture is of Zico”s ex-girlfriend.” Hearing this, Zico was rendered speechless with surprise at first, but got up right away to go see what picture Park Kyung had brought.

Park Kyung is the handsome boy at the top while Zico is flashing his cute smile in the bottom left. It appears the lucky girl right in the middle of the picture was both of their ex-girlfriend, but for the sake of her privacy her face was blurred out.


Review of “Golden Cross” Ep 2: Jung Bo Suk shows his love to daughter Lee Si Young

In Golden Cross, episode 2, Seo Dong Ha(played by Jung Bo Suk) was a great father to Seo Yi Re(played by Lee Si Young).

Dong Ha was mad as he found out his wife, Kim Se Ryung(played by Lee Ah Hyun) has been cheating on him and taking nude photos with her boyfriend. Just then, Yi Re came into his office room and said, “I need the charger, dad.

Dong Ha sang Yi Re a song and they cheerfully danced together. Soon, Se Ryung came in and said, “What a great actor you are. You need a reward. You act like a great father but you suck at being a good husband.

Dong Ha replied, “I’m doing such an amazing job as a husband.” He hinted that he knew about her affair.

Siwan hints at his dating relationship?

ZE:A”s Siwan previously revealed he was a “motae solo (person who never dated before)” and expressed later on that he regretted admitting this to the public. Now, there is a new update on this as he talked about it on KBS 2TV“s “I”m A Man.”

He said in relation to admitting he was a “motae solo,” “That was something I said two years ago on a show. There are still people who think I must of course be a “motae solo” even now,” which caused the MCs to ask curiously if that was no longer the case.

Siwan said, “But that”s two years ago and now they can”t know for sure,” causing a huge ruckus among both the MCs and audience members.

Also on the show, he was asked if he had his first kiss, which he said he had. Another question asked everybody to sit down if they had a girlfriend at the moment

“Glorious Days” reveals Jung In Shik’s photos on the filming set

(Photo : SBS)

SBS new weekend drama “Glorious Day” (script Moon Hee Jung, director Hong Sung Chang) released pictures of Jung Man Shik in the filming set.

On “Glorious Day” which will be broadcast on April 19th for the first time, Jung Man Shik plays the role of divorcee Kang Hyun Bin and will be showing a character that is 180 degree different than before. He is a skilled dentish that runs a small private hospital and laughs well and is good hearted as his transformation to Kang Hyun Bin will bring warm laughter and move viewers.

Viewers are attracted to his appearance on the filming set that the production company released as he is wearing a black hat and bundled up in his jumper with a sharp look, making a suspicious face. He doesn”t say any lines or express any gesture but is captivating the audience with his emotionless face

Lee Sun Hee: “Lee Seo Jin Was Always the Baggage Boy Even Before ‘Grandpa over Flowers’”

Although actor Lee Seo Jin has been receiving much love for his witty, yet obedient, personality as the official baggage boy for tvN‘s “Grandpa over Flower,” veteran singer Lee Sun Hee revealed that the actor had always acted as the baggage boy even before the hit show.

On the April 14 broadcast of SBS‘ “Healing Camp,” the veteran singer was surprised with the special video appearance of Lee Seo Jin. Despite the unlikely combo, the actor and singer displayed their good friendship.

On this night’s broadcast, Lee Sun Hee said, “Whenever we go overseas, Lee Seo Jin always carries the bags,” stating how the actor had been the original baggage boy long before “Grandpa over Flower.” Furthermore, the singer complimented the actor by adding, “Although he may act cold, Lee Seo Jin is a gentleman

Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA And Miryo Guested On ‘Challenge 1000 Song’

(Photo : SBS)

Brown Eyed Girls" JeA and Miryo recently shared about dating!

The two idols guested on the 13th"s episode of "Challenge 1000 Song". JeA openly shared about dating YG Entertainment"s producer Choi Pil Kang; "My boyfriend is a producer. We"ve been dating publicly for a year and six months."

When MC Lee Hwi Jae got the chance to ask, "Are you planning to get married? You"re old enough"; She responded, "I want to do more Brown Eyed Girls first." MC Jang Yoon Jung also added, "She doesn"t seem like she has marriage plans yet."

Miryo shared, "I was resting well at home during our break." Lee Hwi Jae asked, "Aren"t you jealous of JeA and her dating?", she replied, "I want to get a boyfriend soon so I can publicly date."

Jang Yoon Jung asked her, "If you have a boyfriend, will you publicly date?"