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Bromances in Upcoming New Show “Roommate”

Even before it’s broadcast, the upcoming new SBS variety show “Roommate” has garnered much interest for the variety of celebrities who starred in the new show.

From EXO‘s Chanyeol to 2Ne1‘s Park Bom, “Roommate” promised an interesting variety of celebrities sharing the same house. To top it all off, the photos of the celebrities who shared rooms together have stirred the idea of bromance as the male celebrities displayed how quickly they had become close with their roommate.

Although a representative of the show revealed that the celebrities were initially shy during the first few hours of meeting each other, the roommates became extremely close as they shared rooms. Photos that these new roommates took together conveyed the unique pairings with EXO’s Chanyeol and veteran actor Shin Sung Woo sharing one room, while Seo Kang Joon and Park Min Woo shared another room

Kim Soo Hyun Gets Criticized By Netizens for Large Donation

On April 24, actor Kim Soo Hyun donated 300 million Won to Danwon High School, where many of the high school student victims of the Sewol Ferry tragedy had attended. Kim Soo Hyun requested that the money be used to create a memorial for the deceased students and also support family members, peers, teachers and friends of the victims.

Most netizens have responded favorably to the actor’s heartfelt gesture while others have taken to their Twitter accounts to voice discontentment with the actor’s large donation in comparison to contributions from other celebrities.

One netizen wrote, “It’s great that you donated, but it looks like you’re trying too hard to stand out? Then did Ryu Hyun Jin donate only 100 million won because he didn’t have a lot of money? How tactless. Even if you have a lot of money, donating 100 million is the proper thing to do

#TBT – Throwback Videos of a few Classics

You know it"s Throwback Thursday when you open your Instagram or Twitter and see numerous hashtags of #TBT followed by pictures from the past. You might also see the occasional picture of a friend on a beach with the hashtag #TakeMeBack.

Taking the same concept, we thought it would be fun to bring back some of the fondest throwback memories of your favorite Kpop artists and see how far they"ve come ...... and some not-so fondest... you"ll see what I mean...

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1) Big Bang - Lies

Tony Soprano used to say "Remember When..." was the lowest form of conversation but I disagree. Looking back at "Lies" now, I can see why Big Bang became the super popular group they are today

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Donates 10 Million Won to Ferry Disaster Relief Efforts, Apologizes for the Small Amount

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon joins a growing list of celebrities who have donated to the Sewol ferry disaster.

On April 24, an employee of community-based fundraising organization Community Chest of Korea shared, “MBLAQ’s Lee Joon donated 10 million won (about 10 thousand USD). When donating, he said, ‘This is my first time donating. I’m sorry that the amount is small.’”

Fans who heard of his donation were surprised since he’s well-known to be stingy with his money. He would even collected money from his friends who owed him money during childhood.

Other celebrity donors include Major League baseball payer Ryu Hyun Jin, actors Song Seung Hun, Park Jae Min, Ha Ji Won, Joo Sang Wook, On Joo Wan, Jung Il Woo, Jang Mi In Ae, Kim Bo Sung and many others

Bromance to bloom on upcoming reality show ‘Roommate’

SBS" new reality show "Roommate" is set to premiere in May, and according to reports, viewers can expect bromance to bloom!

Shin Sung Woo & EXO"s Chanyeol, Seo Kang Jun & Park Min Woo, and Lee Dong Wook & Jo Se Ho are said to have become incredibly close throughout filming. Producers previously released the above photos of the roommates from the first filming of the show, and just like the pictures suggest, they"re all getting along very well.

A rep from "Roommate" said, "Though there was some awkwardness at their first meeting, they immediately got friendly with each other. They didn"t even leave when we wrapped up filming."

Stay tuned for the first episode of "Roommate"!

Han Hee Jun of “K-Pop Star 3” Donates $10,000 to Sewol Incident

Han Hee Jun, a TOP 10 contestant of "K-Pop Star: Season 3", donated his earnings to the family of the victims of ferry Sewol.

Han Hee Jun left to the States after asking his US agency to deliver $10,000 to the victim families of Sewol. Hang Hee Jun is a TOP 10 contestant on SBS survival audition program "K-Pop Star: Season 3".

Han Hee Jun canceled his April 19 fan meeting, grieving over the Sewol incident. He quietly left his earnings for the cause, stating: "I want this money to be used to comfort the families of the deceased".

He added, "I"ve lost a friend to an accident before, and I know how it feels to be the family member left behind - the pain is beyond imagination. I want to comfort them through this small sum of money".

Han Hee Jun"s US agency explained that Han Hee Jun had received scout offers from many entertainment companies in Korea after his appearance on "K-Pop Star" but has decided to return to the States till the Sewol crisis has been sorted out

Lee Jung, Anger Towards Internet Users With Malicious Comments About Ferry Incident “Please Stop”

Singer Lee Jung posted another angry message to internet users. (Photo : lee jung)

Singer Lee Jung posted another angry message to internet users.

Today, Lee Jung posted on his Twitter, "We are full of sadness, prayer, anger, and condolences but you can"t do that. You can"t. You"re going to be punished. Please please please don"t do that. Let"s help. Please."

This was towards internet users posting malicious comments about the sunken ferry incident.

He also write, "If you"re not happy with what I wrote, just insult me and end it there! Don"t bring in victims and their families whose hearts are broken! You cursed XX! Did you ever lose a family member or a friend? Do you know what it feels like? Stop, seriously."

Internet users who saw this commented, "I understand why he"s angry," "I think it"s because he"s lost a loved one before," etc

‘Infinite Challenge’ Real Competitor Is… Itself?

MBC entertainment program "Infinite Challenge" is at their 9 year anniversary, and the show"s real competitor is not another entertainment program that airs during the same time slot. As time passes the "greedy" viewers want to see "Infinite Challenge" episodes that are more entertaining and more moving. That"s why this program, in its 9th year of airing, finds itself as the true competitor, namely, its past episodes.

"Infinite Challenge" hit its 9 year anniversary on the 23rd. The first episode aired on April 23rd in 2005, and already it"s been 9 whole years. But the staff didn"t prepare a special 9 year anniversary episode. This can be attributed to the fact that the entire nation of Korea is in mourning over the Sewol ferry sinking tragedy. Instead, they will be focusing on the 400th episode this coming autumn

Lee Min Jung on the Series End of “Cunning Single Lady”

The staff of the MBC drama “Cunning Single Lady” recently posted a clip of their final episode filming on their official website.

In the drama, Lee Min Jung plays the role of Na Ae Ra, who fatefully runs into her ex-husband Cha Jung Wo at a mutual friend’s wedding. After deciding to apply as an intern at Cha Jung Woo’s company, their feelings for each other start to grow once more and they are faced with the challenge of starting over again with a failed marriage in their past.

Lee Min Jung was interviewed at the last filming for the drama, and she said, “We began [filming] when it was cold and now it’s already springtime. It was a meaningful project for me and while it’s refreshing for it to be over, I also feel a bit sad. Thank you everyone for giving ‘Cunning Single Lady’ a lot of love

All Six Members of B.A.P Show Support Through Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Although currently half a world away due to their ongoing tour, the B.A.P members still sent their love and support for the victims and families of the Sewol tragedy.

All six members of B.A.P joined the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, in which they switched out their profile pictures on their SNS pages to photos of yellow ribbons, signifying their support in praying for a miracle to happen during the sunken ferry incident.

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign began on April 22 when ALT (Active, Autonomous, Alter Life Togther), an alliance of university clubs, came up with the idea with the slogan, “A small movement, a big miracle.” A yellow ribbon symbolizes the wait for a loved one to return and was used during WWII as friends and families waited for the soldiers to return home.

The movement has spread wide and quickly with many stars and citizens alike participating together as they pray for a miracle to happen