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Yoon Jong Shin Accidently Retweets a Controversial Tweet Regarding Sewol Ferry Incident

Yoon Jong Shin deleted a retweet that was posted on his Twitter account without his intention.

The singer and producer Tweeted at 2 AM, KST on April 19, “There was a post that was retweeted, but I did not do it. It has been deleted.”

He added, “42 minutes ago, I didn’t even touch my cell phone. Hmm… I felt careful and difficult about saying anything, so I was not able to follow tweets or even the news. By all means, I hope it was just my mistake.”

Previously, at 1 AM, KST, there was a Tweet that was retweeted on Yoon Jong Shin’s account saying, “To give an example of how important the media is, don’t you think that the students, who were rescued during the initial stages of the ferry sinking, are even more traumatized and bewildered from watching the media’s report of the images and footages relating to the rescue of their friends? Please be more cautious

Hyun Bin is Glad that Good Things Happened to Jung Woo

Speaking about his good friend, Hyun Bin said he’s glad things worked out for Jung Woo.

In a recent interview with style magazine High Cut, Hyun Bin talked about fellow actor Jung Woo.

“After Reply 1994 ended, I talked to him on the phone,” said Hyun Bin. “I’m so glad good things happened to him.”

Regarding Jung Woo’s statement in an interview that Hyun Bin helped him a lot during his rookie year, Hyun Bin said, “I didn’t give him any help. We actually suffered a lot together.”

Hyun Bin and Jung Woo both acted in the movie Spin Kick as rookies in 2004.

Talking about his recent movie Fatal Encounter (King’s Wrath), Hyun Bin admitted that he really wanted to do well in the movie

Son Ho Young appears on TV for the 1st time after 10-month break

On April 16th, Son Ho Young made his 1st TV appearance on channel O'live TV's 'Share House' after 10 months of break.
Last year, Son Ho Young's girlfriend committed suicide, making him suffer a mental breakdown and he decided to stop his career, disappear for a period of time. His comeback through 'Share House' after 10 months received a lot of attention.
Son Ho Young said, "I did nothing during last 10 months. I could not work, and I just kept drinking."
He added, "I missed my fans, too. I hope I would get better and better and show a brighter image from the next episode."
Meanwhile, Son Ho Young, Choi Hee, Lee Sang Min, Woo Hee, Choi Sung Jun, Chun Yi Seul, Song Hae Na, Kim Jae Woong, and Hwang Young Rong are going to appear on 'Share House' as the official members.

BoA Missed Late Night Chicken and Beer the Most About Korea

Having promoted overseas for a long time, BoA revealed the things she missed the most about her home country when she was away.

BoA, who is about to release her first Hollywood film Make Your Move, recently met with Newsen for an interview.

During interview, BoA was asked, “You’ve worked overseas for a long time and must’ve adapted by now, but when was the moment that you suddenly missed Korea?”

She answered, “When I wanted to eat chicken and beer late at night,” causing laughter.

She confessed, “When I was in America, I especially missed bars that sold chicken and beer in Korea. Most places in America stop selling alcohol when it’s past 2 am. In Korea, when I come home after finishing work it would usually be around 10 or 11 pm. So after washing up and changing, it would be almost 1 in the morning when I meet up with my friends

2NE1 is colorful and sassy with Marvin Scott Jarrett in BTS clip for ‘Nylon’

2NE1 met up with "Nylon"s Marvin Scott Jarrett who became their photographer for their latest pictorial for the Korean branch of the magazine.

With CL"s fluent English, the girls had no trouble getting close and becoming "long-lasting friends for life" with Marvin Scott Jarrett. The sassy and colorful looks displayed in the shoot left fans eager to get their hands on the May issue of the magazine.

Check out their fierce style and poses in the BTS clip below!

Five Fun Facts About Go Ara

The actress Go Ara will soon be surrounded by some top notch male leads in the upcoming drama "You"re Surrounded."

She will play a rookie police officer that barely made the grade but is so passionate about working for justice that she keeps on fighting. It"s a fitting role as the 24-year-old actress has demonstrated plenty of determination throughout her career.

Her "You"re Surrounded" co-stars include Lee Seung Gi, last seen in "Gu Family Book," Cha Seung Won, who appeared in "The Greatest Love," and Ahn Jae Hyeon, who last appeared in "You Who Came From The Stars."

Here are some more facts you may not know about this up and coming actress.

1. She won a role in the Japanese-Mongolian film "Blue Wolf by beating out 39,157 other actresses

‘Secret Love Affair’ Kim Hye Eun, “Music Schools Are Corrupt”


The cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" actress Kim Hye Eun made her appearance in the JTBC entertainment program Ssul Jun as a guest. The cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair" actress Kim Hye Eun made her appearance in the episode of the JTBC entertainment program "Ssul Jun," which aired on April 17, 2014, as a guest, and shared her experiences in filming the drama "Secret Love Affair." Actress Kim Hye Eun herself graduated from a music school. Later on, she worked as a TV news reporter, and became an actress. She plays the character Suh Young Woo in the cable channel JTBC"s "Secret Love Affair," who is a friend of the main character Oh Hye Won, but also a boss. Kim Hye Eun said on the JTBC entertainment program "Ssul Jun," "When I was younger, I wanted to be a diva, but I realized the limits of my own abilities in college and decided to do something else

‘God’s Gift’ Jung Eun Pyo, “My Friends Ask Me Who The Kidnapper Is”


SBS Monday Tuesday drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days" actress Jung Eun Pyo said in an interview, "Recently, everybody I meet, they ask me who the kidnapper is in the drama." In the SBS Monday Tuesday drama "God"s Gift - 14 Days" actress Jung Eun Pyo plays Ki Dong Ho, the older brother of Ki Dong Chan, played by Jo Seung Woo, who is imprisoned because of committing a murder. Jung Eun Pyo said in an interview, "Wherever I go, people ask me who the kidnapper is, and I am sensing the popularity of the drama through these questions." Actor Jung Eun Pyo also stars in the drama "Angel Eyes," and has also starred in the popular SBS drama "You Who Came From The Stars" as a cameo. In related news, "God"s Gift - 14 Days" is a mystery, thriller fantasy drama where Kim Soo Hyun and Ki Dong Chan go back in time to track down the kidnapper of her daughter

Korean Entertainment Comes To A Halt In the Wake Of A National Tragedy

With the rescue operations for the Se Wol ferry"s shipwreck stymied by operational miscues, the Korean entertainment industry made an unilateral decision to shut down until the situation is improved.

Korean ferry Se Wol crashed on April 16th near South Jeonju. The current analysis is that there will be more death and casualty than previously anticipated, with some 200 passengers missing and expected to have deceased. When the news was first released, the general consensus was that rescue operations will go smoothly and the incident will be resolved in a few days. However, the situation turned for the worst, and the Korean entertainment industry has decided a shut-down of sorts in an effort to show their support for the families of the victims as well as to stay ready to broadcast any news of the tragedy.

Broadcasting companies stopped the airing of all drama and entertainment shows until further notice

This Is What Happens When a Random Person Jumps on the EXO Hashtag Train

@TristanMaack was just your average Canadian man on Twitter. On April 15 he saw that the phrase “Welcome to the Overdose Era” was trending and assumed that it had something to do with overdosing on drugs. One click for him and he quickly learned that he was wrong. “Welcome to the Overdose Era” was trending because of EXO and their upcoming comeback for “Overdose.” Tristan Maack proceeded to tweet about his misunderstanding, unaware that he had just introduced himself to the EXO fandom.

The EXO fans decided this was hilarious. 

It didn’t take long for him to realized what happened. 

He could have just moved on with his life, but instead, he got curious