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Yoona & Yuri blow their own horns their couple ring!

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Yoona & Yuri blow their own horns their couple ring!

Girls" Generation"s Yoona and Yuri sing their own praises their friendship in new photo.

The lovely duo carve a bright smile to the camera and blow their own horns their rings. Fanatics are utterly excited to peer the 2 beauties posing in combination in the photo above.

They commented, "gorgeous ladies", "almost 10 years friendship", "please continue to turn us fantastic performance" and etc. READ MORE

women’ Generation’s YoonA and Yuri pressure Taeyeon crazy with Aegyo

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ladys’ Generation’s YoonA And Yuri drive Taeyeon crazy amongst Aegyo On July 28′s episode of “< robust>Channel ladys’ Generation,” < robust>YoonA And < robust>Yuri get into A spontaneous Are compatible of Aegyo, And < robust>Taeyeon but sack’t maintain information technology!

the two contributors Are makeing the preferred Aegyo vogue that every one began with this videntificationeo of a tender lady pronouncing “I had A dream, I dreamt of A ghost, information technology used to exist f correctening!” in A surprisingly Adorable mode.

When Taeyeon sees the two Aegyo-ing information technology up on their lonesome, she tells, “i sack’t exist here presently!” And turns Away.

but the Aegyo but makeesn’t prevent, And Yuri takes information technology to the following point by means of switching out the words in the word to mention “I dreamt of A ‘< robust>celebration!’”

Taeyeon, who’s walking to the makeck with Yuri And YoonA, sack’t eve glance At them And but tells with A laugh, “ i intend And then uncomfortable.”

Watch their serious Aegyo explosion in the videntificationeo under!

What make you lot call to mind the ladys’ edition of this Aegyo vogue?

YoonA and Yuri put their easiest aegyo ahead on "Channel ladies" Generation"

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YoonA and Yuri put their easiest aegyo 
ahead on

Do y'all warm up alongside approximately Aegyo Ahead of braving the waters to partake in approximately Aquatics? women" Generation"s YoonA And Yuri turn out that Aegyo is the most productive manner to go the frame ready for approximately water play.

On the 2d one episode of "Channel women" Generation," YoonA And Yuri have their shot At the trending Aegyo notice "I dreamt of A ghost" making the audience" skin move slowly alongside their Adorable Antics. YoonA is the primary competitor to squeal Appropriate in Yuri"s confront, making the boyfriend member shrivel up in embarrassment. Alternatively, when information technology become her plough, Yuri Acted leveltide cuter, twisting her limbs each And each which manner or leveltide replacing the notice "ghost" alongside "party," the crowd"s new summer unmarried.

Taeyeon, who used to be the witness to the 2"s tomfoolery, told the tv camera, "I"m very uncomfortable at this time."

Watch the clip Above pass gaugement on YoonA And Yuri"s Aegyo for y'allrself!

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women’ Generation’s Yuri Flusters YoonA whilst Guessing Her Ideal type

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ladies’ Generation’s Yuri Flusters YoonA while Guessing Her Ideal kind ladies’ Generation‘s Yuri were given immediately to the point while beting fellow member YoonA‘s ideal type.

at the July 21 episode of “Channel ladies’ Generation,” the contributors are asked to bet the 3 criteria for YoonA’s ideal guy. Yuri offers it a move, and she betes, “ a guy who looks excellent in a suit, a guy who looks excellent in a white blouse…”

Yuri teases Yoona by way of bringing up Lee Seung Gi

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Yuri teases Yoona by way of 
bringing up Lee Seung Gi

The women" Generation are original in their talent to tease one any other about subjects that may just seem touchy to the public, yet if truth be told don't seem to be. Their playful demeanor and easygoing personalities at all times shine in moments like those.

the primary episode in their On taste truth program, "Channel women" Generation," aired on July 21 where the girls had to respond to querys all the way through a quiz segment. a query used to be asked, "In 2009, Yoona chose 3 crucial prerequisites for her identificationeal kind; what were they?"

Yuri"s mischievous facet got here out as she spoke back, "a guy who looks excellent in a suit and blouse," then added, "Lee Seung Gi," making all and sundry laugh. Yoona, who used to be at the back of her, sat on a chair as though she used to be feeling shy, grabbing additional attention.

Taeyeon then resolutioned the query with, "someone tall and con facetrate who looks excellent in a suit," whilst Sooyoung saidentification, "someone who looks excellent in a suit, blouse, and horn-rimmed glasses."

Ding ding ding! Sooyoung had the right kind resolution.

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Yoona and Yuri have reportedly appeared in the SNSD Member Teasers designed for the song called ′Party′

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Yoona and Yuri have  reportedly  appeared  in the SNSD Member Teasers  designed for the song called  ′Party′

-- SM has been steadily releasing image teasers of the Girls′ Generation (SNSD) members over the last few days, finally completing the pack with Yuri and Yoona.

SM released image teasers of Yuri and Yoona on July 3, keeping in line with the summery, beach babe concept of the previously-released teasers for Party.

SNSD′s resident tomboy Yuri is seen posing on a jet ski, while Yoona is in full goddess mode, soaking in the sun on a floatie.

The previously-released image teasers of the other members also capture the girls in carefree moments that epitomizes the essence of summer.

SNSD will be promoting three songs with this comeback, beginning with Party then followed by double title tracks Lion Heart and You Think.

Party will be released on July 7.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

SNSD release Yoona"s & Yuri"s & teasers

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SNSD release Yoona

The last batch of SNSD"s individual teaser images for "Party" are now released with Yoona"s and Yuri"s.

While Yuri is giving off a sexy and fit image in her sporty swimwear, Yoona is looking lovely while enjoying her sunbathing in an inflated beach chair.

Meanwhile, SNSD are releasing the MV teaser for "Party" at 7PM kst today.

YoonA and Yuri join in on the "PARTY" with their teasers for Girls" Generation"s return!

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YoonA and Yuri join in on the

YoonA and Yuri are joining the rest ofGirls" Generation"s "PARTY" with their individual teaser photos today!

Lounging at the beach in style, they seem as if they"re making sure to soak in plenty of sun before they return to the stage to drive SONEs wild!

Speaking of returning to the stage, the girls will be doing it on style by performing two songs, "PARTY" and "Check", from their new single starting on the July 10 broadcast of "Music Bank"!

"Party" is a refreshing summer pop song, while "Check" is a sexy and groovy RB track. We can"t wait to hear both of these songs, and we won"t have to wait too long as the release takes place on July 7!

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Yuri Congratulates Yoona on Her Birthday

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Yuri Congratulates Yoona on Her Birthday Yuri of girl group Girls’ Generation celebrated fellow member Yoona’s birthday.

On May 30, Yuri uploaded a picture to her Instagram account with the text “You have grown up.”

In the photo that Yuri posted, both Yuri and Yoona and wearing black mini one pieces while posing for the camera. Yoona is making the “V” sign with her fingers while slightly smiling. Yuri is lightly pulling up on her skirt, showing off her bubbly charms.

As Yoona was born on May 30, 1990, she is celebrating her 25th birthday (in Korean years).

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation are in the middle of their “JAPAN 3rd TOUR 2014” until June 29. The planned stops are at Hiroshima Green Arena, Kobe World Commemoration Hall, Nagoya City Hall and Saitama Super Arena.

Idols in Print: Girls' Generation's Yoona, Yuri, Actresses Han Hye Jin and Sung Yu Ri are Summer Ready in Light and White

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Idols in Print: Girls' Generation's Yoona, Yuri, Actresses Han Hye Jin and Sung Yu Ri are Summer Ready in Light and White

Summer is just around the corner and it seems that stars have been getting their fix of lighter and whiter clothes to compliment the warm weather. Having a hard time getting ideas for your summer weekend getaway? Check out the stars" outfits in prints lately.

In the May Issue of InStyle Magazine, Yoona poses with a fresh and youthful style. She is seen dressed in a sleeveless white top which goes perfectly on a summer getaway.

(Photo : Instyle Magazine)  

Next is Yoona"s Girls" Generation fellow member, Yuri, who is dressed in cardigan and wide and flowy trousers, all in white. Her look gives a light summer breeze feel, which compliments her glowing complexion.

(Photo : Instyle Magazine)  

Actress Han Hye Jin also gives a summer hint as she posed for the April Issue of ELLE Magazine. Her sweet look got hand-in-hand with her white see-through top partnered with a white thigh-length shorts, making it perfect to go for a walk in a park.

While actress, Sung Yu Ri shows her back in her white mid-bare back outfit which shows a stunning and classy style. This outfit can be perfect for formal events at midday or even in the evening cocktails of summer.

(Photo : Instyle Magazine)