BEAST’s Yoseob Unearths What Unusually Stresses Him Out

BEAST’s Yoseob Unearths What Unusually Stresses Him Out

BEASTs Yoseob Unearths What Unusually Stresses Him Outkminjungee July 7, 2016 0 BEASTs Yoseob Exhibits What Surprisingly Stresses Him Out All through the teams appearance at the July 7 broadcast of SBS PowerFMs 2 OClock Get away Cultwo Show, BEASTs Yoseob talks about what provides him numerouspressure on an afternoon to day basis.

While he sat next to the MCs in beyond guest appearances, this time fellow member Lee Gi Kwang takes that spot instead. In the past, Yoseobs head lengthused to becontinuouslyin comparison tothe ones of the MCs, who are known for their better psyche circumferences.

The MCs ask him if he gets stressed outon account of his small head. Yoseob recognizes it and explains, There arent any hats that have compatibility me. I am getting stressed at times because people dont wish to take photographs with me because of my head being too small.

What do you take into accounts Yoseobs confession?

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Watch: BEAST Tries To Turn out Their Strength Whilst  Wearing Yoseob Like A Princess

Watch: BEAST Tries To Turn out Their Strength Whilst Wearing Yoseob Like A Princess

Watch: BEAST Tries To End up Their Strength WhilstSporting Yoseob Like A Princesskminjungee June 29, 2016 0 Watch: BEAST Tries To Prove Their Strength While Carrying Yoseob Like A Princess Having gave the impressionat thedisplaya massive number of times already, BEAST is downright hilarious when they shouldentire an originalventureall throughevery other guest appearance on the June 29 episode of Weekly Idol.

After some othertry at Random Play Dance, the five individualstake part in a new corner of the show, where they are going tofinally end upin my viewpurchasingevery other gifts in line with the end result of the games. Each member takes turn being the cardholder, and the remainder of the members would have to win the corresponding game to win a prize from the cardholding member.

When its Yoseobs turn to be the member who needs topurchase a gift, the alternative members are tasked with taking turns carrying him like a princess. The catch is that whoever manages to take a seat down and stand back up the maximummight be the winner, and hence volitionget preserve ofa presentin theirselection from Yoseob.

As expected, chaos ensues as they move one by way of one, beginning off with the youngest Dongwoon, who jokes and says he maystay on going till they end filming. The game continues with Junhyung and Doojoon looking their best, yetno longer without consequence to Yoseob, whos also having subject being carried.

Kikwang is the closing one, and swears he can comprehensive the challenge with just one arm, since Yoseob will be clinging directly to him regardless. True to his word, he succeeds, but now not without his fellow member feeling many of the pain.

Watch their painstaking yet hilarious efforts below!

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BEASTs Yoseob Pranks Fanatics On Instagram Forward Of Butterfly MV Release

BEASTs Yoseob Pranks Fanatics On Instagram Forward Of Butterfly MV Release

BEAST’s Yoseob Pranks Lovers On Instagram Forward Of “Butterfly” MV Unlock ilmare42 June 25, 2016 0 BEAST’s Yoseob Pranks Fans On Instagram Ahead Of “Butterfly” MV Release At thenight time of June 25, BEAST member Yoseob took to social media to prank his fans as they look forward to the groups upcoming release!

BEAST could be making their comeback on July four with their new studio album “Highlight,” yet they’re first going to drop a pre-comeback song entitled “Butterfly” on June 27 at the hours of darkness KST. They lately shared a teaser on June 24, which gave us a flavor of the song.

With just over an afternoon left till “Butterfly”’s release, the group’s primary vocalist Yoseob posted a video to Instagram of himself in bed. He writes as the caption, “Sang a quick bit of ‘Butterfly.’”

A video posted through 냥 (@yysbeast) on Jun 25, 2016 at 8:33am PDT

Fans will have towere excited to pay attention him sing a phase of the track, but it turns out he hasnt included audio on the video. Merciless but hilarious!

Reactions on his Twitter and Instagram have naturally included fans joking that hes long past too far, whilst others have attempted to lip read to catch the lyrics to the song.

Are you excited for the release of Butterfly?

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BEASTs Yoseob to Free up Collaboration Duet With Indie Musician

BEASTs Yoseob to Free up Collaboration Duet With Indie Musician

BEAST’s Yoseob to Unlock Collaboration Duet With Indie Musiciannotclaira March 6, 2016 0 LINE it!BEAST’s Yoseob to Release Collaboration Duet With Indie Musician BEAST’s primary vocalist Yoseob is operating on a collaboration with indie artist Richard Parkers! Richard Parkers is a feminine singer-songwriter who has released tracks similar to “On My Way to Sleep” and maximumthese days “It’s Raining Outside.”

Their duet single, titled “Story,” may be released on March 10. “Story” will be an RB tune telling the tale of a first love that can’t be forgotten even after a long time accept passed. Folks are expecting the matchup between Yoseob’s transparent voice and Richard Parkers’ husky tone.

The two artists are reported to had beeneach and every other’s fanatics for a long time. Yoseob had in the past released a solo album and sang tracks for more than a few OSTs, as smartly as his workforcepaintings with BEAST. He had also collaborated with world-renowned soprano singer Jo Sumi.

Both singers have posted about the collaboration on Instagram.

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BEASTs Yoseob and Kikwang to Exchange for Injured Doojoon at Idol Celebrity Athletics Championships

BEASTs Yoseob and Kikwang to Exchange for Injured Doojoon at Idol Celebrity Athletics Championships

BEAST’s Yoseob and Kikwang to Replace for Injured Doojoon at Idol Superstar Athletics Championshipsilmare42 January 18, 2016 0 LINE it!BEAST’s Yoseob and Kikwang to Substitute for Injured Doojoon at Idol Star Athletics Championships BEAST contributors Yoseob and Kikwang are subbing in for their leader Doojoon at MBCs 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships!

On January 18, Yoseob up to date his Twitter to say, “The pain in BEAST’s leader Doojoon’s left leg has were givena little bit worse, so Kikwang and i'vedetermined to change into Doojoon’s left and correct legs and take part in the futsal fit tomorrow. Since it’s no longera significant injury, please don’t concern about it.”

He is goingdirectly to write, “We’re volunteering to take partso as to lessen the stress on Doojoon’s left leg, more in orderpals than as fellow members. We are hopingnobody gets hurt. We’ll be careful.”

Shortly afterwards he added in any other tweet, “Doojoon will certainly existin the market too! If there aren't many reserve players, Doojoon will briefly be subbed in, regardless of how much its planned for him to leisureat the bench.”

The group’s firm Cube Entertainment says, “Doojoon isn't seriously injured. Apparently that Yoseob and Kikwang, as fellow members, are justinterested in whether or no longer he’ll be in a position to run all overyour complete game.”

The Idol Star Athletics Championships are filmed over two days on January 18 and 19 at the Goyang Indoors Sports Hall, with the 2d one day that specialize in futsal matches. It's going to be aired over the Lunar New Year holiday.

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BEAST’s Yoseob and WINNER’s Seung Yoon Proportion Adorable Toddler Photos

BEAST’s Yoseob and WINNER’s Seung Yoon Proportion Adorable Toddler Photos

BEASTs Yoseob and WINNERs Seung Yoon Percentage Adorable InfantPictures harmonicar December 8, 2015 0 LINE it!BEASTs Yoseob and WINNERs Seung Yoon Share Adorable Baby Photos BEASTs Yang Yoseob and WINNERs Kang Seung Yoon treated enthusiasts to two adorable snapshots in their childhood-selves on Instagram!

Yoseob uploaded the photo of himself first in the path of the evening KST. The black and white shot displays the singer protecting a cup of ice cream, with the candy treat smudged around his mouth. He just captioned the photo with the words Ice Cream.

Later on, Kang Seung Yoon uploaded a smiling shot of himself as well. The faded photos displays himself as a child balancing on a jungle gym and having a lookfortunately at the camera. He captioned the photo in English, with the words when I used to be a kid and added a smiling emotion at the end.

냥(@yysbeast)님이 게시한 사진님, 2015 12월 8 오전 6:35 PST

KSY(@w_n_r00)님이 게시한 사진님, 2015 12월 8 오후 9:14 PST

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BEAST's Yang Yoseob Snaps Photo With Opera Area And Other Sydney Attractions

BEAST's Yang Yoseob Snaps Photo With Opera Area And Other Sydney Attractions

yang yoseob The seven participants of K-pop crew faunathese days visited two towns in Australia as a section ofproceeding promotions abroad, and one member in specificlooked as though it wouldrevel in being a tourist in the country.

BEASTsinger Yang Yoseobhas posted a slew of commutepictures from iconic places around Sydney, adding the noted Sydney Opera House, Hyde Park, and St. Mary's Cathedral. The photos have everygained over 60 thousand likes from the star's Instagram followers.

The neighborhood held two fan meetings in Australia this beyond week, one in Sydney on Dec. 2 and the opposite on Dec. four in Melbourne.

BEAST next head to Malaysia for a concert in Kuala Lumpur on Dec. 26.

A photo posted through 냥 (@yysbeast)on Dec 2, 2015 at 8:30pm PST

A photo posted by 냥 (@yysbeast)on Dec 2, 2015 at 9:03pm PST

A photo posted by 냥 (@yysbeast)on Dec 2, 2015 at 9:06pm PST

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BEAST’s Yoseob captures fan love as he gets ditched on level  through members

BEAST’s Yoseob captures fan love as he gets ditched on level through members

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterA compilation of cuts from one of BEASTs residesongdisplay stages has gotten moderatelythe eye from enthusiasts new and old.

The thread on a well-likedweb forum Instiz main points the hilarity that ensues as the participants of BEAST appear to play a trick on Yoseob. On what seems to be the level of KBS Music Bank, the lead vocalist whispers his plans to his fellow members.

While leader Doojoon motions his understanding, Yoseob finally ends up running out onto the stage by way of himself. In the background, Doojoon and Hyunseung can notregulate their laughter.

Meanwhile, the crowd has been expanding their activities in Japan with the unlockin theirnewest track Saigono Hitokoto.

Check out the clips here:

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

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So lovable ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThis ㅋㅋㅋㅋ is knownThis used to be so embarrassing I cringed for himRun to You ㅋㅋㅋㅋYoseob stated he couldnt accept as true withsomeone after thisSo cringey ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Source: Instiz

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BEASTs Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Lovers to Recognize His Privacy

BEASTs Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Lovers to Recognize His Privacy

BEAST’s Yoseob Kindly Asks Sasaeng Fans to Respect His Privacy BEAST‘s Yoseob has a couple of words for some of his more intrusive fans.

On September 26, the idol addressed his sasaeng fans through a kind but company Twitter post. This comes just a month after his previous public remark regarding sasaeng fans.

He wrote, “I’m traveling to Japan to look a UFC match. It’s a slightly private matter, right? Haha. It’s now not simple for me to bring this up. Recently, somebody hacked the calendar of our manager’s mobile phone and were given dangle of our schedule. This consumer has been promoting it, and I’ve heard folks are paying large cash to shop for it… If you use such shady tactics to see us all through own travels or non-public events, i can be in a position to not be at liberty to see you, not satisfied at all. That’s just a a phase of what sasaeng fans do. i love my fans, yet not sasaengs. A fandom is something truly stunning and honorable, but simplest if done properly.”

Referring to the fans who knew about his Japan shuttle and got here to see him at the airport, he added, “Those who came to see me today, i am hoping that I will meet you as fans in the future. Not sasaengs!” and ended the post with a more cheerful tone, “Go house safely and I am going to have a laugh on my personal trip. Bye!!”

Yoseob has since up to date his personal Instagram with many footage from his trip, letting fans know that he's taking component in his time alone in Japan.

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BEASTs Yoseob Has<b>a kind </b>Request for Sasaeng Fans

BEASTs Yoseob Hasa kind Request for Sasaeng Fans

BEAST’s Yoseob Hasb a type /bRequest for Sasaeng Fans On August 7, BEAST with the exception of member Kikwang were visitors on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show.”

DJ Park Myung Soo opened up a discussion about saesang fans. Dongwoon commented, “I’m thankful for fans who come to schedules and take pictures whilst cheering us on. We don’tin reality havenumerous sasaeng fans who practice us privately.”

Yoseob cautiously added, “If I were to mention something to sasaengs, i might tell them that their own privacy is vital and recommend making their own lives more fabulous. Since their lives aretough too…” Yoseob’s comments about short of sasaengs to like their own liveshad been commended for being wise and type at the similar time.

Meanwhile, BEAST is selling their 8th mini-album “Ordinary” and receivingplenty of love for their songs “YeY” and “GottaGo to Work.”

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