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Son Seung Yeon and 'Voice Korea' singers to crew as feminine g.o.d on 'Immortal Song'

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Son Seung Yeon and 'Voice Korea' singers to crew as feminine g.o.d on 'Immortal Song'

Son Seung Yeon and her fellow singers from "Voice Korea" may be grouping in combination as the feminine g.o.d on an upcoming episode of "Immortal Song".

The monster rookie will be joined through Yoo Sung EunWoo Hye Mi, Ji Sae Hee, and season 2 winner Lee Ye Joon to channel the five individuals of the mythical idol organization g.o.d. They"re lately stated to be getting ready a great stage, and with Son Seung Yeon"s recognition at the show, audience will have to look forward to it!

This episode, that will also feature Hwang Chi Yeol, Shin Yong Jae, TEEN TOP, G-Friend, and Kim Feel, will air on December 12.

Yoo Seung Jun Files Lawsuit to Gain access to Korea

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Yoo Seung Jun Files Lawsuit to Gain Entry to Korea Yoo Seung Jun, a once-famous K-pop singer who lost his fame over refusing to do his army carrier via obtaining an American citizenship, is suing the Los Angeles Korean Embassy over denying him an entry visa to Korea, in line with the ideas released by the Korean court on November 17.

Yoo Seung Jun is related to have carried out for an F-4 visa, which handiest other folks of Korean descent are eligible for. Yoo Seung Jun claimed in his filed suit, “As I'm in point of fact not just a foreigner yet an expat, I will have to no longer had been denied this visa.” Yoo Seung Jun, who received an American citizenship only days earlier than his scheduled conscription into the Korean military, as a result being banished from Korea over this act, has since claimed that he “did no longer download American citizenship to keep away from conscription, but rather as a result of economic reasons.”

However, priority dictates that a rustic is loose to disclaim visas to whomever it wishes, so it's miles not likely that he's going to win this suit. Even though all precedents are opposed to foreigners, and no precedent exists to expats without Korean citizenship, it is still observed whether his suit can even be deemed appropriate inside Korean courts, as he isn't a Korean citizen.

This is the primary time that Yoo Seung Jun has filed a suit in the Korean court system. He has petitioned in 2002 to National Human Rights Association, but his petition was once not accepted.

Yoo Seung Joon sues to get a visa to move into South Korea

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Yoo Seung Joon sues to get a visa to move into South Korea

Singer Yoo Seung Joon has no longer given up yet. It was once published via felony reps in an exclusive by Korea Daily on November 17 that he has sued the los angeles consulate total to cancel its refusal to factor a visa for him.

Back in September, he had asked a visa from the los angeles consulate general to enter South Korea, yet became rejected, leading him to publish a complaint to the Seoul Administrative Court previous this month. The visa Yoo Seung Joon had carried out for became out to be an "F-4" visa this is most effective given to Koreans living overseas. He wrote in his complaint, "I am no longer an effortless foreigner and feature as much a correct to stick in Korea as Koreans residing overseas under the law of an in a foreign country countryman, so the guidelines of exclusion don't practice to me."

Previously, he has been denied reentry into Korea for the remainder of his existence for "underhandedly" evading crucial army carrier by getting an American citizenship below what seemed to be the guise of a talk over with overseas.

This marks his first time filing a complaint to the court for being denied front into the country. Do you watched he must surrender already or that he have to be allowed entrance?

Yoo Seung Ho Comes Back With the primary Cat-Themed Drama in Korea

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Yoo Seung Ho Comes Back With the 1st Cat-Themed Drama in Korea Actor Yoo Seung Ho could be greeting his fanatics thru a new drama airing in November!

Although he has already filmed two videos sooner than this, fans will be in a position to look him on the small screen before the massive screen.

MBC every1′s new drama titled “Imagine Cat (tentative title)” is a remake of the preferred webtoon of the similar name. Anticipation rises as this is the first cat-themed drama in Korea.

The plot takes into consideration a human’s point of view and a cat’s angle as they reside in combination and heal every other’s scars.

Yoo Seung Ho will play the role of Hyun Jong Hyun, who is a webtoon artist and has a part-time activity at a bookstore. His existence is filled with dreams yet he runs into conflicts because of his stubbornness and self-centered personality. His handiest outlet is his puppy cat, who comforts and encourages him to persevere.

The actor is if fact be told known for his love of cats, such so much of fans are somewhat delighted to see him in this drama.

“Imagine Cat” will get started airing close to the finish of November.

Beenzino And Hwang Seung Un Are 'Up All Night' In W Korea

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Beenzino And Hwang Seung Un Are 'Up All Night' In W Korea

Rapper Beenzino and The King of Jokgu actress Hwang Seung Un became a mysterious couple for the latest issue of W Korea. The duo starred in a photoshoot called "Up All Night" that was filled with dark combinations and mood lighting. The featured apparel pieces included knitted turtlenecks, chunky cardigans, crew neck t-shirts and sporty dresses by HM, Rick Owens and DKNY, to name a few brands.

All of the shoes modeled in the pictorial were by Sketchers and from the Dark Panda line. Beenzino accessorized several ensembles with the "Extreme Delight" sneakers in the BKW color, which come in black and white. The shoes can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Meanwhile, Hwang also wore the "Extreme Delight" pair but in the BBK color, which is a full black with gray soles. The shoes can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

To check out the rest of the pictorial, remember to pick up the September issue!

In other fashion news, Beenzino"s last couple fashion pictorial was in the May issue of Ceci. He teamed up with f(x)"s Krystal to promote Etude House"s Pearl Any Cushion.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

Lee Seung-gi to host 'i am The Republic of Korea'

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Lee Seung-gi to host 'i am The Republic of Korea'

Singer Lee Seung-gi is internet hosting " i'm The Republic of Korea", a countrywide choir tournament celebrating the 70th Independence Day.

Lee Seung-gi is the most recent addition to the crowd of MCs along side Choi Bool-am and Sin Dong-yup. He"s known for his witty internet hosting of displays ago.

All in all, actor Choi Bool-am, singer Lee Seung-gi, MC Sin Dong-yup and announcer Lee Hyeon-joo-I are joining forces to make summer"s biggest tournament a good fortune.

In the primary a phase of the display, more than a few choirs led via noted and mythical singers will carry out all over the display.

In the 2d one a phase of the display, Lee Seon-hee, Lee Seung-cheol, g.o.d, EXO and other stars of the more moderen generation will make appearances and wear reside carry outances. the truth that Lee Seung-gi is in the crowd of MCs is the highlight.

meanwhile, " i'm The Republic of Korea" is being held at the Seoul world Cup Stadium this coming 15th at 7:40PM.

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Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan have reportedly put their gay marriage rights in the courts of Korea for the first time in the history

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Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan to Put Same-Sex Marriage Before Korean Courts for First Time Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan, who had the first wedding ceremony as a same-sex couple in Korea, will put same-sex marriage rights before courts on July 6 for the first time. Since the United States just legalized same-sex marriage in all states, there is a lot of growing interest around this case.

Kim Jo Kwang Soo, a movie director, and Kim Seung Hwan, the representative for Rainbow Factory, had a public wedding ceremony for the first time in September of 2013. In December of the same year, they submitted a marriage application, but it was rejected. In May of 2014, they filed a lawsuit to appeal the rejection.

About this, Kim Jo Kwang Soo said through his social networking account on June 29, On June 26, the American Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage and established marriage equality in all of America. As such, a lot of people ask about and show interest in my partner and my own marriage and our lawsuit. He then said, Our marriage lawsuit will take place July 6. We hope the Korean judiciaries will guarantee equality that is promised in our Constitution.

He then added, I had the thought that this wont happen in my lifetime, and I suddenly shed tears. I will try to promise myself that I will not cry in court, showing how earnest he is about this issue.

Meanwhile, Kim Jo Kwang Soo and Kim Seung Hwan showed their process in getting married last June through the documentary My Fair Wedding.

66% of Koreans oppose Yoo Seung Joon returning to Korea in a survey

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66% of Koreans oppose Yoo Seung Joon returning to Korea in a survey

After singerYoo Seung Joonrecently officially apologized to the Korean public about his military evasion controversy 13 years ago, the Military Manpower Administration and The Justice Department bothasserted that they still have no intention to lift his ban nor restore his Korean citizenship.

And it seems like most Korean citizens think similarly. 500 people participated in a recent poll regarding their opinion on whether they thought Yoo Seung Joon should be allowed back into Korea or not.

66.2% of the participants said they were against Yoo Seung Joon entering the country.24.8% of the voters were in favor of allowing him back into Korea and 9% were not sure.

In terms of gender, 71% of males were against the idea, while 61.4% of the women voters were against it.

It appears that Korean men were less lenient towards Yoo Seung Joon, and understandably so, considering that they themselves either carried out their military service or will be soon.

In terms of age, 76.4% of those in their 20s, 52.3% of the voters in their 30s, 63.5% of those in their 40s, 69% of those in their 50s, and 70.2% of those in their 60s were opposed to the idea of the singer being allowed back in the country.

What do you think of the poll results? And in your opinion, do you think he should be allowed to return to Korea and regain his citizenship?

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Yoo Seung Jun Apologizes on His Knees and Says He Would Like to Return to Korea

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Yoo Seung Jun Apologizes on His Knees and Says He Would Like to Return to Korea

Singer Yoo Seung Jun, who has been deported and banned from entering Korea for military evasion, recently made a public apology for his past actions.

Yoo Seung Jun spoke about the issue for the first time in 13 years on May 19 on the Internet broadcast Afreeca TV.

When asked about his intentions, Yoo Seung Jun bowed and said, I dont know what I should first say and my head is blank. Firstly, I think I need to apologize to the citizens.

He then revealed that he regretted his actions, saying, If I could go back, I would have gone to the military. I didnt realize it would be such a big issue. If I could go back in time, I would go without even a second thought.

When a netizen pointed out, Its interesting timing that youre saying this when youre 39, since you can serve in the military up until youre 38. To this, he replied, Last July, I said I said I wanted to enlist after giving up my American citizenship. I was 38, and Jacky Chan and others around me said, I think thats the only way and told me that it was the right decision. So I told my family that I would be enlisting. He then continued, So I thought I would be enlisting, but two days later, they asked for my birth day and year. I was born in 1976 but it turns out that being able to go to the military until youre 38 applies only to those born in the 80s.

He also said while tearing up, I would like to be able to step on Korean soil no matter what it takes. I would like to be able to step on Korean soil honorably. Before, they used to say, the beautiful young man Yoo Seung Jun. I wasnt beautiful but I tried hard to become beautiful, and because of my thrashing to try to have positive influence, the elders liked me.

The singer, who had gone to Japan for a concert ahead of his 2002 January enlistment date then straight to America to obtain his American citizenship without re-entering Korea, said, There is talk that Im a liar, but I didnt lie after plans to get American citizenship. I said I would enlist because I was going to. The oath to citizenship came to me around October of 2001. He then said, I was going to go to the military and I didnt attend my citizenship interview. However, after 9/11, it became difficult to re-obtain American citizenship. The interview date came out around the time I went to Japan for the concert, and my father convinced me to come.

He then said that all of his family is in America and emphasized that he did not go to America to evade enlistment. He said, There were no other celebrities in my management company so if I didnt work, the management company would have gone bankrupt. My father said that it could even be selfish if I enlisted. He then said, Getting American citizenship happened because my parents convincement and because of contract issues. However, I still cannot blame them.

Meanwhile, Yoo Seung Jun enjoyed great popularity at the beginning of 2000s and after promising to enlist even after his herniated disk surgery in 2001, earned the love of Korea. However, after obtaining American citizenship just three months before his enlistment date, he was banned from entering the country.

Yoo Seung Jun to Share His Thoughts for First Time in 13 Years through a Live Interview

Yoo Seung Jun Has No Plans to Come Back to Korea

Military Denies Report that Yoo Seung Jun’s Ban from Korea Will Be Lifted

Former Miss Korea Lee Seung-yeon Fined 100 Million Won For Propofol Addiction

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Former Miss Korea Lee Seung-yeon Fined 100 Million Won For Propofol Addiction

The former Miss Korea and actress Lee Seung-yeon has been fined 100 million won for illegally using propofol.

According to the Seoul Central Court, Dong Yang sued Lee and the president of her management for compensation of 100 million won.

Dong Yang is a fashion brand that signed a modeling contract with Lee for 450 million won.

The contract stated that the model should be in no violation of law, cause social conflict as well as moral, and not to do anything to defame the brand.

Lee advertised products for Dong Yang about 14 times from February 2012 to December.

However, she was accused of using propofol on many accounts and couldn"t appear on TV anymore. She had violated the terms of her contract with Dong Yang and had to pay the price.

The Justice Department said, "Lee was questioned for the use of propofol and since she didn"t fulfill her duties to her advertisement agency, she owes them compensation".

However, this happened with 3 months left to her contract and while she was in promotion product sales axceeded 110% in sales and much trouble was avoided as her coordinator took her place.

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