Super Junior, “Year 2012 also with SuJu!”

Super Junior, “Year 2012 also with SuJu!”

Super Junior, Year 2012 also with SuJu!

Super Junior sent out New Years greetings to the fans.

Super Junior member Yesung tweeted in the early morning hours of January 1st, Have a prosperous year 2012 and lets be happy together with SuJu along with several pictures.

In the picture Yesung is posing together with the Super Junior members. It appears that the photos may have been taken after the awards ceremony and each member is posing differently with a fist, striking their tongue out, puckering up the lips a little, and more.

Netizens commented, Happy new year to you too oppas!, Yea 2012 also with SuJu!, and Even more handsome when theyre together.

Super Junior, Year 2012 also with SuJu!

Super Junior, Year 2012 also with SuJu!

Source: TV Daily via Nate


K-Netizens Release Fiercer, Harsher Grievance  Against SUJU Kangin Upon SM Ent Reliable Statement!

K-Netizens Release Fiercer, Harsher Grievance Against SUJU Kangin Upon SM Ent Reliable Statement!

K-Netizens Release Fiercer, Harsher GrievanceAgainst SUJU Kangin Upon SM Ent Professional Statement! May 24, 2016 11:18

Previously we have got reported that Large Junior's Kangin get himself keen on a DUI Accident, SM Ent attempted to settle down theanger of public, byreleasing anofficial statement, pointing out that lately Kangin is in deepreflection and should stop all hisactivities immediately,but according to the comments from K-Netizens, it kind of feels that the statement did no longerpaintings every bit expected.

Below are some translated comments by way of K-netizens

37,971 -315 Needn't to reflect, remain off the television forever, still cannotaccept as true withit isthe 2nd one fourth dimension already29,540 -254 Reflect? If he did reflect at the primary time, this mayno longer happen, he trulycan notfind the cash for a driving force for himself? He is a star, the were given money, why is hedriving drunk?27,956 -244Instead of halting and reflecting, He will have to exist retiring, kkkk22,693 -171 Here'smoment time already...18,945 -189 Halting activities instead of retiring?kkkk5,561 -40 His is a punk, a antisocial to the bone kkk, if he's not an idol, he would have ended up as aneighborhood thug kkkk4,936 -39 Reflecting isn'tan answer for him, Kim Sang Hyuk used to be kicked out for the 1st time, why he mustescape alongside second time?3,212 -27 Just stay him off the Television for good.

1,956 -13Halt what activities? Is this a joke? He must always retire from the industry for good. I do notwish to see somebody who repeats the similar mistakes on TV1,712 -8 Halt activities comeback halt activities comeback kkk amazing1,424, -7 Will never forget, throw him into the prison 79 -1 He have to be kicked out from the industry Comparable Videoskangin,NEWS,super junior Facebook Twitter Google


BREAKING SUJU Kangin Investigated For A DUI Coincidence   SM Ent Remark  K-Netizens Open Fire

BREAKING SUJU Kangin Investigated For A DUI Coincidence SM Ent Remark K-Netizens Open Fire

BREAKING SUJU Kangin Investigated For A DUI Coincidence SM Ent ObservationK-Netizens Open HearthMay 24, 2016 08:12

Super Junior's Kangin has fascinated about a inebriatedusing accident again.

According to Seoul Gangnam Police Department, Kangin was once driving his Mercedes-Benz at 2AM KST on Might 24th then he crashed into a streetlight in front of a convenience shop in Sinsadong, Gangnam, which changed into later reported to the police through the store owner. However, Kangin wasn't presented at the scene when the police arrived yet they were ready to indentify that it was him who brought about the accident.

Later in the morning, the singer was wondered by the police which he said,"I take into accout hitting anything but I did not know that it was a streetlight". His blood alcohol point was reportedly at 0.05, which is adequate to suspense his driving license according to Korean law. The police also saidthat they're all the same investigating whether he fled the scene on motive or not.

Regarding this issue, SM Entertainment has officially stated,"Kangin's DUI accessory is true. He went to the local police station this afternoon and won an investigation at an arranged time, Kangin is deeply reflect on his movementsand mayprevent all entertainment-related activities for self-reflection. Once again, we sincerely make an apology for causing you worry".

Kangin was also charged with a hit-and-run DUI accident back in 2009.

Below are some translated comments by K-Netizens

7023 -23 He still has now not woken up5115 -19 Woah after hisdrunk hit and run in 2009, now again?4788 -34 Again every other drunkdrivingcase, why is not he get jailed yet?3951 -27 He was fortunate enough, cause it is a streetlight3627 -23 Concepti used to betaking a look at the scoop in 2009183 -0 Aigoo, how again and again already166 -1 He greater leave the crowd 121 -0 If I were him, i would not drink, he were given some intellectual issues

531 -4 He is soundlessno longer awakenyet482 -4 Make him into the prison 459 -4 Him again?Related Videoskangin,NEWS,super junior Facebook Twitter Google


Korean Enthusiasts  Notice Evidence PROVING Kai’s Affection For Krystal From 2012

Korean Enthusiasts Notice Evidence PROVING Kai’s Affection For Krystal From 2012

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterNetizens speak about GIFs of Kai and Krystal which presentations Kai allegedly having emotions for Krystal

Earlier, we reported that Kai and Krystal were dating and that SM Entertainment showed the speculations. Yet did Kai get started liking Krystal even prior to she began to have feelings against him?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens talk about GIFs that displays Kai allegedly having feelings toward Krystal even before she did.

Titled Days When Kai Cherished Krystal, this is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

I dont know if they had a thing or Kai simplest liked her but

this was onceall through 2012 SM Concert. He assists in keeping wondering around Krystal before maintaining her hands to mention bye to the fans.

He holds her hands to claimexcellent bye.

Kai taking a look at Krystal secretly.

Koreaboo has gathered reactions from Netizens who commented at thecustomary article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this newsletter being published.

117 / -5 I might bein a position to just feel that Kai in reality liked her a lot.

102 / -4 To be honest, they honestlyglancesensiblein combination

100 / -5 I suspectthey're going toclosingdecadesmaking an allowance for they were pals for see you later

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K-Pop Throwback: Why Beenzino's 2012 Bonus Music 'Always Awake' From '24:26' Still Tops Most present Hip-Hop AUDIO

K-Pop Throwback: Why Beenzino's 2012 Bonus Music 'Always Awake' From '24:26' Still Tops Most present Hip-Hop AUDIO

cover of Korean hip-hop artist Beenzinos 2012 album 24:26 Beenzino North American Tour 2015 in NYC - December, 12 2015 PHOTOS You know you are in the higher echelons of skill when your old throwaway cuts still sound doper than practicallythe rest being released this facet of Kendrick Lamar.

"Always Awake" can have been billed as a "bonus track" on Beenzino's 2012 album "24:26,"but at the side of the cuts "Nike Shoes" and "Aqua Man," it merits its due as one of the mostmaximumingenious music to pop out of South Korea's burgeoning hip-hop scene so far.

Who knows what makes a super rap beat? I without a doubt don't. But if it is luck, uncookedproficiency or his starvation for notoriety as a nearly unknown artist at the time (perhaps some aggregate of all three) the musical highpoints Beenzino creates on "24:26" are striking no longeronly for their sophisticated sophistication, yet too in how pleasing they sound.

Though, as MCs in Korea and somewhere elseend up on a just aboutconsistent basis, even a superb musical rhythm can in no time exist made unlistenable by means of an MC who shouldn't be up for the task. Beenzino does not just deliver, but he brings anythingauthentic to the table. Whether or no longerhe istalking in a language that you realize any true hip-hop head will have to be interested by a go with the flowthis istough to obviously link to one influence.

With a Zen-like balance of a couple of soothing horn strains, a rawly funky drum beat or even reverberated droning vocals distantly placed in the mix, "Always Awake" has the sound of an artist willing to throw anything into a mix, but who also knows when to stop.

Perhaps the anthemic quality of the hook also played into Beenzino's impassioned birthin this lost gem from his breakout full-length release. In case you aretaking a look to convey a musical manifesto, pointing out you're "Always Awake" indeedis not very a bad position to start.

Listen to the 2012 bonus tune "Always Awake" from South Korean rapper Beenzino's vintage album "24:26"RIGHT HERE

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Bask in SuJu-BTS love as Leeteuk stocks his interactions with V

Bask in SuJu-BTS love as Leeteuk stocks his interactions with V

Aw, did you know Tremendous Junior's Leeteuk and BTS's V were just right friends, even chatting every other up infrequently on KakaoTalk?

The veteran leader posted contemporary shots in their chatroom onto Instagram to proportion alongside fans, making lovers of eitherteams squeal with delight.  He wrote, "..BTS V's surprising message.. keke Everybody fighting!!!^^ V~ let's advertise diligently!!^^.. yet that hamster seems like you, too..kekeke."

Apparently, V had abruptly sent an adorable image of a hamster gamblinggolfing to Leeteuk, writing, "Hyung, present.  It looks like you."  Leeteuk had responded with a number of laughs, stating, "This got here out of nowhere, so I used to be surprised."  

V gave a scratching-head emoticon and replied, "Because I suddenly thought about you," saying the hamster's slight chubbiness and cuteness resembled Leeteuk.  "Whenever I glance at you, I believe like you would exist so tired, but you display no signal of being bored with anything, and I be told once back when I see you operatingnot easy at the entirety yous do.. Fighting always.  I'll improve you~ I can now move again to do my work."

Leeteuk, touched, wrote back, "Thank you!!!  Fighting!!!"

SEE ALSO: Drama Review 'Murim School' - Episode 6

A photo posted through Lee teuk (@special_js1004) on Jan 27, 2016 at 8:02am PST


Move Over EXO SM Entertainment Announces 1st New Boy Workforce Since 2012

Move Over EXO SM Entertainment Announces 1st New Boy Workforce Since 2012

SMROOKIES There can be new blood in the recent year from SM Entertainment.

On Tuesday, the South Korean entertainment powerhouse showed to Korean news retailers that the corporate volition debut a new boy crew in 2016. The gang is the primary male idol neighborhood the corporate will produce in 4 years, following the debut of EXO in 2012.

SM Entertainment did notverifythe scale or line-up of the group, yetit's miles expected that several participants of the pre-debut organizationreferred to as SMROOKIES will be a section of the new group.

"It's true that SM is getting ready a new boy group," a SM Entertainment rep told Newsen on Dec. 1.

Previous members of SMROOKIES debuted as members of Red Velvet in 2014, SM Entertainment's maximumthese days debuted group.

In October, the male members of SMROOKIES held two concerts to fulfillenthusiastsforwardin their debut.

Trainees of the group were also offered to Korean audiences viakinddisplay appearances and webhosting gigs on weekly tune shows.

Since early this year, there were rumors referring to SM Entertainment's upcoming boy group.

In July, the manufacturer of EXO's unmarried "Love Me Right" spoke about the new act.

"I will say that the rookie group is going to be anything SM fans have notnoticed before," producer iDR told KultScene. "A new twist on a group, now notthe common group that they SM Entertainment would put out.

Further information aboutthe impending group haven't begun to be revealed.

Tamar Herman is a multi-media journalist and the co-founder of KultScene. She is a freelance author and replica editor, and has written for MTV Iggy, Noisey, and Paste Magazine.

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EXOs Chan Yeol, Se Hun, Su Ho and SUJU-Ms Zhoumi Send Donghae Off to Army

EXOs Chan Yeol, Se Hun, Su Ho and SUJU-Ms Zhoumi Send Donghae Off to Army

--> Super Junior′s Donghae has entered the army.

Donghae entered throughout the Nonsan Army education middle in Chungnam on October 15, where he'll obtain fundamental practicing at boot camp sooner than serving as a conscripted policeman for a year and nine months.

EXO′s Chan Yeol, Se Hun, Su Ho and SUJU-M′s Zhoumi Send Donghae Off to Army

Donghae entered quietly without much fanfare. SM Entertainment stated, "Donghae expressed that he sought after to enlist quietly, so he entered without pronouncing separate goodbyes in front of the learning center."

Instead, Donghae posted a brief message on Instagram previous today, writing "I′ll kindly be back." EXO′s Chan Yeol, Se Hun, Su Ho and Large Junior-M′s Zhou Mi were at the scene to send him off.

Eunhyuk entered the navy by method of the 102nd Reserve Forces in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province on October 13. Choi Siwon might be enlisting as a conscipted policeman along TVXQ′s Max Changmin on November 19.

Leeteuk posted a message for Donghae on his Instagram in this day, writing "Donghae, let′s devour anything scrumptious and feature a fantastic time at your next, next birthday. I leave out you."


HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Administrative center 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.03

HanCinema's movie Review Korean Weekend Box Administrative center 2012.06.01 ~ 2012.06.03

Min Gyoo-dong"s comedy drama "Everything about my Wife" remains at number two and has narrowed the space at the Mr. Smith"s newest effort. Sin Tae-ra"s "Runway Cop" follows suit with 334,120 as it makes it access into the charts. This comedy stars Kang Ji-hwan, Seong Yoo-ri and Lee Soo-hyeok as an oddball detective takes up the guise of a fashion to catch the bad guys. At 4 is any other new Korean entry; Kim Tae-kyeong brings us the primary horror of the summer with "Don"t Click", a movie that has been getting combined studies from critics forward of its opening weekend.

Another "Madagascar" turns out to were made; this time the hilarity takes position in Europe. Animations are typically neatly won in Korea, yet "Madagascar 3: Europe"s maximum Wanted" handiest controlled to come into the sport with 39,712. That number, and the film"s position, would possibly well inflate, as Wednesday is a public holiday here in Korea so the children may have more to mention on what the head motion pictures will be. At nine is Moon Hyeon-seong"s "As One" with just 19,613, followed through the japanese animation "Inazuma 11 pass The Movie" with 10,843.

Korean Box Place of job - Admissions for the Week-end 2012.06.01 - 2012.06.03 (

# Films Release date Week-end Total 1 "Men in Black III"   533 134 2 454 900 2 "Everything about my Wife" (내 아내의 모든 것) 2012/05/17 474 268 2 784 668 3 "Runway Cop" (차형사) 2012/05/30 334 120 453 436 4 "Don"t Click" (미확인 동영상 : 절대클릭금지 ) 2012/05/30 295 579 352 880 5 "Snow White and the Huntsman"   261 366 452 397 6 "Marvel"s The Avengers"   96 651 6 996 882 7 "The flavor of Money" (돈의 맛) 2012/05/17 50 301 1 131 102 8 "Madagascar 3: Europe"s Most Wanted"   39 712 40 886 9 "As One" (코리아) 2012/05/03 19 613 1 856 831 10 "Inazuma Eleven Go The Movie" (劇場版イナズマイレブンGO 究極の絆 グリフォン)   10 843 81 727 Korean videos only     "In some other Country" (다른 나라에서) 2012/05/31 6 588 9 271   "Architecture 101" (건축학개론) 2012/03/22 1 983 4 101 409   "Spring, Snow" (봄, 눈) 2012/04/26 1 508 19 958   "A Muse" (은교) 2012/04/25 1 329 1 342 899   "Hello!" (안녕,하세요!) 2012/05/24 539 3 729   "Talking Architect" (말하는 건축가) 2012/03/08 254 37 193   "Kids From Heaven" (천국의 아이들) 2012/05/24 242 1 065   "Dangerously Excited" (나는 공무원이다) 2012/07 226 297   "Our Movie" (2012, 우리가 만든 영화)   166 166   "See You Tomorrow" (2011, 애드벌룬)   166 166