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Kangin and Ryeowook expose how otherwise they devour on 'Quiz to modify the World'

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Kangin and Ryeowook expose how otherwise they devour on 'Quiz to modify the World'

The newest episode of MBC"s "Quiz to exchange the World: locating Friends" was once about "heavy eaters vs. mild eaters". Two of the visitors were Super Junior"s Kangin and Ryeowook. are you in a position to wager who the heavy eater is and who the pale eater is?

We"re assuming you"ve guessed right. either Kangin and Ryeowook"s standard foods were revealed, and the studio become shocked to peer that Kangin ate steamed short-ribs for breakfast!

MC Kim Gu Ra was especially surprised, and Kangin replied with, "You guys don"t eat steamed short-ribs for breakfast?" making the studio laugh.

In comparison, Ryeowook published he eats fruit for breakfast. He explained, "To eat in a healthy way, it"s excellent to eat fruit ahead of you eat a meal."

And for lunch, Kangin shared, "For lunch, I eat a complete fowl cooked on an electric grill which takes all of the grease out, and vegetables. when you cut open the stomach, there"s rice inside. If there"s no rice, I don"t eat it."

Ryeowook shared, "I eat one meal a day, or if I have a schedule, I at all times you'll need to eat breakfast."

Are you more of a heavy eater like Kangin or a mild eater like Ryeowook?

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Super Junior's Ryeowook cheers on Kim Ki Bum after his leave from SM Entertainment

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Super Junior's Ryeowook cheers on Kim Ki Bum after his leave from SM Entertainment

Super Junior"s Ryeowook cheered on Kim Ki Bum following news of the latter"s respectable leave from SM Entertainment

Ryeowook posted to Twitter on August 20, "Ki Bum, I"m at all times cheering you on!!! I sincerely hope that you pass directly to somewhere higher and be happy~ i am hoping that the memories we made in combination in tremendous Junior will remain with you for a long time. ^^."

As prior to now reported, Kim Ki Bum published that his contract with SME had officially ended at the 18th and that he turned into once having a look ahead to a new beginning.

How are you taking the news?

— Ryeong9 (@ryeong9) August 20, 2015

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Super Junior’s Ryeowook Shows Strengthen for Kim Kibum

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Super Junior’s Ryeowook Displays Help for Kim Kibum Super Junior’s Ryeowook has spoken up about Kim Kibum’s departure from SM Entertainment.

On August 20, Ryeowook posted a message on his Twitter account saying, “I will at all times support you Kibum!! I sincerely hope that you’ll be happier in a excellent place~ I hope the time we shared as Large Junior will final as excellent memories for a long time.. ^^”

Earlier today, it used to be printed that Kim Kibum’s contract with the firm had expired. Kim Kibum debuted as a member of Large Junior in 2005 and have been on hiatus from the crowd since 2006 after expressing his preference to concentrate on acting.

K.R.Y drop promo clip for ~Phonograph~ in Seoul ft. Ryeowook

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K.R.Y drop promo clip for ~Phonograph~ in Seoul ft. Ryeowook

Following Kyuhyun"s, K.R.Y excite fanatics more by means of unveiling the promotional clip for "SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. ASIA Tour ~Phonograph~ in SEOUL" featuring Ryeowook.

Ryeowook enters accompanied with an overly touchy and emotional tune and we see him shouting in pain as he drops his headphone at the ground.  One liners reminiscent of "even if your entire international loses its voice" followed by means of "i hope i won"t lose yours" put across a deeper yet dramatic feelings. In opposition to the end, Ryewook leaves wearing a symbolic phonograph.

K.R.Y no doubt are promising an overly emotion-filled performances on their first concert in Seoul which is going on on August 22 and 23 at Olympic Hall.

Great Junior′s Ryeowook Tells His Facet of Height Five Incident

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Great Junior′s Ryeowook Tells His Facet of 

Height Five Incident

Tremendous Junior′s Ryeowook explained the

Discussed member Choi Siwon′s

At The July 15 broadcast of MBC′s

Durable>Radio Celebrity

Tremendous Junior′s Kiss the Radio

Tremendous Junior′s Ryeowook Tells His Side of High Five Incident" />

Durable>Radio Celebrity

Were Given mad at him one time. Since [Choi Siwon]

An Afternoon.. Ryeowook cried out ′Don′t

Top five me.′" Choi Siwon added, "

When We fought, I asked him ′Are you going to be

Stated ′Yes! Yes!′" drawing laughs with his Ryeowook imitation.

Following the broadcast, Ryeowook

At The air, "The Contributors

Outstanding.′" He Persevered, "They packaged the

Smartly. Choi Siwon and I

Replace Siwon hyung. Even

Funny Story about it now, I Was

Truth scared. I wondered, ′

This Way to hyung?′" He also added, "Siwon hyung and Eunhyuk hyung

Stated, ′Yes! Yes!′ when he asked ′Are you going to be

Yet I didn′t use that tone."

Ryeowook also expressed his

Durable>Radio Celebrity

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Says He and Ryeowook Don′t Blend Smartly

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Super Junior′s Choi Siwon Says He and Ryeowook Don′t 

Participants were an open E-book On Five HundredThe

Most Progressive episode of Radio Big Name, where they Printed Choi Siwon and Ryeowook once Five HundredWere Given into a

Combat...over Prime fives?

On the July 15 broadcast of MBC′s Radio Big Name, MC Yoon Jong Shin asked the

Participants if any of the

Participants have ever Five HundredWere Giventen into a

Tremendous Junior′s Choi Siwon Says He and Ryeowook Don′t Five HundredFive HundredIntegrate Well" />

Sooner Than sharing that he Was Once Five HundredFive HundredConcerned for Ryeowook′s well-being at the time, adding "I Assumed, ′Is Ryeowook going to die?′"

Leeteuk then explained, "So, Siwon Actually likes Prime fives. But because Siwon Was Once Prime fiving Five HundredSuch

Much, Ryeowook Five HundredWere Given Pissed Off."

The Five HundredChoice

Participants then imitated Ryeowook′s reaction, Announcing "Don′t Prime five me!" and "You Prime five Five HundredEach Time we meet!"

Choi Siwon then shared his Factor of the incident, Announcing "He Was Once sitting Five HundredFive HundredRound The tFive HundredPrepared from me, and I Assumed to myself ′How do Five HundredI Am Getting over there,′" drawing laughs from the

Participants and MCs. He Persevered, "Then I Acknowledged to him, ′Are you going to be

Back?′ and he Acknowledged ′Yes! Yes!′"

Choi Siwon then looked Instantly at the camera and Acknowledged, "Ryeowook and I Actually don′t Five HundredBlend well. He′s Actually No Longer my Five HundredSort. But now, we Five HundredEither know that, so we′re conFactorrate Five HundredOf One Some Other. It′s true that I Five HundredActually Like him as a dongseng, but Eachone has a Five HundredSort, and he′s Actually No Longer my Five HundredSort."

Leeteuk then reiterated that Five HundredThe Crowd Was Once Five HundredPrepared to Closing for Goodbye For The Reason That

Participants Admire and Five HundredSettle For their differences.

Tremendous Junior Participants Do Hilarious Imitation of Member Ryeowook

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Tremendous Junior 
Participants Do Hilarious Imitation of Member Ryeowook

Participants Do Hilarious Imitation of Member Ryeowook" alt="Super Junior

Participants Do Hilarious Imitation of Member Ryeowook" src="" width="497" height="278"/>

Robust> members did a hilarious (and accurate!) imitation

On The July 15 broadcast of

Robust>Radio Celebrity

Robust>Leeteuk, Siwon, Heechul, Yesung, Donghae

The Remainder Of the MCs as

Robust> asks, Has Any Individual fought with Choi Siwon? Yesung answers, Ryeowook has.

Leeteuk explains, Siwon likes Prime fives. He did them

Such Loads one time that Ryeowook

Were Given Pissed Off and told him

Recognized to Ryeowook, Are you

When asked how Ryeowook Replied, Choi Siwon does a Prime-pitched imitation of Ryeowook Announcing, Im

On Every Celebration Ryeowook is brought up

Speak, the members imitate his

Trustworthy voice, inciting laughter.

Watch the hilarious clip Underneath!

Satan" width="140" height="140"/>

Upgrade the artist By Means Of

Super Junior"s Yesung once feared Siwon might kill Ryeowook during a fight?

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Super Junior

Super Junior appeared on MBC"s "Radio Star" on July 15 and talked about fights within the group. They were asked who came in first when it came to fists.

They replied, "Kangin or Siwon," then added, "When it comes to fighting through just fighting, Yesung would be first place." They burst another bomb by saying, "He"s short-tempered."

Leeteuk said, "There was even a time he almost got into a fight in a hanbok store in Apgujeong," raising eyebrows.

They also talked about a fight between Siwon and Ryeowook as they gave the details on disputes over the last ten years. The MCs said, "Has Siwon never gotten into fights?" and Yesung replied, "He surprisingly fought with Ryeowook. At the time, I worried that he might kill Ryeowook," making everyone laugh.

Leeteuk said, "Siwon likes doing high fives, but one day, Ryeowook got angry... because he did so many high fives in one day.... Ryeowook yelled at that time, "Don"t do high fives.""

Siwon said honestly, "At the time, I was sitting across from Ryeowook and worried about what I should do. Then, I said, "Would you be capable of not seeing me?" and Ryeowook replied that he would be capable. Ryeowook and I really don"t get along. He"s really not my type. We act considerately toward each other because we know each other. He"s a dongsaeng that I like, but our inclinations are very different."

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SM Entertainment + fans congratulate Ryeowook on his birthday

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SM Entertainment + fans congratulate Ryeowook on his birthday

Super Junior"s Ryeowookhas turned 28!

The oldest in Super Junior"s maknaeline was born on June 21st,1987. He turned 28 internationally and 29 in Korea, and fans celebrated by, among other things, trending HappyRyeowookDayon Twitter.

Also, the staff of SM Entertainmentsent Ryeowook"s radio show "Super Junior"s Kiss the Radio" a cake and some Vintage Dom Perignon for his birthday.

Happy birthday to Ryeowook!

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K.Will, Super Junior"s Ryeowook, Park Bo Gum to cameo in "Producer"

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K.Will, Super Junior

More and more stars will make their cameo appearance in KBS"s "Producer".

A drama"s rep revealed on June 9th,"K.Will, Super Junior"s Ryeowook and actor Park Bo Gum are scheduled to cameo in the nineth episode of "Producer"".

Park Bo Gum will appear as "Music Bank" MC, while K.Will and Ryeowook will act as the DJs for "Kiss The Radio".

"Producer" has been gaining much attention thanks to its star-studded cameo line-up such as Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seung Gi, Go Ah Ra, Park Jin Young, TaeTiSeo, Yoo Hee Yeol and many more.

This episode will be broadcasted on June 12th at 9:15PM KST. READ MORE