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Kang Ho Dong is more noted than Leeteuk in North Korea?

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Kang Ho Dong is more noted than Leeteuk in North Korea?

Apparently, Kang Ho Dong is more popular than Leeteuk in North Korea!

A girl that had escaped North Korea changed into once a guest on "Star King" at the 22nd. On the show, she revealed, "I think Kang Ho Dong is the most efficient having a look person. In North Korea, anyone like Kang Ho Dong is thought of as the most efficient looking. There"s nobody that will also come close."

Soyu then asked, "Then who"s more noted in North Korea: Leeteuk or Kang Ho Dong?", and the lady chose Kang Ho Dong without a unmarried moment of hesitation, making all of the studio laugh.

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Kang Ho Dong Welcomes Super Junior’s Leeteuk Back to “Star King” with Open Arms

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Kang Ho Dong Welcomes Super Junior’s Leeteuk Back to “Star King” with Open Arms

After two and a half years away, Super Juniors Leeteuk has returned to take back his position as co-host of SBSs talent variety show Star King.

Leeteuk had been a frequent member of the shows panel for many years before becoming an official co-host in 2011. However, he had to leave after a year in order to complete his military service.

On April 18s episode, co-host Kang Ho Dong and the star panelists welcome Leeteuk back enthusiastically.

Kang Ho Dong announces proudly, The son of Star King, Leeteuk, has returned after two and a half years! He then gives him a warm hug.

When Kang Ho Dong asks Leeteuk how he feels about coming back, Leeteuk says, Its like coming home. Kang Ho Dong then compliments him on the fact that he is still great at hosting. Its as easy as chewing gum, responds Leeteuk.

Leeteuk will now be a regular host on Star King, which airs every Saturday. He is also currently hosting the shows “I Can See Your Voice on Mnet and “Match Made in Heaven Returns on MBC Every1, and will soon be hosting the upcoming show White Swan on JTBC.

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Super Junior"s Leeteuk to reunite with Kang Ho Dong as MC on "Star King" after 3 years

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Super Junior

We will get to see Super Junior"s Leeteuk hosting SBS"s "Star King" alongside Kang Ho Dong again after 3 years!

According to Kim Jae Hyuk PD on April 7th, Leeteuk has decided to make his comeback as a fixed MC of "Star King" and also finished his first recording on the 6th.

Leeteuk first joined "Star King" as an MC in 2011 and later stepped down from his position in October 2012 in order to complete his military service. Before officially making his coming back, he also appeared as a special MC alongside Kang Ho Dong for "Star King"s 400th episode last January, showing his loyalty to the show.

Leeteuk is also the MC for Mnet"s "I Can See Your Voice", MBC Every1"s "Match Made in Heaven Returns" and JTBC"s "White Swan".

Super Junior′s Leeteuk Rejoins Kang Ho Dong as Co-MC for ′Star King′

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Super Junior′s Leeteuk Rejoins Kang Ho Dong as Co-MC for ′Star King′

--> After leaving the show to serve his country, Super Junior′s Leeteuk is headed back to SBS′ Star King.

On April 7, Leeteuk posted on his Instagram, "You all did well until the late hour~ ^^ MC Leeteuk, who returned to Star King. There are a lot of diverse programs and a lot of programs that create a lot of headlines, but I think that if the filming that I did for a program comes out well and if I worked hard and enjoyed it, it is the best program."

He continued, "I also think it′s right that I repay the person that has always taught me and helped me a lot. So, fans, don′t worry!! All I have to do is work hard wherever I go and make it out alive~^^."

Leeteuk left Star King in 2011 to fulfill his 2-year mandatory military service. In January, he appeared as a special MC for Star King′s 400th episode, sharing that it feels like he′s returned home and he′s still looking at possibilities to return to the show once again.

Leeteuk′s return to Star King is expected to broadcast sometime in mind-April.

Leeteuk to officially co-host Star King again with Kang Ho Dong after nearly 3 years

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Leeteuk to officially co-host Star King again with Kang Ho Dong after nearly 3 years

Here"s some good news for the popular show "Star King", as they have regained their former co-host Super Junior"s Leeteuk!

On April 7, Leeteuk announced that he had become a permanent co-host for SBS" "Star King" again and had finished filming his first comeback episode.

The beloved leader will join current host Kang Ho Dong, resuming his position he left when he left for the army. Before this, he had joined Kang Ho Dong as a special MC for "Star King"s 400th special episode back in January, and it seems his presence had been quite missed for they"ve brought him as a permanent host!

Leeteuk is quite the popular MC, as he"s also a host of Mnet"s "I Can See Your Voice" and MBC"s "Match Made in Heaven Returns", and now SBS" "Star King" again!

If you aren"t already, are you going to start watching "Star King" just for Leeteuk?

[Soulmates Returns] Super Junior's Leeteuk Reveals Kang Ho Dong's Advice "Always Feel Full of Energy"

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[Soulmates Returns] Super Junior's Leeteuk Reveals Kang Ho Dong's Advice

The new MC of "Soulmates Returns," Super Junior's Leeteuk recently opened up about the advice he received from the former MC, Kang Ho Dong!

Leeteuk said, “Since I became the MC of Soulmates Returns, I contacted Kang Ho Dong, who was the MC previously. Kang Ho Dong told me to never be tired before the filming begins so that I can show my energy to the staff and the participants and that he wishes to see energetic hosting from the beginning to the end without getting exhausted. I think I still have long ways to go in order to catch up to Kang Ho Dong’s energy. I will work harder so that I can catch up to him.”

Boom, who will be hosting the show along with Leeteuk, said, “I was worried that if we bring young, vigorous stars together at the studio, like the time when Kang Ho Dong sunbaenim hosted Soulmates, they would be shy, but the realistic sides of them came out. As I watched them being shy and showing tears as they tried to win love, I felt like this was real.”

Meanwhile, Soulmates Returns is the spin-off program of MBC’s Soulmates, which aired in 2002 and produced numerous stars, including Lee Seo Jin, Yun Eun Hye, Jeon Hye Bin, Han Chae Young, Rain, Sung Shi Kyung, Psy and more.

The show featuring the first unit of participants, namely SHINee’s Taemin, Super Junior-M’s Henry, Cross Gene’s Takuya, Moon Hee Jun, Royal Pirates’ James, Hyun Woo, Secret’s Jeon Hyo Sung, Narsha, EXID’s Jung Hwa, Fujii Mina and Yoo Seung Ok, is set to air on March 10.

Super Junior"s Leeteuk Says He Misses Kang Sora

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Super Junior

Leeteuk apparently still misses his virtual wife Kang Sora.

The March 29 broadcast of tvN′s enews visited the appointment ceremony for the 10th wave of Military Manpower Administration honorary ambassadors held on March 27. Leeteuk and Sangchoo were appointed ambassadors this day.

Leeteuk especially opened up about his former virtual wife Kang Sora, who appeared with him on We Got Married before his enlistment, and talked about how he missed her.

Kang Sora had recently talked about Leeteuk on radio, saying that she was keeping a bracelet that Leeteuk had given her.

Leeteuk said about the statement, "I felt great, but I think she′s keeping the bracelet because it′s made of gold."

He added, "I miss Kang Sora very much also."

When Sangchoo said he had received autographed CDs from Girls′ Generation (SNSD), Leeteuk said sadly, "I did not get signed CDs from SNSD, and the Super Junior members never came to see me either."

Sangchoo and Leeteuk entered the army through Uijungbu on the same day, October 30, and have been active as PR agents with the Defense Media Agency.

Kang Sora mentions Super Junior’s Leeteuk on CulTwo’s radio program

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Kang Sora mentions Super Junior’s Leeteuk on CulTwo’s radio program

Kang Sora referred to her former We Got Married husband Super Juniors Leeteuk.

The actress appeared on the March 26th airing of SBS Radios Two oclock Escape Cultwo Show and spoke about Leeteuk, who is currently serving in the army.

She shared, A few days ago I went to see the musical Promise, and I got to see Leeteuk. He looked really good.

Kang Sora added, His body looked good. He got some muscles and became more manly. Maybe he was made for the army, causing listeners to laugh.

Do you remember Kang Sora and Leeteuk as husband and wife on MBCs We Got Married?

Kang Sora: "I Watched Leeteuk's Musical"

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Kang Sora: I Watched Leeteuks Musical Actress Kang Sora gives fans of her and Super Junior Leeteuks a reason to be happy. The Dream High 2 star admitted that she had recently seen the idol, who is currently serving in the military.

Kang Sora talked about the subject on her appearance in SBS Power FMs Cultwo Show on March 26. She said, Not too long ago, I went to see Leeteuk in Promise, his musical. Hes more manly now than when we were filming We Got Married. He looked in a good condition, and handsome with his muscles. The army seems to suit him.

Fans will recall that Kang Sora and Leeteuk were a virtual couple on the MBC Saturday variety We Got Married, when it was on its third season. 

Kang Sora Talks About Her Kiss With Leeteuk, "I Knew in 4 Seconds..."

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Kang Sora Talks About Her Kiss With Leeteuk, I Knew in 4 Seconds... On March 8, actress Kang Sora talked about her kiss that she shared with Super Juniors Leeteuk on MBCs We Got Married.

When asked how she felt during their farewell kiss, she replied, After 4 seconds, I felt like I knew him. My hands were all awkward.

About Leeteuks enlistment, she admitted, Honestly, I feel really sad and regretful that I wasnt even able to give him a proper good-bye. I wasnt even able to catch a drink with him and tell him, Hey, come back safely, okay?

When asked if the We Got Married couple still remained in contact with one another, she replied, We occasionally call each other and sometimes use KakaoTalk to communicate. I saw Promise a few days ago too. Hes already become a man. Leeteuk is currently cast in a role for the musical Promise while serving in his enlistment.  

In related news, Kang Sora has been busy with promotions for her film My Pavarotti, as the female protagonist Sook hee. 

Who still misses this adorable couple?