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Kwak Si Yang Treats Kim So Yeon to a Date Are compatible For a Romantic Movie

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Kwak Si Yang Treats Kim So Yeon to a Date Have compatibility For a Romantic Film ck525 November 28, 2015 0 LINE it!Kwak Si Yang Treats Kim So Yeon to a Date Fit For a Romantic Movie Kwak Si Yang made Kim So Yeon feel like a persona from a romantic movie.

On the episode of MBC’s “We Were given Married 4” aired on November 28, Kwak Si Yang plans the day for Kim So Yeon’s upcoming birthday. The 2 are lovey-dovey from the instant they are in the house, and continue to shower every other with love whilsttaking phase in a date outdoors.

Kwak Si Yang prepares occasions for Kim So Yeon in small puts like radio stations, fuel stations, and clothing stores.

“I don’t know what to do,” Kim So Yeon responds to the presents. “Thank you so much. The words ‘thank you’ aren’t even enough.”

“There is a note than approach more than thank you,” Kwak Si Yan says as he slyly requests for her to mention “I love you.”

Kim So Yeon becomes flustered and says, “I’ll shout it out on my own at home.”

Afterwards, Kim So Yeon requests for Kwak Si Yang to whisper in her ear as her wish.

“Thank you for being born,” he says, bringing the panel to shout out in a combine of envy and adoration.

“I think the two are the ideal couple,” DINDIN says.

The two continue to experience their date on the streets of Samcheongdong while being cheered on by capacity offeminineprimefaculty students.

“I don’t know what to do with myself,” Kim So Yeon says in embarrassment at all of the attention.

However, ahead of she knows it, she is soon tearing up, touched by Kwak Si Yang’s homemade birthday cake.

Check out Kwak Si Yangs radio portion of his tournament in the video below!

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Kwak Si Yang prepares a candy birthday wonder for Kim So Yeon on 'We Were given Married'

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Kwak Si Yang prepares a candy birthday wonder for Kim So Yeon on 'We Were given Married'

Kwak Si Yang ready a candy birthday marvel for Kim So Yeon at the November 28 installment of 'We Were given Married'.

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Though he is younger, Kwak Si Yang knew just what to do when it got here to making Kim So Yeon happy. He willing a radio message for her! Whilstriding in the car, Kwak Si Yang became on the radio and a unique broadcast message aired only for her. He also got her favourite coffee ready, and made couple t-shirts for them to wear. 

Kim So Yeon said, "I did not even dream of it. My husband acknowledged he was once very busy. I know that he leaves at 2 in the morning, so I do now not know when he had the time to checklist the message." She gave him a large hug to thank him, and he responded, "I felt charged and excellent when she came into my arms. I think like my battery's been recharged."

Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Are Additional Tacky and Lovable on

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Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Are AdditionalTacky and Lovable on We Were given Marriedleejd November 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Kwak Si Yang and Kim So Yeon Are More Cheesy and Cute on We Got Married Kim So Yeon and Kwak Si Yang raises hairs amongaudiencevia their candy interactions on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

When Kwak Si Yang returns house after runningtill the early morning, an excited Kim So Yeon adorably runs barefoot to greet her husband and supplies him a hug. Kwak Si Young asks Kim So Yeon, “Don’t you want to have to recharge too?” and affords her a kiss on her forehead. Kim So Yeon becomes very embarrassed yet replies, “I feel recharged now.”

Their lovey-dovey courting does no longerforestall there. Kwak Si Yang tells Kim So Yeon that she resembles a cat and makes a decision that her nickname may be ‘kitten’ from now on. To this, Kim So Yeon decides to give her husband a nickname as smartly and chooses to name Kwak Si Young ‘puppy.’ They start to play around with their new nicknames as Kim So Yeon jokingly says, “Puppy, paw!” to her husband and asks for his hand. Kwak Si Young accepts his wife’s funny story and pretends to surrender his hand like a real puppy.

The couple’s cheesy but adorable interactions will also beobserved in the recent episode of “We Got Married,” airing November 28 at five p.m. KST. Don’t leave out it!

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Kwak Si Yang asks for Kim So Yeon's permission to movie a bed scene on 'We were given Married'

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Kwak Si Yang asks for Kim So Yeon's permission to movie a bed scene on 'We were given Married'

Kwak Si Yang asked for Kim So Yeon"s permission to film a bed scene at the November 21 installment of "We Got Married".

The couple were out camping when Kwak Si Yang determined to hit Kim So Yeon with a troublesome question. He asked, "Let"s say that a task I"m in has a bed scene. It"s a bed scene that"s required for the movie"s plot. What would you do?" Surprised, Kim So Yeon responded, "This is a not easy question."

He responded, "It"s one scene, yet it"s more or less harsh. i suspect I"ll acquire a minimum of one award from the head 3 award ceremonies though." She briefly answered, "You must do it then."

Kwak Si Yang acknowledged right through his solo interview, "I used to be thankful that she understood me, but I didn"t like it. I sought after her to say, "My husband is mine. Don"t do it." Kim So Yeon also expressed, "I felt the same. On the inside, i used to be opposed to it. However, I saw the enthusiasm in his eyes as an actor. I feel in that moment, I"d be more of a sunbae than a wife."

What do you consider what they said?

One O One, actor workforce adding Kwak Si Yang, drop MV for 'Stunning'

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One O One, actor workforce adding Kwak Si Yang, drop MV for 'Stunning'

Get in a position for a set of actors as they drop "Stunning" MV beneath the gang call One O One!  The participants come with Kwak Si Yang, Kwon Do Kyun, Song Won Suk, and Ahn Hyo Seop.

The song "Stunning" is amusing and candy with their bright voices soaring as one. The MV presentations them running difficult behind-the-scenes, whether they"re getting their footage taken or getting makeup done.

It"s hard to disclaim that it"s great just having a look at this eye sweet organization whilst paying attention to their sweet voices 

Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park Post Mysterious Letters

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Yang Hyun Suk, G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park Post Mysterious Letters

--> YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and artists G-Dragon, Taeyang, CL and Sandara Park have posted a sequence of mysterious letters on Instagram, arousing curiosity.

Yang Hyun Suk posted pictures of the letters ′E′ and ′H′ on his Instagram on November 17 with the hashtags #WHOSNEXT, #YG and #20151121. He also tagged giant Bang′s G-Dragon and Taeyang in addition Sandara Park and CL in the post, leaving many to wonder whether a collaboration is in the works.

At the similar time, G-Dragon posted the letters ′O′ and ′I,′ whilst Taeyang posted the letters ′L,′ ′B,′ and ′H.′ CL posted the letters ′C,′ ′L′ and the signal ′+,′ while Sandara Park posted the letters ′E′ and ′S′ on her Instagram, leaving many curious as to what the letters mean.

YG up to now teased ′WHO′s NEXT?′ to arrive at the scene on November 21 by the use of its legit blog on November four and November 9.

As the letters point to some other trace at which artist could be unveiled on November 21, enthusiasts were looking to bet who will apply after Jinusean, Enormous Bang and iKON, who were mobilized previous this year.

Meanwhile, iKON released two new singles and song videos on November 16 and is determined to free up its complete album on December 14. Psy also announced that he′s freeing a new album on December 1.

Photo credit: G-Dragon, Taeyang′s Instagram

Yang Hyun Suk talks about connecting with his artists

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Yang Hyun Suk talks about connecting with his artists

Yang Hyun Suk attended the clicking convention for the impending 5th season of SBS"s "K-Pop famous person 5" on November 16, where he mentioned his agency, YG Entertainment.

He admitted, "I don"t deeply glance into or have a kind of conversations with the singers in my agency, yet I pay attention a perfect deal about what the ones buddies like and feature passion in. I regularly think that I be informed when I hear things about what they do."

He then went into his old group, the legendary Seo Taiji and Boys. He said, "Honestly, I"ve also been in SEO Taiji and Boys, but Large Bang does an excellent deal larger than we did at that time. If possible, I do now not communicate to them personally, but as I hear so much about what they are thinking and what they prefer from manufacturers like Teddy, i suspect i'm following them exactly. I"m in my 40"s, so it"s challenging for me to observe the mind of other folks in their teens. However, as the CEO who"s left the authoritative system, I step closer to their hearts."

Yang Hyun Suk Says Large Bang is Bettter Than What SEO Taiji and Boys Was

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Yang Hyun Suk Says Large Bang is Bettter Than What SEO Taiji and Boys Was

--> Yang Hyun Suk when compared giant Bang to search engine optimization Taiji and Boys.

During a production presentation for SBS′ K-Pop Megastar 5, held at SBS corridor in Seoul′s Mok-dong on November 16, Yang Hyun Suk acknowledged Large Bang is greater than Seo Taiji and Boys.

Yang Hyun Suk said, "I don′t communicate with the singers in my firm so much or glance deeply into them, yet I pay attention what they prefer and are interested by a lot. When I concentrate to what they′re saying, i suspect that I′m learning."

He continued, "To be honest, I did Seo Taiji and Boys, but Big Bang is such a lot better than what we were then. If possible, I don′t consult with them directly, but via Teddy and the producers, I hear what they′re thinking, what they like, and over time, I realize I′m following them. Because I′m in my 40s, it′s tricky for me to stay along of what youngster are thinking. But as the CEO, beyond authoritarianism, I manner them via their hearts."

Meanwhile, YG′s Yang Hyun Suk, JYP′s Park Jin Young and Antenna Music′s Yoo Hee Yeol can be returning as the judges of K-Pop Star 5. as neatly as those judges, six people from each and every agency will make up an 18-member guest judging committee. the primary episode will air on November 22 at 6:10 p.m. KST.

Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s excessive temper Swings

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Park Jin Young Exposes Yang Hyun Suk’s severe Mood Swings Park Jin Young made amusing of Yang Hyun Suk’s mood swings in a preview for “K-Pop Superstar 5.”

During the prologue of SBS’s “K-pop Star 5” aired on November 15, the display is reintroduced prior to the beginning of a new season.

When Yoo Hee Yeol is asked if he is sad with any facets of the show, he says, “I’m now not certain if Yang Hyun Suk is attending a comedy academy because it kind of feels like he needs to branch out to form shows.”

“He has intense mood swings. He doesn’t discuss when he's tired or unhappy. whilst I’d be at liberty if he didn’t have any mood swings, they’re beautiful bad,” Park Jin Young teases. “It’s because he’s gotten too successful.”

Kim So Yeon gets jealous over Kwak Si Yang's kiss scenes on 'We were given Married'

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Kim So Yeon gets jealous over Kwak Si Yang's kiss scenes on 'We were given Married'

Kim So Yeon got jealous over Kwak Si Yang"s drama kiss scenes at the November 14 installment of "We Got Married".

Kim So Yeon told Kwak Si Yang, "I saw it. Your kiss scene." He no doubt appeared wary as she continued, "To be honest, I overlooked that episode, yet somebody told me about it. I didn"t see all of the drama, but I did see that one scene. I saw it," and laughed.

Kwak Si Yang jokingly responded, "If you"re jealous, you should"ve kissed me first," and all of sudden added, "I"m sorry. I committed a grave sin."

Kim So Yeon stated all through her solo interview, "I think I saw the scene about 30 times. My husband prior to now said that he doesn"t think he may watch the affection scenes in my old dramas. I laughed at that time, but now I know what he meant. i used to be jealous."