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Boyfriend’s Minwoo to Make Cameo Appearance on “Producer”

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Boyfriend’s Minwoo to Make Cameo Appearance on “Producer”

It has been revealed that Minwoo of boy group Boyfriend will be making a cameo appearance on an upcoming episode of KBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Producer.”

A representative of Starship Entertainment shared, “Boyfriend’s maknae (youngest), Minwoo, will appear in ‘Producer’ as a member of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ alongside Sandara Park, Kang Seung Yoon, and Hani. Please look forward to it.”

On previous episodes of the drama, actresses Yoon Yeo Jung, Geum Bora, Hwang Shin Hye, and Hyun Young acted as members of 1 Night 2 Days directed by Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Soo Hyuns characters. However, after it was made known that the cast members would be replaced for a new season, the above-mentioned idols will be stepping in.

Meanwhile, “Producer” boasts a star-studded lineup including Kim Soo Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, and IU.

Are you looking forward to his cameo?

Boyfriend release Donghyun & Minwoo"s teasers for 4th mini album

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Boyfriend release Donghyun & Minwoo

Following the twins" teasers, Boyfriend follow up DonghyunMinwoo"s teasers for 4th mini album.

The boys are looking extra dashing in their stylish outfits and hairstyles. Are you looking forward to this comeback?

Meanwhile, Boyfriend are returning with 4th mini album on March 5.

Boyfriend reveal comeback image teasers for Donghyun and Minwoo

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Boyfriend reveal comeback image teasers for Donghyun and Minwoo

After teasing us with twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, Boyfriend have revealed the teaser images and video for Donghyun and Minwoo!

It looks like the boys of Boyfriend will be returning with a dashing, magician-inspired concept next month. There aren"t more details yet, but fans won"t have to wait long as their fourth mini album is slated for March 5.

What do you think about their comeback concept?

Boyfriend"s Minwoo reveals his close connection to actress Nam Bo Ra

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Boyfriend"s Minwoo revealed that he has a surprising connection to Nam Bo Ra!

The idol star shared that the actress was actually his aunt on his father"s side. He posted to Twitter on September 27, "Soyu X Urban Zakapa"s "The Space Between" is out. Nam Bo Ra noona who appears in the MV is actually my aunt. Please watch the MV a lot. The song is really good, so please give it lots of love. My aunt is the best! "The Space Between" is the best! Fighting," along with the photo of the two above.

As Minwoo said, Nam Bo Ra starred as the lead in "The Space Between" MV opposite Ahn Jae Hyun. The song has already made an all-kill on real-time music charts.

In other news, Boyfriend are set to make their comeback soon as well.

Tracklist And Teaser Images Of Youngmin & Minwoo Signal Boyfriend's Comeback

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Tracklist And Teaser Images Of Youngmin & Minwoo Signal Boyfriend's Comeback

Starship Entertainment"s popular boy group Boyfriend is gearing up for a comeback!

The K-Pop group who first debuted in 2011, has made a name for themselves with fans who love their sweet charms and playful concepts. Boyfriend"s songs have ranked high on various music charts such as Gaon and Oricon.

Boyfriend has also released two Japanese albums, held various concerts and have continued to wow fans with with fresh ideas for their comebacks. The boys also showed their transformation from a innocent boy next door image to bad boys on the dance floor. Even their music transformed into matured but lovable tracks.

The group is currently preparing to make a comeback with their latest EP, Witch, and theirmanaging agency, Starship Entertainment, has revealed teaser images of members Youngmin and Minwoo signaling the wait is over!

The agency shared thealbum jacket photos on Twitter with the messages, "Ready for Us?" and "Look forward to it."

The group also revealed the track list for the upcoming mini album, but still no word on an actual release date.

(Photo : Starship Entertainment) Translated:

Starship Entertainment releases teaser photos of BOYFRIEND"s Youngmin and Minwoo

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Starship Entertainment releases teaser photos of BOYFRIEND

Starship Entertainment uploaded the photos above on their official Twitter.

Those are the two teaser photos of Youngmin and Minwoo for BOYFRIEND"s upcoming comeback. It was captioned with, "Ready for Us?" and "Look forward to it ^^."

BOYFRIEND revealed that they"re coming back through uploading the track list photo of their third mini album.

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Starship Entertainment reveals Youngmin and Minwoo"s teaser images for Boyfriend comeback

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Starship Entertainment reveals Youngmin and Minwoo

Starship Entertainment has revealed Youngmin and Minwoo"s teaser images for Boyfriend"s comeback!

The agency posted the two members" album jacket photos to Twitter with their messages, "Ready for Us?" and "Look forward to it ^^." Boyfriend signaled their comeback with the track list for their third mini album, but further details have yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned for more on Boyfriend"s return!

Happy birthday to BOYFRIEND"s Minwoo

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Happy birthday to BOYFRIEND

Stage Name: Minwoo Birth Name: No Min Woo Nickname: King of Sweating, Human Pollution Birthday: July 31, 1995 Label: Starship entertainment Group: BOYFRIEND Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Maknae Height: 174 cm Blood Type: A Specialties: Acting, Hapikdo, Swimming

- He is a fanboy of Girls" Generation"s Jessica - He has had acting experience before - He likes Hyunseong more than the other members - He was known as the King of Sweating because he sweats the most - He can easily get in a bad mood - He shares a room with Donghyun and Hyunseong - He wanted to have a cool image, but ended up with a cute image - He likes Mickey Mouse

Junggigo sings "Too Good" for "Highschool:Love On" OST ft. Boyfriend"s Minwoo

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Junggigo sings

Are you getting the thrill of the love triangle between Sungyeol, Woohyun, and Seron on the romantic fantasy teen drama "Highschool:Love On"?

Singer Junggigo is going to get you into the blossoming romance even more with his OST "Too Good" for the drama. His warm voice fits well with this med-tempo song along with Boyfriend"s Minwoo"s rap.

JungGiGo sings "Too Good" (ft. Boyfriend"s Minwoo) for "High School" OST MV

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JungGiGo sings

The talented JungGiGo has participated in his first OST after his major debut with the help of Boyfriend"s Minwoo!

The song is titled "Too Good" and it"s a medium tempo urban dance track that goes along very well with the style of the drama "High School". It"s already being used as the ending theme song of the show, which stars INFINITE"s Woohyun and Sungyeol, alongside actress Kim Sae Ron.

Check out the song as you watch scenes from the drama through the video clip above!