Was SNSD’s “Time Machine” PV a Waste of Time

Was SNSD’s “Time Machine” PV a Waste of Time

Was SNSDs Time Machine PV a Waste of Time? A few weeks ago, I posted with certain glee to tell you all that my secret BFFs SNSD were planning to resume Japanese promotions with the release of a PV for the awesome pop ballad Time Machine.  As is customary, the girls teased us twicefirst with a 30-second clip of an apparently miserable man, then with a 1.5 minute long clip of all nine of them in extremely varied weather conditions looking appropriately sad and regretful.  The pieces of the puzzle, it seemed, were there: sad man + sad women = an SM artist was finally, finally going to release a music video with a plot!  Surelysurely, they werent kidding us, right?  There was really going to be some semblance of a plot in this video, right?  Right?

Well.  Not exactly.  But it was kinda-sorta an improvement over the nonsensical dove-releasing, the excessive use of the matrix cam, and the dancing-inside-a-fictitious-box thing that they normally doI think?

Lets get to it.

Anyone who watches this video in its entirety should be able to glean at least two things: 1) despite the fact that one of the teasers quite literally only featured Japanese actor Imada Kouji, he is absolutely nowhere to be found anywhere in this video, and 2) while the video makes a serious attempt to place the girls in some sort of societal context (as opposed to situating them in some mystery snow-filled fairy land with a giant white rock formation), there isbasically no plot to speak of.  And the girls STILL wound up in some random room filled with all manner of inane props.

The PV begins with the exact same 1.5 second teaser that led me to assume that the video would be drastically different from all previous SNSD releasesand one would do well to pay careful attention to this first minute and a half, because the setting in which each of the girls is placed does not change throughout the entirety of the video.

Was SNSDs Time Machine PV a Waste of Time? We begin the sound of a ringing phone that nobody answers and a shot of the first of many clocks that we will be repeatedly hit over the head with during the course of our viewing (because this video is about time, get it?)  The girls then show up one by one; first is Yoona, who is walking in what appears to be an extremely heavy snow storm whilst wearing a completely weather-inappropriate (but nonetheless flattering) wedding-esque white dress.  Taeyeon appears next, standing in what I can only guess is a rose garden somewhere in the southern hemisphere, judging by the fact that the weather looks quite nice where she is.  Next up is Sunny (whose outfit is, let me just say it right now, completely hideous to my eyes), who has found herself in a dark alley in the middle of a serious rainstorm, naturally sans umbrella.  Tiffany seems to be caught in the same snowstorm as is Yoona, but at least she was wise enough to bring an umbrella (though Im not convinced that her jacket, however stylish, is keeping her warm).  Standing against a random brick wall and wearing a most unflattering ensemble is Hyoyeon (cmon stylists, your bias is showing!).  Yuri is likely in her bedroom and is surrounded by balloons andtinsel?  Party streamers?  Well never find out what these things are or why they are there, but I guess the takeaway point is that something about her iPhone has disappointed her.  In a car with the most generous legroom Ive ever seen sits Jessica, who writes (what I think is the word) always on cars foggy window.  Seohyun is most likely located in the same country as is Taeyeon, and looks longingly at what I speculate is a photograph (though again, we will never find out who or what it is a photograph of, so yeah).  And finally, there is Sooyoung, who answers the phone that is apparently still ringing after all this time.  One more shot of Yoona in her snowstorm leads us into the musics first measures.

And thats basically the entire video.  If you chose not to watch the rest of it, you really wouldnt miss anything.

Was SNSDs Time Machine PV a Waste of Time? No, Im serious.  All that followsliterallyis close-up shots of the girls singing while looking sad in their respective bizarre environments, naturally interspersed with group shots of all of them singing in (wait for it) A ROOM that is draped with a nondescript gray curtain and filled with clocks.  One of these clocks looks a bit like the Japanese flag to me, and its color scheme is really distracting.  In these group shots, all of the girls are resplendent in white outfits, which range from flattering to downright hideous (Yoona, Im looking at you and your shapeless bag dress that appears to be adorned with a pattern of cotton balls).  The lighting choice is, in my opinion, terrible; why do they all look so pale and washed-out?  That they all look white as a sheet makes Taeyeons overly made-up eyebrows look even worse than Im pretty sure they are.  Also, Sunnys hair is in desperate need of some highlights.

The video ends in an almost befittingly confusing manner, with some of the girls walking out of/away from the environments in which they were so inexplicably situated.  I cant tell if this is because they decided to move on with their lives after a few minutes of looking sad, or because theyre going back in time (to be fair, there was that crazy shot of raindrops moving upward), or because they just got bored.  There is an oddly long close-up of Sooyoung.  Then, Yoona seems to see someone she knows or didnt expect to see (maybe its an off-camera Imada Kouji?), looks startled for a few breaths, and then takes off running towards said person. Video over.

Was SNSDs Time Machine PV a Waste of Time? Positives?  Well, despite the fact that I cant really contextualize or find any continuity between the various locales of the girls, at least they were portrayed in what we can only assume is real society, despite the fact that nobody should ever attempt to run around in a snowstorm while wearing heels and a dress without a coat.  There were also non-Soshies in the video; though their visages are blurred, they are at least there.  And we also got to see the girls kind of do a bit of acting, which is probably a good thing since more of them are showing up in dramas these days.  Some of them even shed a tear or two.

On the other hand, though, was this video really all that different from any other SM video?  It is essentially plotless and features the same overdone scheme that is alternating close-ups and group shots.  So what if the girls are actually featured in realistic places?  Looking pretty in a close-up shot in a realistic place is hardly different from looking pretty in a close-up shot in a glittery, other-worldly box.  Also, the fact that there was no dancing in the video led to an over-reliance on pretty close-up shots that ultimately didnt really add anything.  Ergo, the video wound up being a somewhat more diversified, yet blandly run-of-the-mill SM production.

Was SNSDs Time Machine PV a Waste of Time? Additionally, is it just me, or did anyone else have a hard time discerning voices in this song?  As a mildly obsessive fan, I am usually quick to pick out who is singing where, but it seemed to me that Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Yoona had no solo lines in this song; the fact that there are no close-ups of any of them singing solo parts leads me to believe that this is true.  Not that Im all about the Power of 9, but I feel like that might piss off some of the fans.

I really wanted to like this video, because no words can do justice to both how much I adore the song and how much I want SNSD to do something, anything, that isnt completely horrible.  Moreover, I really wanted to say that it matched my expectations in a good way, that it finally had a plot that matched the video and was well-executed all around.  However, despite showing a teensy tiny amount of growth, all I can say is that it matched my expectations in that I have been  trained to expect very little from an SM video, and I got exactly that.  Disappointment.

SNSD, I will never ever stop loving you to bits, but youre making it extremely difficult for me to find something nice to say about you these dayswhich totally isnt your fault, per se, but you know.  As Ree pointed out last week, you guys had a stellar debut.  I really hope that the magic starts coming back.  Though the final product was lacking, Time Machine might represent a kinda-sorta step in the right direction.  I can only hope that they dont revert back in time, so to speak, and disappoint me further on their next endeavor.

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  SNSD Needs a Time Machine

SNSD Needs a Time Machine

Good news for SONEs: SNSD is set to begin a new round of Japanese promotions in March! It appears that the ladies will be promoting Time Machine, a song off of their repackaged Japanese album; a teaser for the accompanying music video was released earlier this week. Without further ado:

SNSD Needs a Time Machine? For those seasoned K-pop fans who have grown accustomed to SM Entertainments method of making music videos, this teaser is surprising for a few reasons. Notably, there is not a single Soshi to be found anywhere in this teaser, and the presence of the sad, sad man (portrayed by Japanese actor Imada Kouji) indicates that we just might see a storyline in this music videolike, an actual storyline, you guys! With a plot and stuff! The last SNSD music video that even kinda-sorta had one of those was Gee, and that came out in January 2009. And really, that wasnt so much a plot as it was numerous shots of the girls looking cute while trying on clothes.  Which was definitely entertaining, butI digress.

But as interesting as it might be to see the girls actually act in a music video (though I doubt well escape without seeing them dance via matrix camera in a large and pointlessly decorated room, even if SM isnt totally in control of the final product), what really struck me was the 30-second clip of the song, which, despite the song being about two months old at this point, Id never listened to before. And to be honest, I like it. A lot.

Before I proceed, a confession: although Im kind of a crazy SNSD fangirl (who is, no lie, wearing SNSD socks as I type this), I was completely disinterested in SNSDs Japanese promotions when they first began. As someone whose love of K-pop went and still goes hand-in-hand with her study of the Korean language, I never felt compelled to listen to any Korean groups Japanese material because well, I dont speak Japanese, and half of the songs are just translated versions of their Korean singles, so why bother? But then SNSD released Mr. Taxi, a new song in Japanese that had no Korean counterpart, and curiosity got the better of me.  Though for some reason I really, really wanted to dislike it (maybe for the sake of declaring their Korean songs superior?), I didnt just like it, I looooved it. All four os are completely necessary, because I dont otherwise know how to convey to you just how down I was with the song. And I was bitter, oh yes, because in my humble opinion, Mr. Taxi was one of SNSDs best releases to date, and I couldnt believe that it wasnt first given to the Korean promotion cycle.

SNSD Needs a Time Machine? Oh well, I told myself, no mattersurely SM Entertainment will release a Korean version of that song in no timewhich as we all know, they eventually did. But not before getting my attention again with the music video for BAD GIRL. Patricia was right about this being, by all appearances, a low-budget and all-around ridiculous music video, but oh my gaaaad the song. The song! Why, I questioned the God of Equitable and Fair Music Distribution, were these two amazing songs off of the Japanese album and not the Korean album? I consoled myself with fantasizing about SNSDs impending Korean comeback. These Japanese songs are unbelievably good, I told myself, which bodes well for their new Korean album. In fact, I will be most pleased if they just translate these Japanese songs into Korean and call it a day. Yes, most pleased.

Aaaaand then The Boys came and went, and Seoulbeats writers were not amused, to say the least, and frankly, nor was I. Though I somehow convinced myself to like The Boys as a single, I was just not having about 70% of the album as a whole. The first 15 seconds of Say Yes convinced me that the rest of the song was not worth listening to (and had me wondering if SNSD Needs a Time Machine? Diana Ross and the Supremes could somehow sue the pants off of SME for use of the phrase Stop in the name of love), Lazy Girl was a song that smacked of songwriter laziness (ironic!), Vitamin and Telepathy were campy, and My J was just nonsensical. Of course, your mileage may vary; those are just my opinions of the songs. But let me echo my fellow writer Natalie here and say that the totality of the album showed a pathetic amount of musical maturation and growth. I was disappointed and, to put it bluntly, annoyed enough to cherry-pick through iTunes once the album became available for purchase. I downloaded less than half of it.

This teaser for Time Machine (and the awesomeness of the song itself) has not only reminded me of my latent dissatisfaction with SNSDs last Korean album, but  has also recalled to me a discussion that some super-cool readers (hi, readers!)  had in the comments section of one of my last posts comparing SNSDs Japanese and Korean releases. The general consensus reached among them was that SNSDs Japanese releases were superior to their Korean ones, and having taken the suggestion to listen to Let it Rain and other songs that I previously neglected, I have to echo this. I am digging the Japanese songs with as much enthusiasm as I put into hating The Boys CD.

I myself am not exactly sure why SNSDs Japanese songs reflect such a different musical style, though Im sure that the fact that two different management/distribution companies are involved colors the production process. Im also led to speculate as to whether or not SNSD is targeting a different demographic in Japan; the girls have SNSD Needs a Time Machine? said themselves that their Japanese album reflects a more mature, challenging style, and I think that might be more appealing to a slightly older audience. Given the immense popularity of larger-than-life girl group AKB48 in Japan among the demographic that SNSD generally appeals to in South Korea, it might be that theyve gone a slightly different route in order to avoid direct competition and maximize their chances for success (for which, I personally, am grateful; the day that I see SNSD do something like this will honestly be my Last Day as a SONE, and I will renounce all nine of them with a ritual burning of my SNSD t-shirts, and probably the socks, too). Whatever the reason, I cant say (and I welcome the contribution of any reader who might be more knowledgeable about the Japanese music market than I); what I can say for certain is that I really, really like the direction in which SNSDs Japanese promotions appear to be moving.

Im not so naive as to imagine that SNSD can completely abandon the image theyve cultivated for themselves in South Korea, and I admit to enjoying some of their earlier cutesy and aegyo-laden work (I truly did love Echo, and Etude also had a fairly good run on my iTunes playlist), but their Japanese promotions have made me feel cheated. On the one hand, SNSD is producing good music that I really enjoy listening to; on the other, they are producing it in a language that I dont understand and releasing it in a market thats generally unaccessible to me (I still cant purchase most of SNSDs Japanese songs on the US version of iTunes, and believe it or not, I do try to be fairly conscientious with my music purchasing). And sure, I know that good music is good music regardless of what language it is in, and that many K-pop fans enjoy music in Korean and Japanese without speaking or understanding either language, but the growing disparity between my appreciation for SNSDs Japanese releases and their Korean releases have made me wonder why, exactly, I cant have my cake and eat it, too.

If SNSD really does need a time machine, maybe the dial to go the past can be permanently disabled so that they have no choice but to move forward with their musical production? Wishful thinking, but what do you think, readers? Do you prefer SNSDs Japanese album or Korean album(s), and what do you hope to see out of them this year?

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SNSDs Taeyeon to accomplish I for First Time on M COUNTDOWN As of late (10/8)

SNSDs Taeyeon to accomplish I for First Time on M COUNTDOWN As of late (10/8)

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Taeyeon could be acting her debut solo song for the primary time at the October 8 reside broadcast of Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN.

Taeyeon, who currently released her first solo album, will be performing lead unmarried I on tonight′s M COUNTDOWN. I is a medium pace pop song that Taeyeon contributed to as a lyricist for the 1st time. Rapper Kanto will sign up for Taeyeon on level for tonight′s performance. Taeyeon is expected to turn out her prowess as a vocalist another time throughout the stage.

SNSD′s Taeyeon to accomplish ′I′ for First Time on ′M COUNTDOWN′ Lately (10/8)

Park Boram will also carry out her new song for the first time on tonight′s M COUNTDOWN. Park Boram, who earned repute via her debut single Beautiful, will go back with ballad Sorry. The song is garnering hobby because, like Beautiful, the song comprises autobiographical elements. As it′s her first time performing her own ballad, Park Boram reportedly poured her efforts into getting ready for the functionality and has resolved to give a stage this is have compatibility for fall.

CNBLUE, GOT7, Red Velvet, Homme, Lovelyz, Seventeen, DIA, UP10TION, Oh My Girl, Monsta X, 24K and more also are scheduled to take the stage on tonight′s M COUNTDOWN, airing at 6 p.m. KST.

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SNSDs Taeyeon to hang Solo Concert for First Time

SNSDs Taeyeon to hang Solo Concert for First Time

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Taeyeon may be maintaining her first-ever solo concert Taeyeon′s Very Special Day.

Taeyeon′s agency, SM Entertainment, mentioned on September 17, "Taeyeon′s Very Special Day will be the 2nd one concert in SM Entertainment′s concert series The Agit and may be held at the SMTOWN COEX Artium SMTOWN Theatre from October 23-25 and October 30 to November 1 for a general of six shows."

SNSD′s Taeyeon to hang Solo Concert for First Time

Taeyeon has earned popularity for her making a song skills and captivating tone now not best thru SNSD′s activities yet by way of more than a few OSTs and collaborations. As a cherished vocalist, the approaching concert will be a different time to revel in Taeyeon′s sensibilities and charms through songs and stories.

Ticket sales will start on September 23 at 8 p.m. KST through Yes24. As it′s Taeyeon′s first solo concert since her debut, the concert is expected to attract a hot reaction from fans.

Meanwhile, SM′s concert series The Agit holds the which means of inviting lovers to SM artists′ hideout, and Jonghyun will pass the baton directly to Taeyeon ahead of the relay continues on to other SM artists.

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SNSD Tops Billboards International Albums Chart for second Time

SNSD Tops Billboards International Albums Chart for second Time

--> Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s 5th full-length album Lion Heart has crowned Billboard′s World Albums chart.

SNSD′s new album Lion Heart, which turned into once released international by the use of iTunes on August 19, has risen to no 1 on Billboard′s World Albums chart, confirming the group′s global fame once more.

Billboard also published an editorial in its K-Pop column ′K-TOWN,′ titled ′Girls′ Generation′s ′Lion Heart′ Roars Group to 2d No.1 on World Albums′ on August 25, writing "Girls′ Generation′s newest No. 1 follows their other chart-topper on World Albums, 2013′s I Got a Boy. GG is now the 6th K-pop act to rating a couple of No. 1s at the ranking" and "Notably, 4 out of the six acts to earn a couple of chart-toppers come from SM Entertainment: Girls′ Generation, Girls′ Generation-TTS, SHINee and EXO are all beneath the similar Korean label."

SNSD Tops Billboard′s World Albums Chart for 2nd Time

SNSD′s double identify songs Lion Heart and You Think also ranked no 1 and two on YouTube′s K-Pop song Video Chart Top 20 (August 17-23) in addition at the weekly charts of China′s online video platform iQiyi′s Korean music video category and Chinese music website online YinYueTai′s V Chart Korean music video category.

SNSD also took house its first no 1 trophy for Lion Heart at the August 25 broadcast of SBS MTV′s The Show.

Meanwhile, SNSD is determined to accomplish Lion Heart on MBC Music′s Show Champion on August 26, Mnet′s M COUNTDOWN on August 27, KBS′ Music Bank on August 28, MBC′s Music Core on August 29 and SBS′ Inkigayo on August 30.

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SNSD to Wrap Up Real-Time V App Declares with Bowling Competition

SNSD to Wrap Up Real-Time V App Declares with Bowling Competition

--> The Girls′ Generation (SNSD) participants could be taking the contest to the bowling alley via Naver′s V app.

SNSD could be rounding out its weeklong ′SNSD 8 Beauties′ are living pronounces on Naver′s V app with a bowling festival on August 25 at 9:50 p.m.

SNSD to Wrap Up Real-Time V App Broadcasts with Bowling Competition

The SNSD participants could be split into groups to struggle it out in a bowling festival right via the August 25 broadcast, and Super Junior′s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk will serve as special MCs.

′SNSD 8 Beauties′ started on August 18 and should conclude on August 25 after 8 episodes, which featured introductions to the choreography to 5th album name song Lion Heart and the album in addition appearances by means of stars like Red Velvet′s Irene, Wonder Girls, Jinusean′s Sean, Jung Hyung Don and more.

Meanwhile, SNSD conducted double name songs Lion Heart and You Think in addition song Show Girls for the primary time on KBS′ Music Bank, MBC′s Music Core and SBS′ Inkigayo this beyond week, showing its charm via 3 other concepts.

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SNSDs Long island time out to be Featured on Channel SNSD

SNSDs Long island time out to be Featured on Channel SNSD

--> All from Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s go back and forth to big apple town can be revealed.

On taste published footage from SNSD′s marvel holiday in big apple City, and the episode will air on Channel SNSD on August 25.

SNSD′s big apple Trip to be Featured on ′Channel SNSD′

The footage display the SNSD members, who were given one day to experience the city.

From the participants taking part in a meal in combination at a cafe in the city to snapshots showcasing the members′ non-public style, the photos, which seem like they′re immediately out of a photo spread, are garnering attention.

In the August 25 episode, the SNSD participants will also discuss with a brunch place, antique shop, checklist shop and steak eating position frequented by means of New Yorkers.

The episode will also display the members′ airport type and how the girls every accessorize their hotel rooms. A venture that shocks the girls can also be published at the show.

Channel SNSD is the primary truth display starring all 8 members. Each member will plan and convey virtual content in the house she′s interested by means of herself.

The girls′ never-before-seen chemistry when they′re all in combination and their candid facets had been well-received.

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Maknae of SNSD Seohyun to share she wants to promote at the same time with Wonder Girls

Maknae of SNSD Seohyun to share she wants to promote at the same time with Wonder Girls

-- Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Seohyun revealed she′s excited to promote with Wonder Girls.

At a press conference for the release of SNSD′s new single, held at the Banyan Tree Hotel in Seoul on July 7, Seohyun revealed her thoughts on making a comeback with numerous girl groups.

Seohyun said, "I′ve been waiting to promote again, and it′s been a while since we made a comeback in the summer. The Wonder Girls are colleagues we′ve promoted together with before, so when I heard they will be promoting around the same time as us, it was welcome news."

She continued, "A lot of girl groups are overlapping with our promotions, and that makes us happy. You′ll be able to see differences as you watch other girl groups′ performances. I also wanted to show ′girl power,′ so it′s exciting to see a lot of girl groups get attention while promoting."

SNSD′s Seohyun Says She′s Excited to Promote with Wonder Girls

Meanwhile, SNSD will perform its new single at Party @ Banyan Tree. Shin Dong Yeop will serve as the special MC, and it will be streamed live at 8 p.m. KST via Naver Starcast.

Following the event, Party will be released online at 10 p.m. KST, and the group will begin making its rounds on music programs with KBS′ Music Bank on July 10 then MBC′s Show! Music Core


Dancing machine of SNSD Hyoyeon to express her eager to get married when 30

Dancing machine of SNSD Hyoyeon to express her eager to get married when 30

-- Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Hyoyeon, who recently transformed into an author with the release of her book HYO STYLE, revealed she wants to get married at age 30. Hyoyeon is currently 27 years old.

In HYO STYLE, Hyoyeon talks about fashion, beauty, style and love. She writes, "Before, I wanted to experience everything with a child of my own, so I wanted to get married early. But now, I want to get married after I have accomplished the things I want to do to a certain degree. Even so, I want to get married at 30. Because I know I will live happily."

SNSD′s Hyoyeon Says She Wants to Get Married at 30

She continues, "While living in a dorm, my perception of married life has become more realistic. But because I′ve experienced these things at least once now while living in a dorm, I′ll be better at in when I′m married."

On her ideal type, Hyoyeon says, "When I was younger, I liked people whose appearance matched my taste. Now, I think humanity is more important. I like people who are overflowing with humanity and can get along with the people around me."

Hyoyeon also reveals that she can count with one hand how many people she dated and loved up until now. However, she also says that she still isn′t sure what love is.

HYO STYLE is a book not only about Hyoyeon′s fashion style, but her life, beauty and everything related. Hyoyeon met with reporters at a book release event, held at a cafe in Seoul′s Seongsu-dong on July 1, where she said, "It′s a book about my style. Have fun reading it." Hyoyeon will begin promotions with SNSD on July 7.

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EXOs Baekhyun speaks up for the first time since relationship with SNSDs Taeyeon was revealed

EXOs Baekhyun speaks up for the first time since relationship with SNSDs Taeyeon was revealed

EXO’s Baekhyun speaks up for the first time since relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon was revealed

Baekhyun finally spoke up regarding his relationship with SNSD’s leader Taeyeon.

Ever since it has been reported that EXO’s Baekhyun and SNSD’s Taeyeon have been dating, the majority of fans have responded negatively to the event.The reason is not because the two are in a relationship, but because of their secret messaging through such social media as Instagram, when fans believed it was specifically for fan service.

From fans calling Baekhyun a traitor on ”Inkigayo” to Taeyeon approaching a fan to apologize through tears, some netizens have commented that SONEs’ and EXO fans’ behaviors are going too far.

Taeyeon has apologized via Instagram, and stayed true to her apologetic feelings even in public.

Now, a week later, Baekhyun too has spoken up to his fans.

Speaking up about the issue during EXO’s first Chinese concert “EXO FROM EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET – in CHONGQING” held on Saturday, June 28 in China’s Chong Qing Olympic Stadium, Baekhyun revealed to fans, “All of you fans are not those who I regard with ease or simplicity, but rather you are all precious to me and give me strength.  I sincerely hope this feeling will be known to all of you. I will be a Baekhyun that will work hard not just today, but every day, so please watch over me.”

This news has been spreading rapidly by fans and media reports alike on various social media portals since.

In related news, eleven members of EXO wrapped up their first Chinese concert, with 10,000 dedicated fans attending to cheer them on. Despite the rainy weather, fans waited outside the stadium for hours, excitedly anticipating their concert.

Starting off with “MAMA” in the beginning, they then proceeded with such songs as “Wolf,” “Growl,” “Overdose,” “3-6-5,” “Lucky,” “My Lady,” and more from their various albums.

EXO’s Baekhyun speaks up for the first time since relationship with SNSD’s Taeyeon was revealed

Overall, 31 songs were performed, in which the eleven members all got to showcase their myriad of skills and interact with their fans. It is also said that their Chinese fans have memorized the Korean lyrics perfectly, following along with every beat and word.

Their next performance in China, called “EXO FROM EXOPLANET #1 – THE LOST PLANET? In CHENGDU” will be held on July 5th.

What do you think about Baekhyun’s message to his fans?

Source: Ilgan Sports, Star News