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Two Idol Singers Printed on “King of Mask Singer”

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Two Idol Singers Revealed on “King of Mask Singer” On the November 22 episode of “King of Mask Singer,” now not most effective was once a new king crowned, yet two idol singers were revealed to have participated in the contest as well!

First, singer “Top of the World” became revealed to be no other than After School‘s Raina! Raina performed the song “Forgotten Season” opposed to opponent “Rainbow Romance” who performed Yangpa‘s “A Beginner in Love.”

Kim Gu Ra commented that “In the finish it kind of feels like it'll be a close match, the effects will range dependent on the sentiments of the panel. Personally, I actually like Yangpa’s songs so I listened very heavily to ‘Rainbow Romance.’ She sounds like Younha.”

“Rainbow Romance” claimed victory with nine votes over “Top of the World.” After Raina’s identity was revealed she commented that, “During concerts, others are at all times adjusting to my voice. Because other people’s expectations in opposition to my making a song isn’t that high, I sought after to turn a degree where I sang to my fullest.” She added a message to her mother, announcing that, “I will paintings demanding to develop into a daughter you'll be ready to be proud of. Let’s are living healthily in combination for a long time.”

In addition to Raina, singer “Hitmaker Freshman” was unmasked as B.A.P‘s Daehyun! Daehyun advanced to the 2d one circular of the show, where he lost to “Amazon Catch Girl” after singing the song “Empty Glass.”

“This is my first time on stage after a year and a half, so my center was beating and I had butterflies in my stomach. When i used to be resting at home, I was incessantly running on music. My father sang ‘Empty Glass’ and that’s how i stopped up picking the song.”

Check out the performances and divulge of the 2 singers below!

Cosmos’s Identity Is In the end published on “King of Mask Singer”

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Cosmos’s Identity Is at last Revealed on “King of Mask Singer” The “King of Mask Singer” contestant that’s been acting below the call Cosmos has had a hugely impressive winning streak, yet her time at the display has now come to an end!

Cosmos has been appearing on the prove for ten weeks, winning 4 “King of Mask Singer” competitions, and is in the running for her 5th win on November 22′s episode. She blows each person away with her robust functionality of the song “In a Dream” via Jo Duk Bae.

Spoiler However, she loses the contest this time around, because of this it’s time for her to ultimately take off her mask. As maximum audience expected, the talented singer has been none rather than Gummy.

Gummy admits that she’s at all times been frightened about what it is going to be love to take off the mask, but says, “Actually doing it now, it feels truly refreshing. I’m so grateful.”

“As a singer, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a slump recently, but this has given me a massive number of confidence,” she says as she tears up a bit.

MC Kim Sung Joo then asks her, “What did your boyfriend say to inspire you?” It used to be announced previous this year that Gummy is dating actor Jo Jung Suk.

“He gave me such a lot confidence,” Gummy replies, choking up with emotion. “He stated i used to be in a magnificence of my own,” she adds with a laugh.

In her ultimate interview, she turns to her mask and says, “Take care. I’ll come see you.”

Watch the disclose of Gummy’s identity below.

Gummy also hosted a reside broadcast on V app on the night time of November 22, and shared some shots of herself with her iconic mask to her authentic Facebook.

Gummy tied with Kim Yeon Woo for the most consecutive wins on “King of Mask Singer” so far. Did you comprehend it become her all along?

SPOILER Which B.A.P member was once these days on 'Masked King'?

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SPOILER Which B.A.P member was once these days on 'Masked King'?

Babyz have a good time as individuals of B.A.P are actively promoting, acting on quite so much of kind presentations and interviews for their newest comeback with "Matrix." This week, primary vocalist Daehyun was noticed on "Masked King" giving his first ever solo functionality on air. The usage of the pseudonym "Fresh Man," Daehyun gave a lovely and touching rendition of Nam Jin"s "Empty Glass." Regardless that he ignored the timing in the beginning, Daehyun endured flippantly and professionally. Once his identity was revealed, Daehyun told the viewers, "Since it"s been a year and a part since I"ve been on a level like this, the butterflies in my abdomen did no longer stop." When asked why he chose the song "Empty Glass," Daehyun choked up as he said, "During my long hiatus, my father would cheer me on whilst i used to be at home. My father and I went to Karaoke in combination and it"s the song that he sung for me." Once Daehyun left the stage after his ultimate interview at the show, he was visible looking to hide away his tears with his hood, revealing that he was crushed with happiness now that he was ready to accomplish on stage again. take a glance at his performance on "Masked King" and interview above and below!

Fashion Clothier at the back of mask on “King of Mask Singer” Finds His mind About His Work

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Fashion Designer At the back of Masks on “King of Mask Singer” shows His Thoughts About His Work Hwang Jae Keun, the designer behind the ingenious masks at the masked making a song festival “King of Mask Singer,” these days printed his thoughts about his new line of work.

“I made up our minds to make masks because i presumed that garments were now not the sole solution,” he said. “After I introduced my brand, my attire failed to sell in addition I concept they would. Afterwards I stopped taking a look at clothing alone. I thought that there were such so much of things I may just design as well.”

king of mask singer hwang jae keun Source: Hwang Jae Keun Facebook

king of mask singer hwang kae keun Source: Hwang Jae Keun Facebook

The fashion designer gave the impression on the 2011 OnStyle display “Project Runway Korea Season 3.” “I began as a way designer yet after most effective making clothes for some time I made a decision to create a utterly unique signature that no other designer might copy,” he said. “Taking on masks used to be a surprising extension of my field.”

About “King of Mask Singer,” he said, “It’s a program that receives numerous love. i am hoping with the aim to change into a distinct mask designer. Design is anything I do because I in reality love it.”

Hwang Jae Keun has also seemed on more than a few MBC form methods reminiscent of “I are living Alone,” “Radio Star,” and “Quiz to switch the World.”

Video Added Korean drama 'The King of top College Manners' all episodes 1 to 17 and special episode

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Video Added Korean drama 'The King of top College Manners' all episodes 1 to 17 and special episode

Added all episodes 1 to 17 and special episode for the Korean drama "The King of top faculty Manners"

"The King of High School Manners" (2014) Directed by potential of Yoo Je-won Written by Jo Seong-hee, Yang Hee-seong Network : tvN With Seo In-guk, Lee Ha-na, Lee Yeol-eum, Lee Soo-hyeok, Oh Kwang-rok, Kwon Seong-deok,... 17 epsiodes - Mon, Tue 23:00 Synopsis A romantic comedy about a high school student who enters a significant corporate and becomes a a section of its management. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2014/06/16

Note : because of licensing, videos would perhaps not be to be had to your country

Chen votes for which EXO member he needs to peer on 'Mask King' + boys communicate Jap tour

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Chen votes for which EXO member he needs to peer on 'Mask King' + boys communicate Jap tour

MBC"s "Section TV" currently integrated a segment featuring the good-looking boys of EXO, who recently kicked off their Japanese excursion at the Tokyo Dome

The participants relayed the rush and excitement they felt from getting to accomplish at the prestigious Tokyo Dome, where infinite other noted musicians--both Korean and non-Korean--have stood. Xiumin expressed how frightened he was, saying, "My legs are shaking." When Sayuri asked the members how they take care of their fitness all over the tour, Kai answered, "We get quite so much of leisure and consume healthy." Meanwhile, Suho used to be best interested by one thing: how they're going to be treated with some scrumptious samgyupsal (pork belly) after their concert. I see you over there, Suho

Sayuri then grew to become to Chen to query who he thinks would do neatly on "Mask King." The singer replied, "Baekhyun and D.O. sing well of route yet i need Suho to head at the show. He actually has a truly perfect voice."

When asked if the concert is draining, Chanyeol answered, "It"s draining physically but after we move on level we get a hurry of adrenaline and gain energy." As their next goal, Kai indexed Japan"s biggest venue, Nissan Stadium in Yokohoma, and said, "TVXQ held a concert there. We really wish to stand on that stage one day." Taking into consideration their explosive reputation in Japan, it won"t be long sooner than the lads get to carry out at the Nissan Stadium just like their sunbaes!

“Star King” in Talks for a 2d Season

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“Star King” in Talks for a moment Season SBS and Kang Ho Dong are in talks for a new season of “Star King.”

On November 16, a SBS representative told OSEN news, “Though it's far true we are talking about a second season of ‘Star King,’ not anything has yet been determined in regards to the first airing date or time.”

Kang Ho Dong’s representatives also noted that they are these days negotiating and nothing is confirmed.

Previously, a other source quoted a media insider reporting that the second one season of “Star King” would start filming on December 1 and air beginning in January 2016.

“Star King” first aired on January 13, 2007 and has won the affection of audience for 8 years. However, the display started a long spoil beginning in August so as to renovate the layout of the show, though it in brief returned to the screen as “NEW Superstar King” for a Chuseok special.

EXO’s Chen Thinks Suho Would Be successful on “King of Mask Singer”

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EXO’s Chen Thinks Suho Would Succeed on “King of Mask Singer” On the November 15 episode of “Section TV,” popular boy crew EXO gives an interview from behind the scenes in their Tokyo Dome concert.

During the interview, member Chen is asked who he thinks must be the following member to look on “King of Mask Singer.” Chen, who prior to now seemed on the show, suggested leader Suho to be a better one to take the challenge.

Baekhyun and D.O are fantastic singers, yet it’d be great if Suho went on the show,” he explains. “He’s were given an ideal voice.”

When asked whether it was once tricky to accomplish at concerts, Chen replies, “It’s physically challenging, but we gain strength from being up on stage.” He went on to mention that their next objective is to carry out at the Nissan Stadium, where TVXQ has held many concerts.

Upcoming Korean film 'The King'

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Upcoming Korean film 'The King'

Added the approaching Korean film "The King""s page to HanCinema database"The King" (2016)Directed by way of Han Jae-rimWith Jo In-Seong, Lee Joo-yeon-I,...SynopsisA guy yearning energy becomes a prosecutor to reach his dreams. He attempts to take hang of even larger drive and faces what occurs to him in his ambitious and grasping endeavors.Release date in Korea : 2016

Simon D finds going through the mask on 'Mask King' used to be a pain

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Simon D finds going through the mask on 'Mask King' used to be a pain

Rapper Simon D published that handling the mask at the competitive fact display "Mask King" was fairly a pain.

On the November 14th broadcast of SBS energy FM"s "Cultwo Show", Simon D was asked about his revel in on the problem show. DJ Kim Tae Kyun said, "I saw you on "Mask King". You sang well."

Simon D revealed, "To be honest, i used to be worried about it, yet you advised that I pass so I did. However, it was in point of fact uncomfortable. When I went to the bathroom, I had to wear the mask when I went number 2."

Did you notice Simon D on "Mask King"?