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[Ratings: Sat-Sun, 04.4-5.15] ′Infinity Challenge′ Names SUJU Choi Siwon, ZE:A Kwang Hee, and More as Final Five Candidates

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[Ratings: Sat-Sun, 04.4-5.15] ′Infinity Challenge′ Names SUJU Choi Siwon, ZE:A Kwang Hee, and More as Final Five Candidates

--> The final five candidates for MBC′s Infinity Challenge have been chosen.

On April 4, Infinity Challenge continued its search for the sixth member, who will be joining the regular cast in completing short- and long-term missions on the popular show.

The final five candidates were ZE:A′s Kwang Hee, Super Junior′s Choi Siwon, Hong Jin Kyung, NOEL′s Kang Gyun Sung, and Jang Dong Min. As all five stars have been spotlighted for their extraordinary variety show skills, viewers have yet to even guess who will become Infinity Challenge′s new member.

Attention is high Infinity Challenge continues the search and ratings have been growing with each episode.

1. MBC Infinity Challenge 15.0

1. KBS Return of Superman15.2

*All ratings are based on AGB Nielson Media Research

SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More

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 SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More  SUJU’s Choi Siwon Lives in the Moment, SNSD Takes Selfies and More preview nextview 1/8 preview nextview A few under-the-radar stars popped back into the SNS world to update fans, while star selfies made their rounds, per usual.

Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

ZE:A and Real Man member Hyung Sik tweeted a photo on March 17 to show off his latest army swag, writing “I went to Lee Sora sunbaenim’s ‘Gayo Plaza’ and received dog tags as a gift! She said she had two and thought I’d like it, so she took one off and gave it to me. I will treasure it! I’m posting this because so many people were curious.”

100% shared a photo of member Chan Yong with MC Kong Seo Young on its official Twitter on March 17, writing “Thank you Kong Seo Youngnim, who helped us wrap today’s showcase successfully. Chan Yong took a photo as the representative after it ended. What do you think? Beauty and the Beast?”

Heo Kyung Hwan tweeted a photo with Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo, both who took home the top prize on SBS’ Challenge 1,000 Songs, on March 17, writing “The shinhwa of the gold key.”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon posted a photo of himself behind the camera on Weibo on March 17, writing “If only I could be in this moment.”

SNSD’s Seohyun posted a selfie on March 18 before taking off for bed, writing “Sweet dreams everyone~ go to sleep. See you in my dreams.”

Sooyoung posted a selfie on March 17, writing “Should I cut my bangs or not? What girls think about their entire lives. Hehe.”

Roy Kim update fans with an Instagram post on March 18, writing “Beauty” with a photo of himself and his guitar.

SUJU’s Choi Siwon Celebrates 10 Years with Fans, SHINee’s Key Plays in the Snow and More

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 SUJU’s Choi Siwon Celebrates 10 Years with Fans, SHINee’s Key Plays in the Snow and More

It appears the stars were having a slow day, as they updated fans with photo during their downtime.

Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Yuri shared a collage of herself sipping on a cup of Joe, along with the caption “Coffee ehehe~.”

G-Dragon was caught taking a break with drink in a photo posted on Instagram that looks like a shot straight out of an editorial spread.

Meanwhile, B2ST’s Yoon Du Jun admitted he was straight up bored, posting a selfie with the caption “Bored…”

2NE1’s CL shared a series of photos showcasing her usual stylish self, dressed in head-to-toe black.

SHINee’s Key let his dogs loose on the snowy rooftops of Seoul, sharing this Instagram video with the caption “Snowing in Seoul.”

Super Junior’s Donghae captured the snowy moment as well, posting a video with the caption “I Love it.”

Eunhyuk stuck to a good ol′ snowed-in selfie, tweeting this photo with the message, “Snow Snow snow snow V. Everyone be careful on the road!”

Choi Siwon, meanwhile, celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his fan club with fans, tweeting a throwback photo with a message that included the trending hashtag “#Happy10thAnniversaryTheSiwonest hahaha.”

The Super Junior member had a flower boy moment as well, tweeting the above photo from the set of cosmetic brand Mamonde’s shoot.

Liveworks Company tweeted a few photos of a sexy Lee Min Woo on the set of his music video for upcoming single Taxi, including the one below.

[Twitter Roundup] SNSD’s Taeyeon Chops Off Her Hair, SUJU’s Choi Siwon Celebrates B-Day and More

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[Twitter Roundup] SNSD’s Taeyeon Chops Off Her Hair, SUJU’s Choi Siwon Celebrates B-Day and More

From birthdays to the end of another successful season of K-Pop Star, there was much to be celebrated across the Twitterverse this past weekend.

We have all that and more in today’sTwitter Roundup!

YG Entertainment wished artist Gummy a happy birthday on April 8 via its official Twitter, with an image and the message, “[Happy Birthday, GUMMY].”

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, who celebrated his birthday the day before, tweeted, “I’m unwrapping the gifts. Thank you for the undeserved love. The T-shirt is so sensible ^^.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk tweeted a selca with the message, “Finished filming~~~~!!!!! And happy birthday MaSi. Since you’re a year older now, become a more mature person, like a hyung inma. And shave your mustache.”

SNSD’s Taeyeon posted a photo of her new ‘do on her Instagram on April 8 with the caption, “This is the shortest my hair has ever been in my life...kkk.”

Is it just us or is Taeyeon looking more and more like Edna Mode by the day?

The day before, Taeyeon posted a hilarious photo on her Instagram, writing “Yeyyya nice bra that′s my eyemask!!!! Goodnight s♡ne.”

Well, that’s one way to put your eye mask to good use.

2NE1’s Park Bom also tweeted a photo with Lee Hi from the live broadcast of K-Pop Star 2, writing “The girl who is all the rage these days!!! With Hi!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ After the end of ‘K-Pop Star’~While eating gogi ~~*^^*.”

Park Bom left fans with a final photo before calling it a night with the caption “Good Night.”

K-Pop Star 2 judge BoA also tweeted a photo, writing “Thank you to everyone who tuned in to ‘K-Pop Star 2’ and to the staff, who worked hard with us, I love you and thank you ^^ It’s over~~~~~!!!!!! Kkiao~~~~^^.”

Epik High’s Tablo snapped a photo with K-Pop Star 2 winner and runner-up Akdong Musician and Bang Ye Dam, writing “To everyone who poured sweat with their dreams in tow, a big round of applause!!!”

B.A.P’s Himchan tweeted a photo of a crowd of BABYs on April 7, writing “It was so cold today. Our BABYs must’ve been so cold because we were outside, right? You went through so much trouble! I’ve always wanted to do this, and I did it today keke. I’m going to do this often, so be on edge keke. I love you and love you.”

ZE:A’s Hyung Sik tweeted a photo of a mouthwatering feast on April 7, writing “The common dinner of three idols.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption “New logo,” showing of a jacket with the new design and lettering “Boss.”

2PM’s Taecyeon posted a selca with the message “I think the last time I wanted to hurry up and show an album while preparing for it was for ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘Hands Up’~ But this album is rea~~~lly good ㅋㅋㅋ I think it’d be good to have high expectations??”

K.Will tweeted a photo with the star of his latest music video and Infinite member, L, on April 5, writing “Myung Soo and Hyung Soo are L and K.Will ㅎㅎ Thanks!! I ask for your love for ‘Love Blossom,’ which is in bloom this spring^^ And congrats Infinite on the number one!!”

YG’s Sean posted a photo on his Instagram on April 7 before taking off for Haiti, writing “I’m leaving for Haiti. I’m headed for Haiti for the first time in three years with hope and love. Three years ago, I went as the father of six Haitian children through Compassion, and this time I’m going as the father of 106 Haitian children. My wish is to convey love to the children by holding their hands.”

Photo credit: Above mentioned stars′ respective SNS

[Twitter Roundup] SUJU"s Choi Siwon Buys a Cake, Teen Top"s Ricky Gets Punished and More

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[Twitter Roundup] SUJU

It′s a not-so-sunny Saturday, but it′s still the weekend, so stars are celebrating the best they can.

And if you′re stuck inside because of the dreary weather, here′s another round of the Twitter Roundup to make you feel better!

It was Infinite Hoya′s birthday on March 28, and he sent a special thank you tweet to his fans, who donated books to charity under Hoya′s name. Hoya uploaded a photo of the proof certificate, with the caption, "I love you."

We′re sure everyone loves you back - and will enjoy those books!

Super Junior′s Choi Siwon also celebrated a birthday - that of his friend, Park Kyu Sun, who played his manager in the drama The King of Dramas.

Tweeting a proof shot, Choi Siwon′s tweet also mentioned Eunhyuk, as Choi Siwon wrote, "Kyu Sun′s birthday party ^^ Eunhyuk, you see the birthday cake right^^?"

Can we get some of that cake...

Another delicious cake surfaced, thanks to f(x)′s Sulli, who also celebrated her birthday this past week.

On March 30, Sulli uploaded a series of photos on her me2day, writing, "I spent my happy 20th birthday with my lovely little brother ^^ Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes."

Well, aren′t they just the most adorable siblings?

Meanwhile, B.A.P′s baby Zelo was a man of few words, choosing only to tweet a photo of himself in a practice room.

Guess Zelo′s discovered a new framing app?

Block B′s Taeil is also busy practicing - though the group is on an indefinite hiatus, Taeil tweeted a photo of himself with a mic (and a slightly inappropriate hat), with the caption, "I′m well, while practicing quietly~".

Bet fans are eager for Taeil′s return!

2NE1′s Sandara Park took a break from work, taking the time to chill out with an old friend, Filipino actor Vhong Navarro.

Tweeting a photo of themselves enjoying coffee, Sandara Park added, "Coffee time with brother Vhong in korea . Waaaaah~~~so fun!!! It made me miss the Phil[ippines]. I hope you guys enjoyed korea! :)"

Korea would miss you too much if you left, Sandara Park!

Another person with something to celebrate was G.Na, who scored a win on Music Bank for Oops!.

The singer tweeted photos of herself with all her goodies (we′re including BTOB′s Ilhoon in the goodie category), with the caption, "With Ilhoon in the waiting room! After crying and laughing after getting the first place trophy, my eyes...are the size of buttons...ㅜㅜㅋㅋ Thank you so much! Hwaiting! Let′s have strength till the end!"

We′re pretty sure everyone still finds G.Na′s eyes big and beautiful.

Someone who′s also probably crying on the inside, while everyone is laughing, is Teen Top′s Ricky, who was snapped wearing this unfortunate ensemble by fellow member L.Joe.

L.Joe tweeted the pic with the explanation, "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Our Ricky, who lost Rock, Paper, Scissors ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ".

Um, better luck next time?

Photo credit: Respective SNS

SUJU’s Choi Siwon"s Fan Club Sends Food Truck to ‘The King of Dramas’ Set

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SUJU’s Choi Siwon

Fans of Super Junior’s Choi Siwon recently ensured the hard working staff of his current drama gets a hot meal.

Choi Siwon’s fans recently put their resources together to send a giant food buffet truck to the set of SBS’ The King of Dramas in Gyeonggido’s Ilsan on December 5.

The fans wanted to show their appreciation for the staff as they continue to shoot around the clock and in the frigid temperatures. The 100-something staff and cast members of the drama were all able to enjoy a hot buffet meal thanks to them.

With the food, a fun banner read, ‘Today Kang Hyun Min is treating everyone. Can you hear the viewership ratings go up?’ showing the fans’ appreciation and support for Choi Siwon’s drama characters.

The timing came on a perfect day as well as temperatures that day plunged to -10 degrees Celsius while heavy snowfall blanketed the entire nation and snarled traffic. The entire cast and staff were able to take a break and enjoy the warm meal and draw strength from the kind act of Choi Siwon’s fans.

Choi Siwon tweeted afterwards, “On a cold day like this with heavy snowfall, I’m so grateful. I’ll eat it well. Please return home safely!”

SUJU"s Choi Siwon and Jung Ryeo Won Goof Around for "The King of Dramas"

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Upcoming SBS drama The King of Dramas is all about bringing on the drama, but the cast, which includes Choi Siwon, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Myung Min and Oh Ji Eun kept the mood light at the production presentation held at the SBS building on October 31.

Why so serious Kim Myung Min?

But Jung Ryeo Won thinks he′s a funny guy, apparently.

Kim Myung Min and Choi Siwon are cool.

But not too cool to flash peace signs.

Choi Siwon and Oh Ji Eun strike their best model poses.

Choi Siwon tries to Gangnam Style...and Jung Ryeo Won tries to reel him in.

Someone give Oh Ji Eun a new pose.

Oh Ji Eun is the prim and proper to Jung Ryeo Won′s free and flirty.

Thumbs up if you′re excited for the new drama!

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

SUJU"s Choi Siwon, Jung Ryeo Won and "The King of Dramas" CastMeet the Press

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The stars of SBS′ The King of Dramas, Choi Siwon, Jung Ryeo Won, Kim Myung Min and Oh Ji Eun, attended a production presentation for the upcoming drama held at the SBS building in Mokdong on October 31.

Choi Siwon looks all ready to play the cold top star Kang Min in all black.

So what′s the verdict on Choi Siwon′s new hairstyle?

Always repping Super Junior wherever he goes!

It′s Jung Ryeo Won′s turn to greet the press.

Jung Ryeo Won giggles adorably.

Kim Myung Min says, "Bring on the drama!"

But Oh Ji Eun says, ′Hold on!′

Then busts out the Miss America wave.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan

Running Man’s star lineup, SuJu Choi Siwon, WG Sohee, & SHINee Minho

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Running Man’s star lineup, SuJu Choi Siwon, WG Sohee, & SHINee Minho

Super Junior member Choi Siwon, Wonder Girls member Sohee,SHINee member Minho are making guest appearances on Running Man.

On December 13th on an online community board, pictures of Sohee, Minho and Choi Siwon on SBSs variety show Running Man have been posted.

The pictures revealed are captured from the filming of the show Running Man and they show Sohee, Minho and Choi Siwon hanging out with the Running Man members.

Sohee is looking down at something in between Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook who have big smiles on their faces, Choi Siwon is standing next to Song Ji Hyo looking around their surroundings, and Minho looks as though hes got something important in his hand.

Netizens commented, Sohee on Running Man? I cant miss that!, The Running Man members are going to go crazy with Sohee around, and Choi Siwon is so handsome.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Which Actors Will Likely Follow Choi Siwon And Changmin Into The Military?

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Lee Min Ho, Joo Won, Yoo Ah In and Ji Chang Wook are likely the next actors to enlist, according to industry insiders. (Photo : ) Super Junior"s Choi Siwon and Changmin of TVXQ quietly entered the military on November 19. As theybegin their mandatory service, speculation continues over which Hallyu stars will be the next to enlist.

An article published by the domestic outlet EDaily on November 20, explores the issue of which top actors would be the next to join the military.

Yoo Ah In, who made a strong impact in 2015 with the hit films "Veteran" and "The Throne," is expected to enlist after the run of his 50-episode drama, "Six Flying Dragons."

EDaily explained that the current rush in stars who were born within the years of 1986 will be followed by those born in 1987, as they attempt to beat the conscription cut-off point, which mandates that healthy men enlist prior to age 30.

According to the article, the list of actors who were born in 1987 and who are likely to be the next celebrities to enlist includes Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Joo Won, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Geun Suk, Seo In Guk, and Jung Il Woo.

JYJ"s Junsu, whose acting roles are predominantly within the realm of musical theater, was also included on the compilation. Junsu follows JYJ members Jaejoong and Yoochun, who are currently enlisted.

All of the actors named by EDaily have increased their promotional activities and worked on numerous projects throughout the past few months, with the same level of diligence that has been exhibited by Yoo Ah In.

Lee Min Ho is expected to enter the military after the completion of filming and promotions of the Korean-Chinese blockbuster, "Bounty Hunters." While he was previously renown for his roles in teen dramas like "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Heirs."

Joo Won successfully completed the SBS drama, "Yong Pal," and received accolades for his thriller, "Fatal Intuition."

Ji Chang Wook experienced a surge in his career following, "Healer." He iS translating his popularity as a rising drama star to film with roles in "Fabricated City" and "Two Constables."

EDaily also noted the return of Jang Geun Suk, following his alleged tax scandal. The actor and solo vocalist recently performed his first Korean concert since 2012, but he has yet to announce his next acting role.

As this group of popular actors begins to enter the military in 2016, K-Drama fans may be vocal about the casting choices of leading men, which will likely be outside of the "87 line.

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