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B1A4 effectively completes “Adventure 2015 Reside in Hong Kong”

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B1A4 effectively completes “Adventure 2015 Reside in Hong Kong”

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterOn November 29th, B1A4 wearan importantdisplay for fanatics in Hong Kong, effectivelypolishing off the teamsnewestforestall every bita section of their Adventure tour.

Beginning with In The Air and Solo Day, B1A4 treated the fans to two complete hours of amazing performances. The target market repaid the individuals efforts by way of cheering loudly and making a song along all the style throughthe whole night.

During the concert, the members took turns expressing their gratitude for the fans. In particular, CNU expressed, We at all timessought after to come to Hong Kong. Its so touching knowing that there are the type of lot ofother folks in Hong Kong who like B1A4, whilst Sandeul indicated, Seeing Hong Kongs BANAs from the degree makes me feel happy.

Baro drew cheers from the crowd as he said, Weve been to such so much ofputs while on tour, yet Hong Kong is the best! Jinyoung also added, Its been a more than happy and unforgettable date.

Lastly, Gongchan discussed that the members were readyto move encounterthe gorgeous Hong Kong skyline at theoutdated night, but that they see anythingthis is much more lovely than the skyline tonight, regarding the fans who attended the concert.

Check out the pictures from the concert below!

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Giveaway: See B1A4 Bring the Celebration in Europe!

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Giveaway: See B1A4 Bring the Celebration in Europe!knims November 27, 2015 0 LINE it!Giveaway: See B1A4 Bring the Party in Europe! Hi there Soompiers!

We’re back with more B1A4 goodness for you! This time we’ve won tickets to their Europe tour, courtesy of Kinetic Vibe.

B1A4 is indisputably one of our favouriteteamsto peercarry outresidethank you to their unendingpowerin addition their committed fans. Every concert they dangleis very exciting and certainly a joy to wait (I saw their debut in Korea and used to beaddicted to how much a laughthey have got on level they still have that same fiery spirit).

But ample gushing, do you want to have to see B1A4 live? Here’s how:1. Practice Soompi on Twitter.

2. Follow KineticVibe on Twitter.

3. Remarkbeneath amongst your Twitter username, your favorite B1A4 song, and the townyou want to attend!

4. Winners might be contacted on 12/1 via Twitter direct message.

We’ll also be interviewing the gang in Berlin, so tweet us with your burning questions for the staffthe use of #AskB1A4!1a4-dance

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Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Project

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Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Task knims March 6, 2015 0 LINE it!Fan Friday: The Global B1A4 Anniversary Fan Project This weeks Fan Friday is a focus on an ongoing fan project created to congratulate B1A4 on their 4th anniversary.

After hearing about all of thewonderful projects that Korean fanatics make for anniversaries and birthdays, one fan determined that in position oflooking to navigate the arena of Daum cafes and exclusive fan pages to discover an anniversary project to join, shed rather create one herself. Heidi, a committed BANA in the US, sought after to do anything exceptional for the 4th anniversary of her final bias group.

Being an avid song lover, she conceptstrikingin combination an normal song for B1A4, sung by capability of fans everywhere in the world, would be either special and noteworthy for B1A4. Achieving out to a couple of of her fellow B1A4 fans, it turns out that everybodyused to beoverjoyed by the idea, her fellow BANA Monica aiding write the song, and soon her project becamenow not but a one-woman show.

Today just 2 months after the initial concept the project is in complete swing with more than 40 foreign fan clubs taking part and entries coming in from over 70 countries. Participants can now checklist themselves singing, movie themselves dancing to the song, and leave a personal message for the participants to be integrated in an reputableebook all of which could be hand-delivered to WM Entertainment next month. With all the passionate participation, a new B1A4 fan group has also been created BANA International United to deal withlong run international occasions for B1A4.

Would you favorto take part in the project? All of the information is at the projects website (available in multiple languages!) and comprises links to the song, a dance instructional video if youd love topublish a video of dancing, links to submit audio, video, and written messages to B1A4.  You too canlend a handenhancethe trouble by shopping a commemorative book and DVD of the project!

If you arent a B1A4 fan I am hoping this main project inspires you to create or sign up for more international fan projects for your favourite group/singer/actor! International fans may not have the luxurious of going to each music program/concert/fan-meeting yetwe will be in a position to still make our biases feel special and enjoyed by fans across the globe via concerted efforts to enroll in hands and create authentic projects! Pass us!

* Project admins pictured at top include: US BANA, Any place amongst B1A4, B1A4 Peru, Shall we Fly B1A4 Brazil, Aviate B1A4, Lets Fly B1A4 Argentina, B1A4 Australia, MYB1A4, FlyB1A4, B1A4 BANA Turkey, B1A4 Chile, B1A4 Hong Kong, B1A4 Facts, Official B1A4, B1A4 Hungry, B1A4 Philippines, BANAs NZ, B1ADDICT Chile, B1A4 Turkey Team, BANA Bolivia,  B1A4 Thailand, B1A4 Couple and Candlelight*SANDEULHK. 

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B1A4 best charts in Japan with 'Happy Days'

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B1A4 best charts in Japan with 'Happy Days'

B1A4 have crowned charts in Japan with "Happy Days"!

The idol crew sold 26,000 of the unmarried and are these days 2d at the Oricon Chart. They"ve up to now charted at #1 on Tower Records" day through day chart. "Happy Days" was once composed by leader Jinyoung with the japanese enthusiasts in mind.

The tune about loving a lady from afar turns out to were a hit. The single album also integrated "Drive" composed by CNU and the song "Colorful" for the vacation season.

B1A4 rock Mexico with a a success concert

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B1A4 rock Mexico with a a success concert

B1A4 rocked Mexico with a successful concert on November 11 for "Adventure 2015 are living in Mexico"!

The crew proved that their fan presence in Central The us is genuine in spite of the reality that it used to be their first time in the country. B1A4 rocked the target market with "In the Air", "Baby just right Night", "Yesterday", "Love is Magic", and more, finishing with "After 10 Years". 

The audience demanded encores, so the men persisted with "Beautiful Target", "You are a lady i'm a Boy", and "Who Am I".

B1A4 might be preventing through Hong Kong and Europe next.

B1A4 is preventing in 3 towns for their ecu tour!

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B1A4 is preventing in 3 towns for their ecu tour!

BANAs, get able to look your favourite boys in the European town nearest you, because they are flying over their in December for their "B1A4 Adventure 2015 in Europe" tour! 

Starting on December 9, B1A4 will first make a prevent at Helsinki, then Madrid the very next day prior to after all concluding the excursion at Berlin on December 11. 

The contributors relayed their excitement and information relating to this tour in a lovely video, burbling about the entire points of interest they'll see and the scrumptious foods they're going to get to consume all the manner through their sojourn in Europe. 

Exclusive: B1A4 Answers Your Burning Questions, Adorably

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Exclusive: B1A4 Answers Your Burning Questions, Adorably B1A4 used to be lately in Dallas and we were fortunate sufficient to head out to look them at the facet of a ton of committed BANA. sooner than they wear a killer concert, the lads had an intimate Meet and Greet consultation with 50 lucky fanatics and responded some of our questions and a couple of hilarious fan questions as well!

Check out their answers below! Baro in reality blew us away with his English – portions in Italics were spoken in English:

What is something to your bucket list? Baro: Skydiving! i truly would like to go, let’s go! And get married~ with you~

Jinyoung: go back and forth round the world!

Gongchan: Go backpacking.

CNU: Go on a cruise with fans!

How do practices in maximum cases go? Jinyoung: We have got fun, even if we regularly most effective have a brief quantity of time we attempt to experience it!

What’s the most authentic or a laugh thing that has came about all over a concert, are living performance, track video shoot, or recording session? CNU: There are a lot… Once in the route of a live performance, I kicked my microphone off. It went flying!

Baro: For me, I’ve never made a mistake during a performance.

Sandeul: They fans in finding that the funniest!

Sandeul: when we had a very giant stage, and I put on my in-ear observe and became waiting on standby but if I in the end were given up on stage, it was still off…

Gongchan: I make numerous small mistakes. This time it was during “Sweet Girls” MV filming and there were a ton of flies so we made so much of NGs on account of them….

Jinyoung: Once my shoe fell off whilst i used to be on stage… I was only dressed in one shoe so I kicked it off and finished the functionality in naked feet. gongchan-b1a4-mng

What Texan food are you most excited to try? Baro: Please counsel something!

Fans: BBQ! Mexican food!In-n-Out! BBQ!

Baro: We ate lots of Mexican food in Mexico…

Baro: Oooooh, tex-mex? Like a combination of Texas and Mexican food!

What inspires you to stay going? Baro: BANA!

Are any of your songs written from private experience? CNU: For me…. All of my songs are about my experiences.

Jinyoung: The song 사랑 그땐 (Love Then), that song is set a time when I was in love and after love all of the excellent memories and the bad memories are still reviews so I put them into that song.

Best way to cheer me up when I’m down is… Gongchan: I ride a motorbike along the Han River and I omit your entire bad memories.

Sandeul: For me, there’s just one reason I’d be in a bad mood: either i'm weight loss plan or I didn’t eat. So so as to cheer myself up, I devour anything delicious.

Jinyoung: I put on my headphones and pay attention to an upbeat song truly loudly. Then I get started taking phase in it and my temper lifts.

Baro: I drink some wine alone. A-a little tipsy? I like.

CNU: Yes, meditation. I try and spend time via myself.

Baro explaining Baro explaining “A little tipsy.”

Most prized possession? Gongchan: Uhhhh…

Gongchan: My most valuable ownership is… my demanding drive. Inside, there are plenty of pictures, because I love to take images so I believe it’s one of the vital special.

Sandeul: I just recently purchased a wait for the primary time. So i believe it’s my most treasured item appropriate now.

Jinyoung: Our work-room’s computer! A lot of our songs are on it.

Baro: My iPhone. There are much of photographs of the members. One day I’ll upload them all to instagram!

CNU: Time! I think time is most precious.

And now for the fan questions:

For Gongchan: While you were in the avengers, which superhero would you be? Gongchan: I'd be Iron Man! Jarvis! Because if I had the suit, I might be more unfastened and live more comfortably.

Sandeul: I was going to mention that! Actually, the Hulk for real. i love remodeling and you get to rip off your clothing.

CNU: Sandeul is truly plenty like the Hulk! Often he’s really delicate and sure yet sometimes, like the Hulk, he’s roughly a tricky guy too.

Sandeul: There’s any other sensible point about the Hulk! When he transforms his frame is really nice!

Jinyoung: I might need to be Quicksilver! *Sandeul doesn’t notice so everybody acts him out in slo-mo*

Baro: I would wish to be Hawkeye! I really like the actor, what is his name? Actor name?

Baro: I really like him, I’m his enormous fan so…

CNU: They’re all fantastic but, who do you observed matches me best?

Baro, what is your favourite English phrase? Baro: I’m lucky! In life, always.I love you life, always.

Jinyoung, what’s your favorite hair colour on yourself? Baro: Red! Red!

Jinyoung: No~ Black! Red and black!

*Baro motions for him to die part his head black, the alternative 1/2 red*

CNU, shall we sing together? *Fan stands up, CNU stands up* CNU: Which song?

CNU: Chess song? Ooohhh, from “Chess!”

CNU: *joins in and completes a component of the song*

Sandeul, how is it gambling a prince in Cinderella? Sandeul: Ah, yes, I was a prince…. I was really happy! I am in a position to actually enjoy playing a prince. In my genuine lifestyles too, it’s like I’m a prince.

Sandeul: I’d like to sing a song that I sing in “Cinderella.” *sings*

And all the fans swooned. Actually, the fans swooned about one hundred times in the half hour Meet and Greet! B1A4 really knows how to celebrate with fans and a lot of time was spent guffawing together.

Thank you to Jazzy Workforce for inviting us to hide the event! And if you haven’t visible B1A4 live yet, you truly want to see them next time they’re here!  

B1A4 In Search Of A New Stylist After Fan Displeasure Prompts Change

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B1A4 In Search Of A New Stylist After Fan Displeasure Prompts Change

Word of B1A4"s entertainment agency WM Entertainment firing their stylist has spread across Korean social media sites, much to the enjoyment of their fans.

On November 4, a post on Korean blogging site Pann gained traction as fans expresses their happiness at WM Entertainment"s search for a new stylist. The post began after fans noticed a call for a new stylist, preferably in their 20s, on WM Entertainment"s official website.

Over the course of their career B1A4 has been known from some pretty out-there outfits. Some of these styles worked well with their quirky nature and upbeat songs while others were less appealing. Fans shared images of some of the worst outfits, including one image where the members wearing bright red suits at a red carpet event and another showing them in a multitude of non-harmonious colors and designs.

"This outfits look like a punishment," one fan lamented, translated by Koreaboo. One image in particular showed member Jinyoung wearing pink wings on his shoulders as well.

(Photo : Pann) This comes after accusations of B1A4 plagiarizing SHINee"s military wear at their concert earlier this year. The outfits appeared during B1A4"s Adventure 2015 shows back in September, looking like exact copies of SHINee"s previous looks though in different colors. B1A4 and SHINee fans were outraged by the similarities and even went as far as to ask for their stylist to be removed.

With their requests answered many are excited to see B1A4 in better outfits once they find a new stylist. Even non-fans have expressed their happiness for the group. "I can"t even stand them and I"m happy for them," another comment on the Pann post read.

Hopefully a new stylist means a new era of better fashion for the boys of B1A4!

12 Songs To Get You Excited For B1A4's Adventure In Dallas Concert This Sunday

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12 Songs To Get You Excited For B1A4's Adventure In Dallas Concert This Sunday

(Photo : B1A4 Official Instagram) With B1A4"s Adventure 2015 Live in Dallas concert only days away, stateside BANA"s are getting geeked to see the South Korean boy band perform on American soil.

The five-member pop group will take the stage at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie in Dallas, TX on Nov. 8 at 7:30pm.

It, therefore, seems only fitting to highlight some of the group"s best songs in preparation.Give them a listen and get ready for a real K-pop adventure this weekend!

Jinyoung"s "Knocking on Heaven"s Door"

While this last song isn"t part of any album, it was one of the highlights of B1A4"s Road Trip to the U.S. last year and it certainly gives those attending the Adventure in Dallas performance something to be excited about, beyond meeting these five adorable boys in person, that is. Because let"s be honest here, having the chance to see CNU, Baro, Jinyoung, Sanduel and Gongchan in person is a lot to be excited about all on its own!

B1A4"s Adventure 2015 in Dallas will take place at the Verizon Theater on Nov. 8. Door open at 6:30PM, the show starts at 7:30 PM. Tickets for this one-night-only performance are still available on axsso grab your friends, don your beansprout hair pins, and get ready for a night of awesome!

Check outJazzy Group"s Facebookpage for all the latest concert information.

Oh My woman Finds Which B1A4 Member Helped Them Out The Most

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Oh My Girl Exhibits Which B1A4 Member Helped Them Out The Most While B1A4’s Sandeul could also be known for his candy vocals and performances, Oh My Girl claimed he is a smart role type as well.

On the episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” which aired on November 4, B1A4’s sister staff Oh My Girl gave the impression as guests.

When asked who their role version will be, the contributors solution Sandeul.

“When we first debuted, Sandeul helped us out so much with our vocals,” they remark with gratitude.

As the group’s vocal trainer, they stated he gave them many beneficial pointers that could lend a hand them extra in their career.

“Sandeul also is in point of fact excellent at reactions,” MC Jung Hyung Don says so as to verify their reaction talents as well.