Former SISTAR member Hyorin starts her own label

Former SISTAR member Hyorin starts her own label

Former SISTARmember Hyorin has decided to move on from Starship Entertainmentby creating her own one-man label.

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After debuting in 2010, SISTAR officially disbanded this past May, and fans have been wondering about the members’ next steps. On September 9, Hyorin shared the handwritten letter below on social media. Her letter states as follows:

“Hello everyone and Star1. It feels like I’m greeting you for the first time in a while. This is Hyorin. You’ve probably been curious about my next steps. I’m sorry for getting to you late… I wanted to tell you what’s happening, so I’m writing this letter.

I really thought hard on it for a long time. After wondering how to start my new beginning and what kind of music I’d like to approach, I’ve decided to begin again by myself.

I was only able to spend the last 7 years and shine as a singer, a SISTAR member, and as Hyorin inthis spot because ofmyStarship family and the SISTAR members. I wanted to say thank you though I’m unable to express it in words. I’ll do my best to return that grace.

Though I’m a little afraid of the future, I’m excited for a new start. There may be hard and burdensome times because I’m starting alone, but I won’t forget myself as Hyorin. I’ll move forward energetically step by step. I thank everyone, and I thank them once again.”