Former 9MUSES Member Moon Hyuna Writes Letter To Fans After Marriage News

Former 9MUSES Member Moon Hyuna Writes Letter To Fans After Marriage News

On August 9, former 9MUSES member Moon Hyuna announced that she would be getting married next month to a non-celebrity businessman.

Later on the same day, she posted a handwritten letter to her fans about the news. In the caption, she wrote, Hello, this is Moon Hyuna. I am picking up the pen now after answering phone calls from various people all morning. Im really sorry that the news came so late. But thank you so much for your congratulations.

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In the letter, she wrote, Hello, this is Moon Hyuna. Is everyone taking care of themselves in the hot weather? I am doing well. Its been almost a year since I decided to part ways from being an idol. I am always grateful to the fans who supported me on my journey and walked the path together with me. I am writing this letter to announce some news to the fans who have experienced all the ups and downs with me. I should have let you know in advance but this is my first time doing something like this so I didnt know how to begin and hesitated for too long. Eventually it came out today as a news headline and Im sorry. Im sure you already know by now, but in September I will be sharing my life with someone who matches my beliefs and values. Despite having had many experiences in my life, I feel like I am exploring a whole new area. I am both excited and worried but we will work out anything that comes in our path to live together happily. I will keep showing new sides of myself through my music. Thank you and thank you again.

Many 9MUSES members replied to the tweet with supportive messages, including Hyemi, who recommended that Sungah sing the congratulatory song at the wedding, Sungah, who joked that it was supposed to be a surprise, and Kyungri.

안녕하세요 문현아입니다.아침부터 이래저래 오는 연락을 다 마무리하고 지금에서야 펜을 들었습니다. 소식이 늦어 정말 죄송해요. 그리고 축하해주셔서 너무 감사합니다. ㅠ

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