Foods to Beat Summer Heat

Foods to Beat Summer Heat

With the longest day of the year just passing on Wednesday, temperatures are sharply rising with an unusually early heat wave.

These are some foods that help you keep healthy during the hot summer days to come.

One of the most popular dishes during the summer is Samgyetang, chicken soup with ginseng, which is full of nutrients and protein that help boost the immune system. If added with various types of oriental medicine ingredients, it will boost energy and improve digestion to help get through sweltering summer days.

Eel is also rich in vitamin A and iron. Eel’s omega-3 fatty acids lower cholesterol, preventing artery diseases. But try not to eat these protein-rich foods too often as they have high calories over 900 kcal per serving.

It is also a good idea to eat plenty of seasonal fruits, as they contain water, potassium, minerals and vitamins.

Watermelons are rich in vitamins A and C, and are great for rehydrating your body. Sweet melons are rich in fiber, water, and potassium, thus effectively boosting energy levels. Kiwis have a lot of vitamin C and also help with digestion. But those with kidney problems should not to consume these fruits too often.

Water is vital to replenish your body when sweating. In an extreme case, dehydration can lead to sickness and can involve fainting. It is advised to drink pure water frequently, and refrain from drinking coffee or other beverages which are mostly sugary and diuretic.…