FNC’s Neoz School band ‘HONEYST’ to debut in May!

FNC’s Neoz School band ‘HONEYST’ to debut in May!

FNC Entertainmenthas revealed that HONEYSTwill be debuting soon!

Back in June last year onMnet’s idol making show ‘d.o.b (Dance or Band)’, the trainees of Neoz School divided into two teams – the Neoz Band and the Neoz dance team – to determine which team would debut first. The Neoz dance teamultimately took the win and debuted as SF9, and the band team HONEYST will finally be debuting now.

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FNC revealed that the group would be debuting in May, and that they’ve already recorded their new song and filmed their MV. Unlike F.T. Island, CNBLUE, and N.Flying, the boys will be going for an acoustic sound.

Are you excited for their debut?

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