Five Times K.A.R.D Drove The Audience Wild At WILD KARD in LA

Five Times K.A.R.D Drove The Audience Wild At WILD KARD in LA

K.A.R.D held their first ever performance in Los Angeles just last week when their WILD KARD The 1st Tour in America landed at The Theater at Ace Hotel. Despite the fact that the group is technically still pre-debut, the crowd definitely proved that K.A.R.D is a force to be reckoned with.

With epic performances, a fan QA, and a lot of fan service the show was one for the ages. Thanks to SubKulture Entertainment we were able to attend the show. Here are some of our favorite moments from the unforgettable evening:

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What really made the LA stop of the tour special was definitely how extremely pumped the whole group was to be visiting and performing in BMs hometown. With BMs family and friends in attendance, you could tell that the evening was extra special for the whole group who kept mentioning that they were in BMs hometown the entire evening. At the end of the show, BM also had a special speech prepared to thank fans to loving K.A.R.D so much even before their debut and, touchingly, to thank his parents for always believing in him. All of the warm fuzzy feelings were countered by his friends revealing his childhood nickname: Wiggles. Thats right, Wiggles. Still not quite sure why its Wiggles but, who needs the reasoning when the nickname is hilarity in itself?

The Hidden Version of Dont Recall LIVE

When K-pop songs sound just as amazing in their English version, it makes us really, really happy. This means we were totally pumped and the crowd was lit for the English version of Dont Recall. Everyone danced and sang along cause we knew all the lyrics.

We were able to see the many sides of K.A.R.D thanks to their epic set list. With covers of Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and a special remake the group was literally on FIRE. Somin and J.Seph began the surprises with a cover of BBHM, with Somin and BM following up with a cover of Ariana Grandes The Way. The group together then covered Ariana Grandes Side to Side and revealed a special remake of their co-ed sunbae group ZAMs I Will Not Stop. BM might have mentioned a music video for the ZAM remake lets hope I heard him correctly!

The Special Announcements

K.A.R.D was in a super spoiler-y mood at the stop in LA! They revealed some super juicy information in response to all of our burning questions about their future. Their fandom name? Check theyve already got one! An official debut? Check its coming at us in July! More quality time with K.A.R.D? Check theyve got a reality show coming up! K.A.R.D is coming in hot!

The Chemistry With The MC

An MC can really make or break a fanmeeting and the K.A.R.D tours MC provided us with even more entertainment on stage. Danny Lim was the MC for the tour and not only did he really make the members feel at home on the stage, he also helped make fans dreams come true. From gently rigging a fan-service dice game onstage to unilaterally deciding that the entire group would have to sexy dance onstage, Danny kept the audience and K.A.R.D themselves on their toes the whole night. Of course, K.A.R.D did manage to get their own revenge forcing Danny to perform his own sexy dance. Was it sexy? Well, if you were there let us know what you thought!

What were your favorite moments from the WILD KARD Tour?

Special thank you to SubKulture Entertainment for having us to cover the show! All photos above are courtesy of SubKulture Entertainment.

Please be on the lookout for our interview with K.A.R.D coming soon including a special giveaway to win some exclusive polaroids:

Guess who we just caught up with?? Stay tuned for some ? #KARD

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