Final Review: Lookout And Why Its A Must-Watch

Final Review: Lookout And Why Its A Must-Watch

First off, lets take a second to appreciate Kim Young Kwang and all his perfection.

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If youre like me, you didnt expect much from this drama at first, but after just the first episode, you quickly got sucked in. Am I right?

Lookout was the Monday and Tuesday drama that was going head-to-head with Fight My Way. It was definitely an underdog in comparison to Fight My Way, which was getting a lot of publicity, but let me tell you. This drama is so worth the watch.  Its been one of the better K-dramas Ive seen in awhile. Here are some reasons why you should watch:

Lee Si Young plays a cop by the name of Jo Soo Ji who is trying to avenge the death of her daughter, Yu Na. Her daughter had been murdered by Yoon Si Wan, who was able to get away unscathed as his father, Yoon Seung Ro is a well-respected prosecutor. She tries to get revenge, but is unsuccessful, and just when shes about to go to jail, she is taken in by Kim Young Kwang and his team consisting of Kim Seul Gi, Key, and Shin Dong Wook. This is also the part where it gets really cool because the team starts to use their skills to bring down Yoon Seung Ro, as they all have a hidden agenda with him.

This is probably the first time that Ive ever been into a K-drama without the romance. I especially dont particularly enjoy vengeance storylines as it can seem a bit boring and predictable to me. However, this one was far from being boring. Apart from the amazing cast that was able to deliver this seamless script, there was not a single dull moment. Its an edge-of-your-seat K-drama that will not disappoint.

I couldnt help but love Lee Si Young in this role. Her character, Jo Soo Ji, is far from your damsel in distress. Shes a lean, mean, fighting machine and it totally helped that shes formerly an amateur boxer in real life. She can really pack a punch and it looked so natural and just so freaking cool. Im a fan of the woman being in the midst of the fight scenes, kicking some serious ass, and then riding off on her motorcycle. Cheering for more roles like this for actresses!

The crime-fighting team of superheroes

What do you get when you bring a prosecutor, police officer, hacker, and surveillance camera whiz together? An unstoppable team of badasses who can pretty much do anything to catch the bad guys. What makes them interesting is that they all have their past stories and baggage that are revealed as the drama progresses. All of their stories are interesting, and it was exciting to see how they were all connected by the main villain, Yoon Seung Ro.

Each of these characters have a past that is genuinely interesting. You want to know why they are in the situation they are in, and theyre all such cool characters that its hard to get tired of them. The fact that Key and Kim Seul Gi were cast in this drama made it all the more a joy to watch. I mean, who doesnt love Key and Kim Seul Gi?! They were the perfect addition to this team.

I also cant forget to mention the priest. Because. Well, you know why.

This drama being Shin Dong Wooks long-awaited return to the small screen, he did not disappoint. I was rather intrigued to see how this priest role would suit him, but he totally went beyond expectations. It is owed to the script, but its also owed to Shin Dong Wooks strong presence on screen.

Ok, so maybe the main reason why I loved this K-drama so much was Kim Young Kwang.

Kim Young Kwang has slowly crept his way into my list of biases because of this role. He had originally caught my eye when he was cast one too many times as the second-lead, but he really proved himself as an actor in this drama. His character, Jang Do Han, is perfect in that hes got many layers and isnt the same stoic male lead were used to seeing in K-dramas. What at first seemed like a shallow, greedy, and simple character turned out to be complex, tortured figure. He made us eager to find out more about him. Kim Young Kwangs ability to play the contrasting personas of an intelligent and witty prosecutor as well as a pained, vengeful son was masterful, and it kept me wanting more.

The heart-breaking scene of him with his father when viewers realize the extent of his battered history was heartbreaking to say the least, and it really showcased Kim Young Kwangs acting skills.

The villain we couldnt stand

Solomon Park as Yoon Si Wan will go down as being one of the most cringe-worthy villains in K-drama history. Not only is he disturbingly young (a mere high school student), but he has absolutely no remorse. The satisfied look on his face as he terrorized the lives of innocent people is unforgettable. Because his character was so hate-worthy, it made it all the more satisfying and exciting to see the team try and bring him and his father down. I dont know how such a young man was able to convey such evil, but his character repulsed me. I dont even know if Ill ever be able to shake the image of Yoon Si Wan off of Solomon Park ever again. Thats how good he was in this role.

I couldnt help but be reminded of the drama Healer minus all the lovey-dovey parts. If you were a fan of that, then youll definitely like Lookout. Although the ending wasnt perfect, I couldnt help but admire the script as a whole, and even though it may not have appealed to the masses, I believe its a drama that people will eventually watch and wonder why they hadnt watched sooner.

Every individual cast member was perfect for their role. You could see the hard work they put into it, and it was executed scrupulously in a way that made it hard to forget. Its a drama that is definitely worth a re-watch, and it comes highly recommended.

Hey Soompiers, what did you think of Lookout? Let me know in the comments below!

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