HanCinema's Drama Review 'Miss Korea' Episode 20 Final

HanCinema's Drama Review 'Miss Korea' Episode 20 Final

The maximum forged courting construction used to be the only between Seon-saeng and Hwa-jeong who overcame societal limitations to be together. schooling degrees and social prestige are important figuring out points in a Korean relationship, and this couple worked via the ones problems neatly to get to their satisfied ending.I became waiting for the display to have more to mention about the establishment of the "Miss Korea" competition and pageantry in general, yet it as a substitute fascinated about Hyung-joon and Ji-young"s relationship, which was cute, but nonsensical. The adjustments inside themselves that they either had to make to be with each and every other were addressed in a cursory manner. There were a couple of times where Ji-young"s insecurities of being deserted were discussed, or Hyung-joon"s emotions of incompetence got here to the forefront. I sought after more of that to make their romance more fulfilling. It was very lovely and filled with smiles and secret hugs, though. That was nice."Miss Korea" is a prove geared more against entertainment and making other folks smile than one who addresses the problems presented. As a mild watch, I"d counsel it. If you"re trying to find anything deeper, glance elsewhere.

Written by Raine from Raine"s Dichotomy

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"Miss Korea" is directed by Kwon Seok-jang, written by Seo Sook-hyang and lines Lee Seon-gyoon, Lee Yeon-hee, Jo Sang-gi and Lee Mi-sook.

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"Miss Korea" Episode 20 Final

"Miss Korea" has tied up each and every loose end and delivered a finale that is adorned with smiles, warm feelings and a hopeful message. It has stayed true to its feel-good mood and has proven itself to be a breezy watch.

While "Miss Korea" lacked in any sort of real plot development, what it managed to do was make me feel good while watching it. Lee Seon-kyeon and Lee Yeon-hee had wonderful chemistry, which made them easy to root for. In fact, the entire cast had an easy rapport that was reminiscent of "Pasta". While the similarity is good, I had hoped for a meatier plot line. The show touched on tons of wonderful concepts, but never followed through because the focus was on the mood of the show. The camera work and direction style created a dream-like quality that enveloped the entire show. The ending credits that ran over an old-school style film helped establish that the show was in 1997 and also gives a feeling of peeking into another world. Both of these things add to the "Miss Korea" "mood".

There was little follow through for the difficult subjects presented in the show: the IMF crisis, corruption in pageants, beauty standards, relationship expectations. While these topics were consistently mentioned, they were not well-developed and that was a major detractor of the show. The subjects were glossed over in favor of building relationships or relationship tensions. For example, the IMF crisis was constantly shown as the cause of suffering for the characters, but the conversations discussing what to do about difficult financial situations were always preempted by other issues like romantic problems. It stopped short of any genuine exploration of how people really dealt with the IMF.

Also, each character had nice, neat endings that were geared more towards finding resolution and happiness than following an organic progression. The endings were satisfying on a surface level because watching people find peace and smile is always pleasant. However, so many bow-tied endings make no sense. Yoon suddenly turns into an understanding person when he's been thick-headed for the bulk of the show. Ae-ri and Choong-ja rekindle their friendship and Choong-ja really hasn't learned to deal with their faults - they are glossed over in the name of friendship. These things wouldn't be such large missteps if better development had happened earlier on.

The most solid relationship development was the one between Seon-saeng and Hwa-jeong who overcame societal boundaries to be together. Education levels and social status are very important determining factors in a Korean relationship, and this couple worked through those issues well to get to their happy ending.

I was expecting the show to have more to say about the institution of the "Miss Korea" pageant and pageantry in general, but it instead focused on Hyung-joon and Ji-young's relationship, which was cute, but nonsensical. The changes within themselves that they both had to make to be with each other were addressed in a cursory manner. There were a few times where Ji-young's insecurities of being abandoned were discussed, or Hyung-joon's feelings of incompetence came to the forefront. I wanted more of that to make their romance more fulfilling. It was very cute and full of smiles and secret hugs, though. That was nice.

"Miss Korea" is a show geared more towards entertainment and making people smile than one that addresses the issues presented. As a light watch, I'd recommend it. If you're looking for something deeper, look elsewhere.

Written by Raine from Raine's Dichotomy

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"Miss Korea" is directed by Kwon Seok-jang, written by Seo Sook-hyang and features Lee Seon-gyoon, Lee Yeon-hee, Jo Sang-gi and Lee Mi-sook.

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I Miss You Episode 21 Preview (Final)

I Miss You Episode 21 Preview (Final)

“I Miss You” Episode 20 Preview (Final)

“I Miss You” Episode 20 Preview (Final)


Take a look at the preview for the last episode of MBC’s “I Miss You” featuring Park Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yoo Seung Ho below!

Doctor: Apply some more pressure!

Doctor: Ok, there’s no other way…prepare them both for emergency surgery!

Han Jung Woo: I dreamt about it several thousand times…coming back here to save you…

Han Jung Woo: Soo Yeon!!! Soo Yeon!!!

Lee Soo Yeon: Jung Woo…Jung Woo…

Lee Soo Yeon: Mom, Jung Woo thanked me for being alive…He thanked me for giving him the chance to wait…

Han Jung Woo: Soo Yeon, tomorrow, I’ll make you smile…

This episode will be aired tonight, January 17th, at 9:55 PM (KST).

Stay tuned!


Don't Miss Fun Stories from All 9 Members of Girls' Generation on Final 'Strong Heart' Episode

Don't Miss Fun Stories from All 9 Members of Girls' Generation on Final 'Strong Heart' Episode

Girls Generation, SNSD, SBS, Strong Heart, I Got Boy

Don't Miss Fun Stories from All 9 Members of Girls' Generation on Final 'Strong Heart' Episode M! Countdown Jan 3, 2013: Girls' Generation (SNSD) - I Got A BoyGirl group Girls' Generation is to appear as special guests of the finale of SBS' "Strong Heart."

The finale will feature all nine members of Girls' Generation and participate in the last filming on January 17. The girls will discuss about their recent comeback with I Got a Boy and stories of their time away from Korean music scene.

A representative of the show stated, "Girls' Generation is to participate in the last filming of 'Strong Heart.' It means a lot of have the top girl group end the show."

"Strong Heart" will be officially canceled after the last episode featuring Girls' Generation.


Drama Review 'Beautiful Gong Shim' Episode 20 (final)

Drama Review 'Beautiful Gong Shim' Episode 20 (final)

Gong Shim after all doffs her wig and adopts a classier sense of get dressedwhilst Dan-tae (now Joon-pyo) remains his slovenly self after the year long time jump. The infuriating time jump. Dan-tae had totally no explanation why for contacting her and all of his excuses fell short. Why? Since the writers mustnow not have wear in there in the primary place. The handiest real saving grace of the time jump was once that Gong Shim turned intomost often angry of Dan-tae's pitiful excuses and refused to forgive him. Had she endured that way, the writer's could've made a remark just about the deficient usage of time jumps in dramas. Instead, they had Gong Shim without problems cave. The romance at the finish was slightly flavorless on account of it. Especially since Dan-tae has already disappeared once and not employing a contact. It is his modus operandi and not a nice trait in an important other or husband.

As for the drama overall, I do love that Gong Shim unearths her calling and sticks by capacity of IT and that her fervent toughen of herself draws in the aid of her folks and the onesround her (save for her sister.) In the similar way, Joon-soo learned to outline himself as a personinstead of every bita phase of his circle of relatives unit. Grandma apologizes for the manner she treated Joon-soo for the simplerelement of his life, yet the apology turns outa piece lacking. She has the grandson she cares about back. Had she in realitysought after to be earnest, she would've made the apology without Joon-pyo ever having been found. It was a answer for resolution's sake.

AdvertisementThe mystery was the downfall of the drama. Had it just excited about relationships and buffed out characters like Gong Mi and Joon-soo's uncle, the display would've been stronger. Staring at a downtrodden lady build self assurance in herself and to find her way is at all times a winning story. It was reflected amongst Joon-soo's adventure in his oppressive household, and Dan-tae's seek of his past. It was install well, but poorly executed. The fogeys as oppressive figures dissipated with little instigation. But the romance is where"Beautiful Gong Shim"was strong.MinahandNamgoong Minare one of these delightful pair and just as delightful individually. Namgoong stepped clear of his polished roles to take on slovenly Dan-tae andMinahstepped faraway from her idol symbol with such panache and humor that I cannot wait to peer her in anything else.

"Beautiful Gong Shim"is a breezy watch, but not made of deep stuffs. It be highly inconsistent, but similarly entertaining.

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Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 20 Final

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 20 Final

With Hong-joo most commonly out of the way,"Mirror of the Witch"is ready to continue without a villain. Which is to say, as a substitute of having to combat an intractable conspiracy, Jun and Yeon-hee just solve complications and make desires come true. Here is immensely more gratifying than the skulduggery that has labeledsuch a lot of the drama's plot till this point. In context it isn'ttransparent whether any of the potions are in truth magical at all- it is more about the habit they provoke.

Which naturally results in the final candle and...you know, if Hong-joo had just led with that restriction rather thanarising amongstadvanced plans to do things her way via force, she most certainly would werea load more successful. Given the most often repentant nature of her personality here, actually, I used to be (and still am) wondering whether Hong-joo herself lit the candle. Certain she's been a little bit of a jerk, yet her ultimate moments are almost poetic, albeit undeserved. Hong-joo will have benefitted so much from a more ambiguous portrayal.

Jun and Yeon-hee thankfullywouldn't have that much. Their happiness this episode is well-deserved, sweet, and on the whole heartfelt. This is the romantic chemistry that may also be used to convincingly spark offa whole drama series, and I amunhappy less by the plot arc of the general episode as I'm by the reality that"Mirror of the Witch"did no longer brandjust right use of its runtime to delve into the Jun/Yeon-hee relationship. We bestwere givenshort glimpses like this in between unnecessarily confusing plot twists.

AdvertisementAnd the very last one, after the 2nd one time skip, is the maximum baffling of all. When I'm left asking questions like "so are they dead or did they solve that hassle with magic or is a metaphor what is going on exactly" that isa beautifulsmartsignal that a drama is prioritizing warm fuzzy emotions over striking effort into an finishing that really makes sense. How may a drama so passionate about explaining all its most minor plot issues fail at anything then basic?

Well,"Mirror of the Witch"has mostly just been a long term of failure punctuated by brief robust performances earlier than they get smothered by the following turnabout. So I betfinallyor not it'snow notthat gigantic a wonder for the drama to finish on a an identical note, providing piffling more than a sad reminder of what may need been if only the talemay have been more well condensed. Ah well. It will accept been worse.

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Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 16 Final

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 16 Final

Initially the plot for the overall episode centers around a scheme to take a glance at out and get Bonnie and Soo-ho back together. Ultimately it turns out that this scheme used to bea whole waste of time without a payoff as Bonnie and Soo-ho meet in their own special way. The reunion is if fact exist toldmoderatelycandy and heartfelt. It does a excellentactivity integrating all of thevery bestportions of"Lucky Romance"to bring an superbremaining message about love. Yet none of this adjustmentsthe reality that the whole first part of the episode turned intoa total waste of time.

It's a gorgeous effective metaphor for the overall quality of"Lucky Romance". Whilsthalf of of it's far decent romantic comedy, the opposite half is simplyunnecessary subplots that never move anywhere. Each and every new episode ended in the introduction of a minimum of one new subplot, and the old ones were only ever solved haphazardly. Even main plotlines were very hit and miss. Bonnie offers up on superstition, for example, but the only real explanation introduced is an excessivelyindistinct "power of love".

AdvertisementWhat makes this especially frustrating is that there has beennumerous potentially applicablesubject matter that just went underdeveloped. Imagine the thematic importance of Bonnie's oldsters being dead, I still cannot figure out why"Lucky Romance"was so minimalist in exploring Soo-ho and Geon-woo's circle of relatives relations. Geon-woo were given all of one scene with his father, and Soo-ho's folks spent more time soaring about a birth secret that never materialized than they did with their son.

The leisure of the solid was just more physically provide than they were helpful every bit characters in their own right. Bo-ra is the maximum productive case of this- she's quite literally the physical embodiment of all Bonnie's motivation, yet the last episode is the primary fourth dimension we see the young lady in ample context to get an evenseize of her personality. We do most commonlyto find out what took place to each personbasically because Soo-ho helpfully brings they allin combination in the similar room.

That's what they are there for after all- as bullet issues in Bonnie and Soo-ho's own life, instead ofother folks amongst internally consistent motivation. While this is not a dealbreaker on its own, the time spent seeking tobuilding upthose subplots instead ofcare for Bonnie and Soo-ho's dating as the principlecenter of attention makes too much of the finishing unsatisfying."Lucky Romance"ends, at best, as very well average- a virtually perfectly even distribution between sensible and bad, worthy neither of seriouscompliment nor over the top scorn. It just is.

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Drama Review 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Episode 18 Final

Drama Review 'Oh Hae-Young Again' Episode 18 Final

I were given the distinct impact for lots of thefinal episode of"Oh Hae-Young Again"that writerPark Hae-young(yes, this is her genuine name) never actually had a plan for completing any of the drama's storylines. She just had thoseactuallyfantastic characters, and the appealing hook of the mysterious visions, and figured the remainder would come naturally. Well, two additional episodes and a longer finale were not enough. The finishing of"Oh Hae-Young Again"is sloppy, bobbing up with new conflicts whilstbest clumsily resolving the old ones.

For these type ofevidentserious failures, though, I still can not actually get mad at"Oh Hae-Young Again"because if any drama has ever emphasized your entire "journey in position of the destination" philosophy,"Oh Hae-Young Again"is it. Because Hae-young and Do-kyeong have never really had their eyes at thefinish point. The majorstruggleused to benow not the content of the visions, yet rather Do-kyeong coming to realizethat there is little point in being concerned also much about the future.

All the storylines have incorporated this theme somehow- some greater than others. Jin-sang still does no longerseem to have any concept how to deliberately come directly to Soo-kyeong barring a crisis situation, and their courting has lovely much changed intoan enduring compromise that they are going totry and figure anything out that doesn't involve Soo-kyeong moving out of the country or Jin-sang drinking himself to death out of private shame. It is funny staring at them try, but mostly, it be only relieving knowing that they are willing to stay trying.

Advertisement The opposite relationships are a tad more perplexing. Ji-an never really did anything else of relevance excluding exist a awful mother, and Anna never moved beyond being Hoon's frightfully exuberant more youthful girlfriend. Hae-young's parents...well, they were quitestraight forwardfolksto start with, actually. Of route Deok-yi is cussed and prideful, because her daughter is a similar way. It is a generational cycle, after all.

And that is where"Oh Hae-Young Again"leaves off emotionally. Existence will pass on, answers will fall into place, you'llat all timesanticipate the toughen of enjoyed ones...all the onesgreatintellectual reassurances that truly make"Oh Hae-Young Again"a large drama even after a verytricky day. Although the narrative does not tie up very well, that flaw too works well in context of the drama's larger messaging. It is allappropriate to reduce to rubble and glancesillyso long asevery person is having a great time and mutual compassion isn't an issue. I amAdequate with that.

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Drama Review 'Entertainers' Episode 18 (final)

Drama Review 'Entertainers' Episode 18 (final)

The boys of Entertainer Band scraped and clawed their way from the ground to the top, beyondhindrances of evil feminine idols, ambitious CEOs, slimy managers, and reformed souls. If you aretrying to find an underdog tale amongsta marginally of romance, a forged OST, some adorable guys in a band, and a friendship-related family, then"Entertainers"is for you.

The drama won't exist the maximum cohesive in its applyvia of the large issues, yet information technology knows how to convey emotional punches. CastingJi Seongto lift the drama and flesh out reformed Seok-ho supposed that regardless of how short or long an emotional beat, it used to be fraught with emotion, and quite a bit of times, moving tears. And boy, were there numerous tears. If nothing, this drama made the warring consciences and egos of our characters lead to oceans of tears. It were given to be too much, especially when all villains but one finally finish up reformed on account of Seok-ho's new walk in life. This fault is exacerbated by the truththat just abouteach and everyunmarried villain went by way of parallel trials, sessions of regret and hesitation, and change. Relating to the band members, their storylines followed an specificfacet of personality and did not deviate: Jae-hoon is a happy-go-lucky drummer, but student at heart. Kyle is a firecracker, toppower young guy driven by impulse. Yeon-soo is all tenderness and bleeding hearts. The characters did no longer deviate. Same holds true for Green, an individual who got so little buildingthat i amdisappointed forHyericoming off this sort of poignant role as Deok-seon in "Answer Me 1988".

Romance turned into a susceptible signal in the drama. As I stated in the beginning, romance is nota need in a drama like this and it'll be greater had the drama no longer force fed the audience that romance. The just one that gave the impressionherbalin the slightest degree was the only between Yeon-soo and Min-joo. He fell for a beautiful, capable lady who treated his son well. Green and Seok-ho were awkward. Ha-neul's one-sided overwhelm was more a automobile for his expansion that some extent of romance. And what was that pity romance that the production team threw at Ha-neul in the old couple of minutes? It made no sense.

And then there has been the king of Korean drama tropes, the time skip. His majesty reared his royal head close tothe beginning of the episode and washed away a year of romantic development, band development, and left the remainder of the hour as a area for fluffy goodness: Jae-hoon following his dreams, Green following hers, the band soaring on most sensible of the Hallyu wave. It was sweet, but necessarily fluffy filler. Thank you, extension. It allowed for bow-tied endings in regards to each single facet character, that have been highly unnecessary.

What I enjoyed most about"Entertainers"at the start was that it tackled some intense social issues: sexual attackfees in idoldom and the media, adoption, suicide, betrayal. Unfortunately, thosehave become more plot point than authentic explorations of such ideas. They all are at all times pertinent.

With all of that said, did I revel in this show? Yes, I did. Would I counsel it? As a one time light-hearted watch, yes. As a repeat watch its flaws would change into glaringly obvious. But give me these boys goofing off and gamblingtune any day. They are so adorable.

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Drama Review 'Jackpot' Episode 24 (final)

Drama Review 'Jackpot' Episode 24 (final)

And with a last episode that used to be a concoction of the complete lotyet the kitchen sink,"Jackpot"comes to and end. The display had a couple of highlights, but most commonly information technologyturned into messy. The finale emphasized the loneliness of the throne, the combat amongst politics to do what is best possible for a country at large, and a friendship between brothers of other social standing. The accumulation to the Musin riot was long and arduous, minor characters were left half-developed and our primary characters suffered personality adjustments and extraordinarypersona trajectories.

The most pretty moment of this ultimate episode, and indeed in rather a few episodes, was the ultimate scene of the brothers assembly in secret, playing one another's corporate and permitting a lonely king to have, if but for a moment, a true friend with whom he can feel a bit of less lonely. They forgetthe rustic that they worked so tough to protect. If the prove had worked backwards from that moment and built the remainder of the drama to beef up the long, laborioustrips of a king and a citizen, such so much ofglorious things could've happened. As it stands, the show attempted to do so and on several times pointing out that a king's fateis tricky indeed, but it was waylaid by way of unfocused subject matters and plot devices.

The starting of the drama taken withgood fortune and how Dae-gil was to develop intofantasticas a result of it. Gambling and luck faded as time passed, and Dae-gil have become more like In-jwa (a just about infallible being) instead ofholding his core light-heartedness that weresubtle into a capable warrior moved by the plight of his people. I ignored the goofiness of yore and his virtually perfect judgement of the folks was now not interesting. It made me pass over his flaws. The similar holds true for Yeoning/Yeongjo. His precocious youth, wit, and interest morphed very abruptly into a stiff statue of ruthlessness and loneliness that could've been more gradually introduced. Instead, the alternate was explained away by exposition. Numerous things were explained away.

Take, for example, Dam-seo's death, her loss of truthful romantic involvement, and the shortcoming of affect her existence left on Dae-gil and Yeoning. Dae-gil is slated to marry Seol-im, but we saw little in their love, or their partnership beyond operating on quashing the uprising and Yi In-jwa. Seol-im lost her appealing story. All of those items are faults of a lack of practice through. An concept is started, left, and randomly picked up. A character is partlyevolved and then left to half-function as a a phase of a plot thread.

Yi In-jwa, the major antagonist, was most sensible when he was vulnerable, but"Jackpot"didn't try thisancient figure justice. He was a cartoon of brilliance, which is rather sad. His is one of thesewealthy story. I amunhappy for what could've been.

What was excellent was the scenery, the costuming, and the environment of scenes. This excellence boasts of enjoy with sageuk drama and picture and the production team has certainlyhandledthis length of time before. It's the writing that was choppy and unfocused.

All small characters were given their small moment in the sun and had their storylines tied up. Practically all either died or ended up doing the proper thing, which is in reality quite dull for a viewer.

Jang Geun-seok,Yeo Jin-goo, and Jeong Kwang-ryeol were cast equally was lots of theleisure of the cast. One can't blame actors for the fabric given to them. It was sensibleto peer these other peopleat the screen. I am hoping next time they make a selectionlarger roles.

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