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Lee Seung Gi Talks About Getting ready for His Upcoming Film

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Lee Seung Gi Talks About Getting ready for His Upcoming Film

--> Lee Seung Gi has graced the canopy of the biannual Cosmo Men issue.

Lee Seung Gi, who has been forged along Shim Eun Kyung in the impending film Marital Harmony, stated "These days I′m busy filming until dawn."

In the film, Lee Seung Gi plays the nature SEO Do Yoon, a proficient matchmaker, and the even spent time to diviners to find out about his character.

He also said that his playful side, observed on type displays like New adventure to the West and Nunas Over Flowers, is captured in the film, heightening anticipation for the film slated for unlock next year.

Meanwhile, Marital Harmony, Lee Seung Gi′s first giant screen ancient piece, is the 2d one installment in a trilogy, following The Face Reader.

Lee Seung Gi′s spread and interview will also be discovered in the December factor of Cosmo Men.

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Lee Byung-hun, Jo Seung-woo and Baek Yoon-sik in 'Inside Men', the film in their lives

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Lee Byung-hun, Jo Seung-woo and Baek Yoon-sik in 'Inside Men', the film in their lives

It seems like Lee Byung-hun, Jo Seung-woo and Baek Yoon-sik are going to revel in the film in their lives.

"The inside of Men" is being expected via enthusiasts far and wide the rustic as they wish to see the 3 actors as their characters once possible.

Jo Seung-woo and Baek Yoon-sik are back with some passionate performances let by myself Lee Byung-hun himself.

Lee Byung-hun takes at the personality of Ahn Sang-gu, a political gangster. He used to be allies with robust Lee Kang-hee (Baek Yoon-sik) and did the grimy paintings for Chaebols, politicians and other authorities. However, he loses it all one day by scheming for anything more and becomes a loser. He is going over the humiliation he"s been via and plans revenge.

This is the maximum excessive transformation Lee Byung-hun has long gone for a character and it rewrites his filmography as he presentations quite so much of faces at the back of the fellow who has fallen to the ground.

Not most effective that, Jo Seung-woo plays an investigator named Woo Jang-hoon. He was once a former policeman with robust will. Jo Seung-woo dramatically portrays this character and proves his recognition by giving it his all.

Like a tiger, like a cat there's a character named Lee Kang-hee who watches them from behind. Here is played by Baek Yoon-sik.

Lee Kang-hee makes authority via writing. he's an editor in leader who makes witty remarks to create a format of authority not visual to others and manipulates them. He is the example of the saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword". Baek Yoon-sik"s original air of mystery allowed him to drag this character off. His eyes say they know the total lot yet they faux not to when the location calls for it.

Meanwhile, "The Inside Men" is in reaction to an unfinished web-toon and the respectable unlock date is the 19th.

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MBLAQ's Seung Ho takes his 1st leading role in film 'Rock 'n' Roll Grandpa'

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MBLAQ's Seung Ho takes his 1st leading role in film 'Rock 'n' Roll Grandpa'

MBLAQ"s Seung Ho will be taking his first leading role in the tune movie "Rock "n" Roll Grandpa"!

According this his label, he"ll be gambling Ki Ho Tae, a 20 year old who works in bloodless storage. He"s a bright adolescence who never loses sight of his dreams. The movie talks about a tender guy who has giant dreams and an old man who has lost his dreams. The pair keep in touch thru music in nature.

His label said, "This can be his first time acting since his debut. He"s frightened because it"s his first time acting, and he"s running challenging practicing guitar and acting because he"s a guitarist in the movie. He"s operating hard, so please display numerous interest."

The movie is aimed at an October unencumber next year.

BIFF 2015 Yoo Seung-ho displays off sturdy screen presence in his comeback film, 'The Joseon Magician'

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BIFF 2015 Yoo Seung-ho displays off sturdy screen presence in his comeback film, 'The Joseon Magician'

A new duration movie, "The Joseon Magician", which is actor Yoo Seung-ho"s comeback movie after his dismissal from the national army service, has been unveiled.

The pamphlets introducing "The Joseon Magician" had been printed all through the Asian Film Market, which is being held from October 3rd to October 6th in Busan Exhibition and conference Center, Woo-dong, Haewoondae-gu, Busan.

The 10th Asian Film marketplace has been held effectively yearly since 2006 during Busan World Film Industry. this is a venue for every and the entire steps fascinated about the film industry adding investment, production, sales, distribution and post-production.

Only the pros operating for the local and foreign film industry are allowed to take part in the event. The complete tournament is produced from Asian assignment Market, Asian Casting Market, Entertainment highbrow belongings market (E-IP market), Busan international Film Commission, and movie Industry Exhibition, which drew attention from the international traders in film industry.

The hottest film during the 4 day market was once "The Joseon Magician" invested and disbursed via Lotte Entertainment.

Since the film started filming on Februry 27th this year, the 72 filming sessions came about for the ultimate four months all around the places equivalent to Yongin, Namyangjoo, Moongyeong, Sokcho, Hwasoon in Jeonnam and more. whilst "The Joseon Magician" has been beneath the post-production level since July 2nd, their pamphlets featuring Yoo Seung-ho has gained explosive reaction.

On the primary page of "The Joseon Magician" pamphlet, Yoo Seung-ho, who plays Hwan-hee, the head magician in Joseon, presentations off his charismatic presence with the long hair flowing in the air. The blue scholar of his correct eye bring up more interest on the movie.

The moment page introduces the characters including Hwan-hee played by Yoo Seung-ho, Cheong-myeong played by Ko Ah-ra, Ahn Dong-hwi played by Lee Kyeong-yeong, Bo-eum played by Jo Yoon-hee. you'll be in a position to also get a glimpse on the romance between Yoo Seung-ho and Ko Ah-ra on the 3rd page of the pamphlet.

An go along with Lotte Entertainment booth available in the market told television Report, "Although we can not play the film for preview since it's miles still in the post-production stage, we are receiving heated reaction only with the posters. We ran out of the pamphlets temporarily because many shoppers took the pamphlets".

"The Joseon Magician" depicts the tale of Joseon"s best magician, who may no longer keep away from going opposed to his fate after he have become entangled in a huge conspiracy. Director Kim Dae-seung"s new movie, "The Joseon Magician" is slated to be released in December this year.

Shim Eun Kyung and Lee Seung Gi’s ancient film is going Into Production

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Shim Eun Kyung and Lee Seung Gi’s Historical motion picture Goes Into Production Shim Eun Kyung and Lee Seung Gi‘s upcoming historical movie “Compatibility” has officially began shooting on September 9.

The movie’s production company Jupiter Film announced in a press free up on September 14 that the movie has had its first shoot on September 9. They particularly picked the date as the fortunes of the 2 actors matched up for that distinctive date.

The historical piece may be about a princess, played via Shim Eun Kyung, who leaves the palace to discover her true love. Lee Seung Gi will play a student who makes a speciality of fortunetelling compatibility between conceivable marriage prospects.

Lee Seung Gi commented on his upcoming movie, “This is my first historical movie. i used to be right away attracted to the nature when i began reading the script.” Shim Eun Kyung also commented, “I was once captivated by the feminine persona who leaves the palace to pave her own destiny. i will be ready to check out my highest to turn a perfect performance.”

As the potential candidate for the princess, Yeon Woo Jin, CNBLUE‘s Kang Min Hyuk, SHINee‘s Minho, and Choi Woo Sik were cast.

The film is slated for a past due 2016 release.

[photos] Added new Song Seung-heon stills and new poster for the impending Korean film 'superb Nightmare'

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[photos] Added new Song Seung-heon stills and new poster for the impending Korean film 'superb Nightmare'

Added new Song Seung-heon stills and new poster for the approaching Korean film "superb Nightmare" (2015)Directed via Kang Hyo-jinWith Uhm Jung-hwa, Song Seung-heon, Kim Sang-ho, Ra Mi-ran, search engine marketing Sin-ae, Jeong Ji-hoon,...SynopsisA smartly known attorney loses his existence subsequently making ane,000 mistakes and is reborn equally a standard housewife till he send away go back to what he used to exist.unencumber date in Korea : 2015/08/ thirteen

Lee Seung Gi and Shim Eun Kyung showed for new film "Marital cohesion"

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Lee Seung Gi and Shim Eun Kyung 
showed for new 

Lee Seung Gi and Shim Eun Kyung can be starring in upcoming film "Marital team spirit".

"Marital team spirit" is expounded to be the 2nd one film of the "trilogy" by means of Jupiter films, the production corporate who made "The Face Reader" in 2013. The film will observe the ro guytic comedy historic genre about the use of marital harmony to figure our the courting between a guy and a lady.

Lee Seung Gi can be gambling as SEO Do Yoon, a genius marital harmony reader whilst Shim Eun Kyung can be taking the role of princess Songhwa. thank you to SEO Do Yoon"s ability, he"s invited to read the marital harmony between the princess and the 4 applicants to determine who can be the princess"s long term husband.

The film can start filming in the 2nd one part of this year.

EXO"s Xiumin in talks to star alongside Yoo Seung Ho in new film "Kim Sun Dal"

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EXO"s Xiumin is likely to make his movie debut with upcoming film "Kim Sun Dal"(working title).

A rep from SM Entertainment said on May 19th,"Xiumin has received the offer to star in "Kim Sun Dal" and he is positively considering it".

"Kim Sun Dal" is based on a classical novel of the same name, telling the story about Kim Sun Dal. The film has been gaining much attention since Yoo Seung Ho will be taking over the lead role.

If Xiumin accepts the offer, he will be starring as Kim Sun Dal"s younger brother and is also a member in Kim Sun Dals"s fraud gang. His character is said to have a sweet nature and dream of becoming the ultimate fraud.

Do you want to see Xiumin and Yoo Seung Ho acting together?

Poster revealed for new film "Five Senses of Love" starring Ryoo Seung-ryong, Hwan-hee and Kim Gyoo-ri-I

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Poster revealed for new film

An omnibus movie, "Five Senses of Love" (Sarang Ogam) starring Ryoo Seung-ryong, Hwan-hee and Kim Gyoo-ri-I has confirmed the film will be released this month.

"Five Senses of Love" confirmed the movie will be released on February 12th and revealed its main poster.

The main poster features the leading actors, Ryoo Seung-ryong, Hong So-hee, Hwan-hee, Kim Gyoo-ri-I, Kim Min-joon, Oh Kwang. The emotions of love such as longing, distress, despair and so on are flawlessly shown through the the actors on the poster.

"Five Senses of Love" is an omnibus movie comprised of five parts in total: "Ripe Persimmon" about a man"s warm heart, "Today, I love you" about compassion of a man and a woman, "Walk in the Heaven", about a man"s despair recalling memories between him and his deceased lover, "Onion and guitar" about sadness getting ready for forthcoming separation, "A vacation" about stirred and ardent hearts.