Film About WWII Sex Slaves Conquers Box Office

Film About WWII Sex Slaves Conquers Box Office

A moviegoer selects "Spirits' Homecoming" at a price ticket booth at a theater in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul on Tuesday. /Yonhap

A movie depicting the lives of girls forced into sexual slavery for Eastern troops throughoutInternational War II is determinedto attract more than 3 million viewers. "Spirits' Homecoming" directed by way of Cho Jung-lae racked up the very best advance-ticket sales even sooner than it opened, and the choice of theaters appearing the film rose from 513 on opening day on Feb. 24 to 876 a week later. Cho said, "I made the motion picture in hopes of welcoming house the souls of Korean ladies who are lost in foreign lands. In position of incite vengeance, I sought after to motivatecurative and solace".

The most famed movie about the former sex slaves used to be "The Murmuring" directed by Byung Young-joo in 1995. Two decades have passed since then without every other film being made about them, by contrast to the stablemovement of videos close to the holocaust.

One reason why for the good fortune of "Spirits' Homecoming" is that there has been a dearth of films about the painful subject. Yetsome otherthingchanged into the absence of Hollywood blockbusters competing at the time of release.The patriotic nature of the film does no longerprotect it from serious review. The japaneseinfantrymen are flat characters who are just bent on evil acts, whilst the bird's-eye view of the brothels drew accusations of voyeurism. Movie critic Kang Yoo-jung said, "Depicting a painful length of history thru fiction instead of documentary merits applause. As victims, we did no longerstrive this up tothe ones depicting the holocaust. You will needrespect its pioneering spirit, without reference to how executed it is".


EXO D.O’s Film “Pure Love” FLOPS At Korean Box Office, Netizens Claim It’s A “FAILURE”

EXO D.O’s Film “Pure Love” FLOPS At Korean Box Office, Netizens Claim It’s A “FAILURE”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Even supposing many fanatics were expecting the liberate of D.Os film Pure Love, the motion picture doesnt seem like doing to smartly at the box office. 

Despite touting an outstandingsolid list adding the EXO member and former kid actress Kim So HyunPure Love is reportedly doing ratherdeficient at the box office, and isnt predicted to even damage eventideby way of the finish of its run. Netizens have blamed the director and the poor content of the moviestale for the videosmissing performance, claiming that it was once so uninteresting that even the SM Entertainment singer couldnt save it.

Find out what Netizens had to mention about this newsletter below!

Koreaboo has amassed reactions from Netizens who commented at theusual article from our Korean source. The underneath comments are the maximum well liked comments at the time of this article being published.

113, 4 ㅋㅋ what are you ready to make alongside a director who blames the failure of a film on the actor and now not his own short comings and two faced actors who play smaller roles pretending to be the leads friend yetif reality exist told stab him in the back.

100, 4 The administrators a dumbass ㅋㅋㅋㅋ he just worked D.O taking him around theaters to assert hi..

89, 4 What can you do the actors were amazing but the movie changed into shit..I went to look IT with an EXO-L friend and felt like I wasted my money. If I were an EXO-L than just seeing D.O would wereample butI can say this much even though if it werent for D.O the movie would have done worse.

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Joo Won's film 'That Guy' achieves a milestone at box office

Joo Won's film 'That Guy' achieves a milestone at box office

Joo Won

According to the Korean Film Commission on November 13, Joo Won"s mystery suspense movie "That Guy" has surpassed 1 million perspectives now!

There were numerous competing videos in the thriller genre, adding Son Hyun Joo"s "The Phone," yet the movie has been seeing fantastic results, status out from the crowd even 3 weeks in.

To celebrate, the actors Joo Won, Lee Yoo Young, and Director Yoon Joon Hyung posted an image together. The stars cling call cards whilst the director"s poster says, "It"s 1 million."

Great going, guys!



'Office' Star Go Ah Sung And Director Hong Won Chan Kick Off The NY Korean Film Festival

'Office' Star Go Ah Sung And Director Hong Won Chan Kick Off The NY Korean Film Festival

Director Hong Won Chan and actress Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars ) On November 6, Subway Cinema and The Korea Society ushed in the Opening Night at the Museum of the Moving Picture in Astoria.

Actress Go Ah Sung (Heard it from the Grapevine, Snowpiercer) and director Hong Won Chan (The Chaser) were present for the Opening Night screening of the psychological thriller, "Office," which kicked off the 13th New York Korean Film Festival.

Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars ) "Office" is a chilling film, set within the sterile halls of a Korean office building, populated by ruthless salarymen and women who are struggling to maintain their place within the heirarchy.

Bae Seong Woo is Manager Kim, a hapless member of middle management who entertains dreams of advancement. When he is fired, he goes home and slaughters his entire family, before returning to the workplace.

Go Ah Sung is Lee Mi Rae, a country bumpkin intern, who wants to assimilate into the fast-paced life of Seoul office work. When news of Manager Kim reaches Mi Rae, it sets her onto a course where she is plagued by thoughts of extracting revenge against the full-time employees that make her life miserable and contributed to the downfall of Manager Kim.

"Office" marks the directorial debut of Hong Won Chan, whose previous work is based extensively in adaptations of real-life crimes.

Director Hong Won Chan and actress Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

The screening was followed by a conversation with the talented actress and the director.Samuel Jamier, the executive director of Subway Cinema, served as the moderator the question and answer session.

When I first received the screenplay, I was worried after first, because I knew that it wouldnt be an easy role and that it would be taxing, said Go. As an actor, I felt like it would be great to play such a three-dimensional character. After seeing that, I didnt hesitate in saying yes.

Go was then questioned about her motivation for the role and whether she visited local Korean offices to learn more about workplace culture. Jamier referenced a common practice in Hollywood filmmaking where method actors find build their characters on the basis of real-life events or people.

I was actually really lucky, said Go. Around the time I started working on this project, all my friends from college were interning at some place or another. So, as an actor, it was great to have my friends points about the characters. I would go to their offices and make copies or do whatever interns do.

She mused on whether her ability to briefly work within an office actually served as a basis for her portrayal of Mi Rye.

But I dont know if thats what actually helped me figure out how to the find the character because, it wasnt really much about the appearance or the outside factors of what she did, said Go. I think it was more about delving through sense of inferiority and her sense of low self esteem. So I think the focus on that was more helpful.

Go Ah Sung at the (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars ) Director Hong was asked about the origin of the name Mi Rae, which means future in Korean.

There it was a bit of an intentional thing [in the naming of Mi Rae], said Go. The producer, who also wrote the original screenplay, told me that she named the intern Mi Rae with that intention in mind. I did think that the name had more significance, afterwards.

Hong previously worked on adaptations of true crimes with credits including, The Chaser. Jamier asked Hong what aspects of crime interested him and why he made his directorial debut through a film like, Office, which many consider to be more of a horror movie than thriller.

Ive always been a fan of the crime genre, whether it is when I read novels or watch films, thats the genre that I tend to lean towards, said Hong. I think crime is always an attractive subject when it comes to film because you are really able to investigate human nature and what goes on, psychologically, behind a persons mind. Particularly, how someone would imagine a crime. I think that has been something important throughout my creative process.

Few Korean movies feature a powerful female protagonist. Office is a set within the male dominated realm of a sales team, whose self worth is determined by their ability to meet unrealistic goals. Go weighed in on portraying a woman who is seemingly powerless, but who develops her own method of control.

(Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

Ive never really thought about the discrepancy between female driven or male driven films, in Korea, said Go. But while I was making Office, I realized that it is hard for an actress like me to be in a leading role. So, thats when I really felt that. When it comes to filmmaking, I felt that its important not to make that distinction between how female or male driven films have been released. I feel like not making that distinction is sometimes more important, if you actually want to see a change with this.

Go Ah Sung and Hong Chan Wan join the presidents of the Korea Society, Museum of the Moving Picture, and Subway Cinema organizers, November 6, 2015. (Photo : Jean Libert for KDramaStars )

The Opening Night ceremony concluded with questions from the audience, followed by a reception, where Director Hong and Go interacted with attendees.

The 13th New York Korean Film Festival will continue through Tuesday, November 11, 2015. Screenings are held at the Museum of the Moving Picture in Astoria, Queens.

In addition to the screenings, the guests of the festival, including Go Ah Sung and director Ryoo Seung Wan, will be present for Korean Filmmakers Night on Monday, November 9 at 6 p.m. at the Korea Society.

Ticketing information and showtimes for the 13th New York Korean Film Festival can be found through the official website of the event.


Adrienne Stanley is a contributing editor at KDramaStars. She is also a contributing music writer at KpopStarz, MTV Iggy and other publications. When she is not listening to "Rhythm Ta," she can be found on Twitter. (@retrogirladdy).


Joo Won's film 'That Guy' remains sturdy at most sensible of the box office

Joo Won's film 'That Guy' remains sturdy at most sensible of the box office

Joo Won

Joo Won"s new action movie, "That Guy," is doing neatly in the box office!

The Korean Film Commission published on October 30 that it has remained at the head of the list for 2 directly days since its first free up on October 28, when it raked in 97,170 viewers, beating Son Hyun Joo"s thriller, "The Phone."

On October 29, it proceeded to rake in 68,450 spectators, letting it remain at top for the 2nd one day in a row. Currently, its overall selection of audience is 171,985! In moment position used to be "The Phone" with 50,958 viewers. It hit 1 million viewers in 8 days. In 3rd place is the movie "The Martian," which has been out for 20 days and raked in four million viewers by capability of the 27th.



Which Film Won The Chuseok Weekend Box Office

Which Film Won The Chuseok Weekend Box Office

Yoo Ah In (Photo : The Throne)

It was a holiday weekend in Korea so plenty of people went to the movies. And the winner at the box office was "The Throne," starring Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho and Moon Geun Young.

"The Throne" ruled the box office for a second week, bringing in four million viewers in the 13 days since it was released. According to the Korean media outlet OSEN, the film attracted a total of 670,000 viewers over the Chuseok holiday, which began on September 27. As of September 29, the Korean Film Council reported that the film has sold a total of 4,263,947 tickets. Ticket sales are expected to exceed five million by the next weekend.

The film tells the tragic story of King Yeong Jo and his son Crown Prince Sado. History indicates that the prince suffered from mental illness. He was accused of randomly killing people in the palace and being a serial rapist. The king could not execute him but had to find a way to stop his crimes. History has debated whether the prince was framed but the journals of his wife, Lady Hyegyeong testify to his crimes.

The film has been submitted as a foreign language film contender for the 2016 Academy Awards.

Second place in the box office went to the comedy thriller "Accidental Detective," which stars Kwon Sang Woo. The film attracted 356,699 viewers.

The "Accidental Detective" story follows Kang Dae Man, played by Kwon. Kang Dae Man is the owner of a comic book cafe and a blogger, who dreams of becoming a police officer. Unfortunately he was not able to pass the physical exam. Despite his physical shortcomings he can"t give up the dream. He begins to visit police stations to offer unwanted advice to the detectives. Things take a dramatic turn when he gets involved in a closed murder case because he feels a friend was framed.

It"s Kwon"s first comedy since 2006. He figured it would be a fun choice for Chuseok moviegoers.

In an interview with the Korean media publication Yonhap News, he said, "Holidays should be fun. Why would a family get together to watch something depressing or serious."

Third place in the box office went to the American production "Maze Runner: Scorch Trails," starring Dylan O"Brien and Korean-American actor Ki Hong Lee. The film attracted 231,241 viewers.


Photos Added new stills for the Korean film 'The Office'

Photos Added new stills for the Korean film 'The Office'

Lee Chae-eun

Added new stills for the Korean film "The Office" (2014)Directed via Hong Won-chanWith Ko Ah-seong, Park Seong-woong, Bae Seong-woo, Kim Ee-seong, Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong, Lee Chae-eun,...SynopsisA motion picture about a serial killing concentrated on office workers.FestivalCannes 2015 : Nighttime ScreeningRelease date in Korea : 2015/09/03

Park Jeong-min-I

Oh Dae-hwan