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Announcing the Soompi Forums Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter! This year, we’re happy to introduce our brand-new Soompi Forums Easter Egg Hunt! If chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks aren’t quite doing the trick for you, search for Easter eggs on our forums and win prizes including Soompi Shop gift certificates!

Those of you who remember our Holiday Present Hunt (which we’ve been running on our forums for the past three years) will understand the concept. Everyday for the next seven days, we’ll post a hint in our forum thread regarding the location of a new Easter egg. Using your hint, surf around the forums and look for the egg within our many threads! When you find it, copy the URL and thread title. We’ll post a hint at least once everyday for the next seven days. There will be six regular colored eggs and two golden eggs

Baek Ji Young Speaks About Her Husband on ‘Healing Camp’

Singer Baek Ji Young spoke about her love for her husband Jung Suk Won on SBS"s "Healing Camp".

Making a guest appearance on singer Lee Sun Hee"s episode of "Healing Camp", Baek Ji Young answered the question of "What"s your biggest comfort" by answering that her biggest comfort in life is her husband.

She said, "In my 15 year career I"ve had various instances where my career was on the line. I"d have to tell myself every time that I need to be stronger, and that I need to figure it all out. I had a soloist"s mindset. However, after I was married, I found that having someone who can lead me and let me be the weaker one is a great comfort in life. It is also a source of renewed strength."

Lee Dong Wook and Cho Sae Ho Revealed to Be Roommates for ‘Roommates’

Putting two contrasting figures in one room, SBS’ Roommates revealed actor Lee Dong Wook and comedian Cho Sae Ho as roommates.

On April 15, the Roommates, who have been revealing information on the roommates of the shows one by one, announced that Lee Dong Wook and Cho Sae Ho are sharing a room on the new variety program.

Cho Sae Ho also posted a picture on his Facebook, writing, "My roommate hyung."

With both men contrasting each other in more than one thing, viewers are already waiting to see what kind of strange and humorous things will happen with Lee Dong Wook and Cho Sae Ho in one room.

Roommates will begin on April 20.

Photo Credit: Cho Sae Ho′s Facebook.

UEE shows her perfect body in additional photos for “H:CONNECT”

After School‘s UEE took part in a photoshoot for a new pictorial for “H:CONNECT“.

Recently, the brand updated fans with additional photos of UEE, drawing all eyes with her flawless body figure in chic outfits.

The brand’s marketing CEO commented, “This summer pictorial shows a romantic white lace look and UEE”s colorful style which give off a fresh and lively yet urban vibe… We anticipate the chic and sexy see-through lace look to be popular for the heat wave expected this summer.”


G.NA is looking gorgeous in new teaser images for ‘Pretty Underwear’

G.NA drops new teaser images for her comeback.

The sexy diva let her sexy figure set aside this time and wears a lovely white gown. She expresses a lively atmosphere while displaying bright expressions.

G.NA is making her comeback on April 21.

Clara Reveals Her Secret to Maintaining Her Toned Abs

Actress and TV personality Clara has shared her know-how to maintaining perfectly toned abs.

Known for her beautiful figure, Clara participated in filming SBS funE’s “Seo In Young’s Star Beauty Show Season 4.” During the show she revealed that whenever she has time between recordings, she works out by dancing to Girl’s Day‘s “Female President.” She demonstrated the toning effect of the intense choreography by showing off her dance moves, earning praises for her idol-like performance.

Clara also added that she tends to go tanning before an important photoshoot to make her body look smooth and healthy. When she confessed to going all nude at a beach in Thailand, even the producers showed surprised reactions to her story.

“Sunglasses help block others’ stares, which makes me feel like others can’t see me either,” she revealed

S.M.ROOKIES to debut soon!

Though we STILL don”t have an exact debut date, SM Entertainment“s pre-debut team S.M.ROOKIES will be debuting “soon”, according to their new teaser clip.

As many of you know by now, “S.M.ROOKIES”, is a pre-debut team, as in a team that is formed to showcase rookies to the public before their debut. The pre-debut team has no conditions or requirements in regards to its formation or number of members and will give rookies a chance to collaborate in various ways and forms.

The clip doesn”t really reveal much, except the group”s new website. Fans don”t even get to see any faces, but that isn”t keeping them from trying to guess who”s who in the teaser.

Can you figure out which S.M.ROOKIES are featured in this teaser?


Nam Sang Mi is Considering ‘Joseon Shooter with Lee Joon Gi

After news went out that she’ll be joining Lee Joon Gi, Nam Sang Mi’s agency made a statement on her supposed appearance in KBS’ Joseon Shooter.

On April 15, Newsen spoke with Nam Sang Mi’s rep, who said, “It’s true that we received an offer for Joseon Shooter, but we’re still considering it. It’s not a confirmation.”

Joseon Shooter announced that Lee Joon Gi will be appearing in the new drama on April 6. He will acting as the character, Park Yoon Kang, the last swordsman in the Joseon dynasty, who later becomes a swordsman and a folk hero.

Nam Sang Mi is being considered for the role of Jung Soo In, a graceful figure, who slowly transforms into a strong woman as time passes.

Meanwhile, Joseon Shooter will begin in June after Golden Cross

“Roommate” teases viewers with character cards for Nana, Seo Kang Jun, Shin Sung Woo, and Hong Soo Hyun

“Roommate” has been unveiling the character cards of its cast one-by-one and the members so far revealed are After School“s Nana, 5urprise“s Seo Kang Jun, Shin Sung Woo, and Hong Soo Hyun.


Each character got a card that introduced their career and age as well as three charms or interesting facts about themselves. Nana had two versions released, with the top one you see above listing out,

Nana (24, Singer)

- Top figure! World”s 2nd most beautiful face!

- The one and only Nana of the universe

- 4D onion girl whom you can”t figure out even when you peel and peel the layers


Nana”s second version read the same except for the third interesting fact listed, which is “Informal speech maker”

John Park becomes the final cast member of ‘Laws of the City’

John Park has been announced as the final member to join the “Laws of the Jungle” spin-off ”Laws of the City” in New York City!

SBS stated on April 11, “John Park departed from Incheon International Airport to New York on the morning of the 10th to film “Laws of the City”.”

John Park will join Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, Royal Pirates” Moon, and Ailee who have also been confirmed for the show. He”ll be helping out his members with his fluent English and of course, his variety show skills.

The celebrities must stay in the city for a month and figure out everything on their own. The concept of the show is “How do people in the city live?”.

“Laws of the City” is set to air towards the end of May!