Fight My Way To Reveal The Real Reason Why Park Seo Joons Character Quit Taekwondo

Fight My Way To Reveal The Real Reason Why Park Seo Joons Character Quit Taekwondo

On May 30, KBS 2TV released new stills that hint at whats to come in the next episode of their new Monday-Tuesday drama Fight My Way.

In the photos, Park Seo Joon looks defeated and can be seen kneeling after a taekwondo match, heightening anticipation for what the truth behind his characters departure from the sport could be.

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In previous episodes, Park Seo Joons character Go Dong Man has been fairly adamant about distancing himself from taekwondo. In one episode, Go Dong Man denied that he had ever been an athlete when a woman he was on a blind date with mentioned that she had heard he was a famous figure in taekwondo at one point.

When his father tells him to become a taekwondo instructor to earn money, Go Dong Man rejects the notion entirely by saying, Dad, if you search my name on the Internet, articles from November 3, 2007 still show up. Who would want to learn from me? This one statement alone caused viewers to become even more curious as to what could have possibly happened to cause Go Dong Man to leave the sport he loves so much.

A source from the production of Fight My Way stated, Tonights episode will contain the story that marked the turning point in Go Dong Mans career as a rising star in taekwondo. Viewers will learn why Go Dong Man had to give up his dream and also what his relationship is with Kim Tak Soo, a character from Go Dong Mans past as an athlete, who appeared in the third episode.