FIESTAR’s Yezi says her goal is to be a ‘real rapper’

FIESTAR’s Yezi says her goal is to be a ‘real rapper’

FIESTAR’s Yezihad a photoshoot with ‘@star1’.

She worked with FILAunderwear and confidently showed off her body. During the interview, she said she liked the outfits she had for the photoshoot because she enjoyed wearing hip-hop styles. On not promoting her most recent album, she said, “There was an issue with censoring. I had an exact message I wanted to send, and I thought that the message I wanted to send through the lyrics and choreography could be changed to make no sense. I do my best in every moment and in every situation, so I’ve done enough not to regret an album even if it doesn’t do well.”

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She said, “My goal is for people to think, ‘Yezi is not a fake rapper’. I’m going to write all my lyrics honestly and say everything I can. I hope people remember me as a rapper who was honest in every one of her moments.”

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