Female K-Pop Songwriters Taking Over The Industry

Female K-Pop Songwriters Taking Over The Industry

Many K-pop songs are known for their beautiful lyrics and intricate details that make it easy for listeners to connect with the music. Here are the top female K-pop songwriters that have made a name for themselves in the industry.

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Kim Eana, dubbed the No. 1 royalty song writer, has over 300 registered songs with the Korea Music Copyright Association. Some of her famous songs include IUs Good Day and Nagging, Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2 song Right, and Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra.

IU has composed many of her own songs such as Through the Night, Friday, Love of B, Peach, dlwlrma, and Jam Jam, along with collaborations with other artists. Known for her analog sentiments, many fans are anticipating her upcoming album.

Mafly is famous for writing Girls Generations Catch Me If You Can, Taetiseos Holler, KARAs My Angel, and Girls Generation member Taeyeons I and Rain.

Singer Jang Jae In is known for her delicate, poetical lyrical expressions, and has showcased them through her own songs Carmin, Dust, and Will You Listen. Yoon Jong Shin, who is famous for not letting people write for his Monthly Yoon Jong Shin, allowed the singer to write Younhas Bat Girl.

Suran is another singer who is also talented at writing as well as composing. She has written her own hits Walking, Wine, and Loss, and has also written for other artists such as Primarys Mileage, Golden Finger, Dont Be Shy, and Kim Ye Rims Awoo.

Maybee, who debuted in 2006 as a singer, also wrote many songs that were popular during that time such as Lee Hyoris 10 Minutes, Kim Jong Kooks Addiction, and MC Mongs A Letter To You and Because Im A Man.

Which one of these songwriters would you want to work with if you were a K-pop artist?