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Poll Which Idol Would You Enlist to Whip Up without equal Holiday Feast?

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Poll Which Idol Would You Enlist to Whip Up without equal Holiday Feast?

--> From Thanksgiving to Christmas, the vacations are upon us, which method that there’s much to be wolfed earlier than we vow to lose weight when the hot Year comes around.

As we stay up for the season of feasting, let us know which idol you have faith you studied would cook up an ideal holiday meal by way of voting!

THe mom chicken of f(x), Victoria knows how to cope with her own.

Victoria also proved she′s overall wifey subject material all the style through her stint on We were given Married and appearances on quite so much of cooking programs.

Turns out the trendy SHINee member isn′t just passionate about clothes, he′s a complete foodie.

Not most effective does he post mouthwatering dishes on his Instagram at the normal - among his killer OOTD posts - he displayed his abilities in the kitchen on O′live′s Make an Order previous this year.

We found out Yoona′s pastime in cooking thru her very own cooking segment ′Yum Yum TV′ on Girls′ Generation′s truth display on On Style this year.

Although we can′t vouch for taste, she surely gets an A for effort. And a little effort is going a long way, especially in the direction of the holidays.

Henry knows his way round the kitchen, and he proved it when he seemed on Master Chef Korea.

Although he′s not a qualified chef, what he lacks in skill, he makes up for in personality.

Fei is understood for her excellent talents in the kitchen, having seemed on a lot of cooking presentations in Korea, adding Master Chef Korea.

If Fei ever comes to a decision being an idol isn′t her thing, we wouldn′t be shocked if we discovered her at the helm of a five-star restaurant.

YG Family artists gather at "Samgeori Butchers" to party and feast on delicious BBQ!

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YG Family artists gather at

Some of the YG Family artists bonded over some tasty meat at "Samgeori Butchers," a new BBQ restaurant that is set to open up in Hongdae!

The official "Samgeori Butchers" Facebook page shared pictures of the YG crew mingling together. In the photos, we see many familiar faces, including those from Big Bang, WINNER, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, and even Psy joined in on the party. "Samgeori Butchers," a restaurant specializing in serving pork, is the latest project developed by Papa YG in collaboration with consultant No Hee Young.

Check out the photos of the YG Family having fun below!

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Feast your eyes: Actor Ji Chang-wook"s Bali pictorial has unveiled finally

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Feast your eyes: Actor Ji Chang-wook

Even after the completion of "Healer", he was tied with the busy schedule including the onstage performances for the musical, "Those Days" on nation-wide tour. And then he left to Bali to spend the simple and comfortable time in the exotic scenery in Bali.

The pictorial captured his natural sides walking alongside seashores and riding a motorcycle in his comfortable clothes.

Ji Chang-wook is well-know for his witty comments he often makes even during the tight timetable accommodated on the set. Thanks to his natural and cheerful personality, the pictorial shoot in Bali as well was pleasant for everybody according to the staff, who participated in the session.

Dohee hasn"t been home in two years after her debut + plans on eating a feast for Lunar New Year

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Dohee hasn

On the February 18 broadcast of SBS Power FM"s "Cultwo Show," Tiny-G"s Dohee talked about the feast awaiting her in her hometown of Yeosu.

During the broadcast, the DJs started the topic by saying, "We heard that for two years after your debut, you haven"t been able to visit Yeosu."

As crazy as that sounds, Dohee replied that she would finally be able to relax at home with her family after a long 4 hour drive from Seoul to Yeosu as she said, "Tonight, I can go visit. My big brother will be driving and we will go down there together."

At this the DJs asked, "Aren"t you nervous after not having visited in so long?"

Dohee said, "I"m not nervous. I"m just going to eat a lot and come back. I talked to my mom yesterday too."

Speaking of eating, when asked what food she would like to eat, Dohee replied, "Oyster." When Cultwo asked how the abalone (edible sea snails and mollusks) in Yeosu are, Dohee said, "Ah abalone. The abalone in Yeosu are really big." She added, "I"m going to eat gatkimchi (kimchi made of mustard leaves) ramen. I like sliced raw sea bass too, I plan on eating it," making people like me hungry for her dinner plans.

Last we heard about Dohee, her agency GnG Production was combating rumors that Dohee was refusing to work as a Tiny-G member and wanted to instead focus on her acting career. GnG insisted that Dohee was working hard for the group and the company and that Tiny-G was simply inactive in Korea at the moment due to other plans.

Whatever Dohee"s plans are, it sounds like she has definitely been working hard for the past two years to be away from her hometown for so long. Now she can finally catch a break and spend time with her family in time for Seolnal.

Film Review: 'Ode To My Father' Is A Visual Feast Which Celebrates Korean Perseverance

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(Photo : CJ Entertainment ) Kim Yunjin and Hwang Jung Min star in "Ode to My Father." New Yorkers can be jaded but there was not a dry eye in the theater, following a recent screening of Ode to My Father. Ode to My Father is a Korean movie which speaks to all audiences through its rough-hewn portrayal of war torn Korea and the difficult events which follow.

Directed by JK Youn, Ode to My Father opens with Deok Su (Hwang Jung Min) and his wife, as they reflect upon their life and send their adult children away on an excursion while looking after the grandchildren. During a walk in the streets with his granddaughter, Deok Su is plunged into memories of his childhood in North Korea.

As a child, Deok Su is forced to flee from North Korea. (Photo : CJ Entertainment USA )

As a child, Deok Su is forced to flee from North Korea. He reflects upon a scene in which his family is firmly in the grip of North Korea, as tensions between the Southern regions, China, and U.S. forces started to reach a boiling point. At is at this point that audiences are introduced to Deok Su, a young boy who is given the daunting task of looking out for his little sister, as chaos ensues around him.

Deok Su fails to keep up with his sister during a mass exodus in which North Korean families struggle to scale American military vessels which will provide them with entrance to safety in the South. His father turns back to seek out his sister during this critical point. At a very young age, Deok Su is given the daunting task of serving as the head of his household, which consists of his mother, sister, and brother. Downtrodden but safe from the perils of North Korea, the young family seeks refuge with Deok Sus aunt at her small shop in Busan.

The film brilliantly captures the grungy, undeveloped streets of Busan and the post-Korean War nation which is a stark contrast to the gleaming cities featured in marketing materials that are currently served up by the Korean Tourism Board. Deok Su navigates the shanty town and rickshaws that populate the city.

As an immigrant from the North, he faces strong discrimination which he reflects upon in his old age, while defending an immigrant couple who is being harassed by local student. Korea is a homogeneous nation and the general sentiment becomes apparent during these scenes.

Deok Su meets Yeong Ja on the outskirts of a German mining village. (Photo : CJ Entertainment USA )

Deok Su meets Yeong Ja on the outskirts of a German mining village. As the film progresses, Deok Su establishes a strong friendship with Dal Gu (Oh Dal Su) which leads to his enlistment as a worker within a German coal mine. In Germany, he falls in love with Yeong Ja (Yunjin Kim), a nurse of Korean origin. After a near-fatal mining accident, Dal Gu is nursed back to health by Yeong Ja, leading to their marriage.

Ode to My Father embraces pivotal events for Koreans and also touches upon conflicts which impacted the world. Deok Su and Dal Gu willingly travel to Vietnam as engineers, where they witness the atrocities of the war. At this point, Deok Su wisely reflects upon the similarities between the horrid conditions in Vietnam and those he faced as a young boy in North Korea. He is greatly affected when the women and children of a fishing village attempt to flee with the assistance of American soldiers. TVXQs Changmin delivers a touching cameo during this scene.

If the screenplay were weaker, Ode to My Father could be dismissed as yet another Korean film which focuses on the hardships of filial responsibility.Through its cinematography and strong story, Ode to My Father is a gem of a film which ushers in a promising year for Korean movies.

Running Time: 126 minutes Rating: Not Rated

Feast Your Eyes On SISTAR Soyou's Perfect Curves Displayed for 'GQ' Magazine

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Feast Your Eyes On SISTAR Soyou's Perfect Curves Displayed for 'GQ' Magazine

SISTAR member Soyou took time to flaunt her effortless sexiness and charming beauty in a photoshoot for GQ magazine.

SISTAR’s Soyou first shows off her more fashionable side as she drapes on a fur coat over her bare body. She is seen with her knees pulled up at her chest as the coat keeps her warm. Soyou’s elegance can be seen one again as she wears a velvet blue dress, looking seriously into the camera while ripping up a magazine at the same time.

She then switches to a black and white concept as she wears black dresses in two of her photos which show off her curves. Wearing a black leather dress with a low cut neck while slightly inching up her dress with her hands, Soyou reveals her curvy figure. She then takes her photoshoot to a more extreme level as Soyou lies down on newspaper scattered on the floor, layout down as if

In related news, SISTAR has also been recently chosen to be the next guests on the hit idol reality show series, Showtime.

Don’t forget to vote for SISTAR for the 2014 International Hallyu Awards under the categories Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Female Dance Performance, and Best Female Group. Make sure you also vote for your other favorite stars as well!

"Men"s Health", Feast Your Eyes On Muscular Abs of Male Artists

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Readers asked for more abs and they got it! Fans just can"t get enough of them chocolate abs, muscular shoulders, and the strong arms that could lift any girl struggling with her heels (a la K-drama land), so here is a collection of pictorials from "Men"s Health" magazine featuring your favorite male celebs with the chiseled body!

Be careful not to drool. Be careful not to swoon.

Which pictorial is your favorite and which ones did we miss? Who would you like to see next on the pages of "Men"s Health" magazine?

Feast Your Eyes On Suzy For Her Chic On "Roem"s Winter Style

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Feast Your Eyes On Suzy For Her Chic On

Suzy has shown off her charming beauty and elegance in a photo shoot for the fashion brand, “Roem”.

In the first two pictures, Suzy can be seen rocking a shade of pastel blue, from her elegant coat to her lacy, cute dress, which she pairs with a blue bow. In the third picture, Suzy wears a gray-toned outfit, complete with a gray, fur collar and classy handbag. With her high ponytail and confident smile, Suzy shows off a sophisticated look for the upcoming, colder season.

Check out the new releases below!

AOA Feast Viewers Eyes On "Like a Cat" MV

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AOA Feast Viewers Eyes On

AOA feasts our eyes on their sexy image in the new title track, “Like a Cat”!

The girls showed their fair skin, perfect curve, as well as long legs through the bold black outfit matched with the red trench coats.  Femme fatale Jimin knows how to crack the whip to knock out the bodyguards while Seolhyun makes her way through the laser security and ChoA cracks the safe.

The song is also as catchy as their previous hits, so check out the MV above!

Strawberry Milk treat fans to a chicken feast after their "Music Bank" stage

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Strawberry Milk treat fans to a chicken feast after their

Crayon Pop"s subunit Strawberry Milk treated fans to a tasty meal to show their gratitude!

After completing their "Music Bank" stage on the 24th, Strawberry Milk invited the fans who came out to cheer them on to a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul for some jjim dak (braised chicken dish). It was reported that the fans couldn"t hide their joy upon hearing the news of their special fan meeting after the music show was over.

ChoA and Way shared, "We talked with our agency reps and arranged this meal as a surprise event to show our gratitude to the fans who came from far away to support us every time we perform on music shows... We will continue to work hard to return the interest and love that you"ve given us so we ask for a lot of support."

What a sweet gesture from the girls, like their name strawberry milk!