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Roy Kim, “I’m Not Ashamed That I Look Old”

roy kim

roy kim ceci photo shoot

Singer Roy Kim admitted that he does look older than his age without much hesitation.

Roy Kim recently held a photo shoot and interview with the fashion magazine CeCi, June edition. In the interview, he said "I do look older than my age but I'm not ashamed at all. It's just that I'm more premature than others."

He also said, "When I see a couple that's lovey dovey on the streets, I'm jealous. But for now, I will focus on other things other than love."

The photo shoot was held with the theme of 'country song.' Roy Kim revealed his smooth and sweet image through the photo shoot.

Photo Credit: CeCi

EXO Finalizes First Album Release Date

SM Entertainment has finalized the release date for the highly anticipated first album of EXO. Titled “XOXO (Kiss&Hug),” the album will contain ten tracks, including the full versions of “Baby Don’t Cry” and “My Lady,” which were the teaser songs for EXO-K and EXO-M’s debut album, “Mama.”

“XOXO (Kiss&Hug)” will be released June 3 on various online music sites including iTunes, Naver Music, Genie, Melon, etc., and on various Chinese music sites.

Meanwhile, you can check out the boys of EXO in their fashion spread for “Ceci” China here.

Han So-yeong goes from size 77 to 44

Han So-yeong lost 30 kg in 3 months.

Han So-yeong revealed her secret on the cable channel Fashion N "Sweet Room Season 4".

She said, "I was 72 kg once but when I was dumped by a man I loved, I decided to go on a diet".

She said, "He told me I was embarrassing and even spit at me. I thought pathetically of myself eating chicken at home so I only ate watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I might've ate about a thousand watermelons all this while".

Netizens say, "One food is dangerous", "Her will power is amazing", "Let's lose weight through work outs" and more.

MBLAQ Announces June Comeback

Fashion magazine “Cosmopolitan Korea” released a behind the scenes video for MBLAQ’s photo shoot through which the group made a surprise announcement of their comeback in June.

MBLAQ will be returning with the song “Smoky Girl,” which Mir describes as addicting with a sexy choreography. Fans can look forward to seeing MBLAQ again on stage in the first week of June.

  Can’t wait to see MBLAQ again!

Review: Swings Shows His Bilingual Swagger in “Would You?” Featuring Seo In Guk [VIDEO]

Seo In Guk, swings, Would You

Jumping between Korean and English, as Swings does with such ease, is a sonic departure that would make even the most purist hip hop heads stand up and take notice.

English phrases get tossed around a lot in K-pop songs.

Especially when they are delivered with questionable accuracy, their inclusion in a carefully-crafted jam can be baffling to Westerners.

That is one reason why Swings's song "Would You?" featuring Seo In Guk is so refreshing.

Featuring an intro in English and rapping that flows seamlessly in and out of Korean, the English lines are a natural inclusion in "Would You?"

The result is a sonically intriguing marriage of the two languages, delivered with the trademark confidence that Swings is known for.

Korean rapping inevitably takes hip hop to some new, unexpected places

BEAST Reveals Sporty in Photo Shoot, ‘Full of Energy’


BEAST Reveals Sporty in Photo Shoot, 'Full of Energy'

Group BEAST revealed their sporty charm through a photo shoot.

BEAST recently held a photo shoot with the fashion magazine 'VOGUE Girl.'

In this photo shoot, B2ST members wore colorful outfits and revealed their neverending energy. Staff members had revealed that BEAST members seemed energetic throughout the entire course of filming, without getting worn out or down.

BEAST is planning to make their comeback soon.

Photo Credit: VOGUE Girl

T-ARA N4 to Hold Opening Performance for Chris Brown Solo Concert

T-ARA N4, Chris Brown, concert

T-ARA N4 to Hold Opening Performance for Chris Brown Solo Concert

T-ARA's unit group, T-ARA N4 will be opening for Chris Brown's solo concert and will be leaving for the U.S. on May 25.

Member Jiyeon stated at their press conference today "We have been invited to perform the opening for Chris Brown's solo concert. We will be leaving for the U.S. this Saturday."

She also stated, "This will be our first performance in the U.S. We are so nervous and excited for this. We hope to show our best."

On the other hand, T-ARA N4 was previously invited to L.A. by Chris Brown on May 12 where they met with other U.S. producers as well.


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4minute Still at Number 1 after 4 Weeks, ‘Never Ending Popularity’

4minute, Whats Your Name

4minute Still at Number 1 after 4 Weeks, 'Never Ending Popularity'

Group 4minute has continued to stay at the number 1 spot even after 4 weeks since their new album release.

Currently, their song, "What's Your Name?" is at the top of the Melon chart. This song was first released on April 26 and has been at the number 1 spot for 4 weeks.

This song features a fun and addictive melody and shows off the members fun street fashion and zombie concept.

They have also won first place on various music show programs as well.

TVXQ Holds Press Conference in Kuala Lumpur, ‘Apologizes for Not Visiting for 6 Years’

TVXQ, Yunho, Changmin, Malaysia

The temperature in the Topaz Room of The Saujana Hotel Resort last Saturday, 18 May 2013 was rather 'hotter' than ever. As the clock struck at 4.00pm, the highly anticipated K-pop royalty, TVXQ, arrived in the room, being welcomed by the flashes of cameras from the guests of Medias, sponsors and lucky fans who have been waiting for their arrival to personally greet the Malaysian Press after 6 years for their 'TVXQ! Catch Me World Tour LIVE in Kuala Lumpur'.

As Yunho and Changmin walked into the room, handsomely dressed in black suits, they took the centre stage and greet the audience in three different languages starting with Korean followed by Malay and English. It has been 6 years since their last visit to Malaysia and the duo made a confession that they missed performing in Malaysia

Fantasy K-Pop Collab: 2NE1 Bom + Cyndi Lauper

Bom, 2NE1

Fantasy K-Pop Collab: 2NE1 Bom + Cyndi Lauper

2NE1 recently collaborated with on two songs, “Take the World On” and “Gettin' Dumb.”The group's lead rapper, CL, has announced she will release her solo comeback at the end of this month.Plus, 2NE1 as a group will be making a comeback this summer.

With the K-Pop universe currently focused on YG Entertainment's talented quartet, it seems like just the right time for the members to explore new opportunities and venture into uncharted territory.

Lead vocalist, Bom, has a unique singing style, it's girly yet powerful, a bit nasal, but extremely versatile.Her fashion, makeup, and hair are also equally unique.Has no one ever realized that she is exactly like a modern-day, Korean version of Cyndi Lauper?

Cyndi Lauper may have started her career well before Bom was even born, but she is still going strong